Sunday, October 31, 2004

3 women died and appeared in heaven. Peter was waiting for them there. "There are a lot of ducks there. Pls do nt step on any of them. sure enuf, when Peter opened the gates, the whole land was covered wif ducks. the first woman was nt careful and accidentally stepped on a duck. Peter brought the ugliest man she had ever seen and chained him to her. the remaining 2 women were extremely cautious now. however, the next day, the 2nd woman stepped on a duck and was chained to another ugly man. the 3rd woman got super cautious. she did nt step on any duck for abt a year. then one day, Peter came and chained the most good-looking man she had ever seen to him. and he left without saying a word. the woman was speechless. she said to the man, "this is the best thing that has ever happened to me."

man: "i dunno abt u, but i stepped on a duck."

yeah.. today in church was quite fun. learnt a lot of stuffs. chinese Os are less than 24 hours away. and my mind has sorta exploded cos now i cant remember anything. need God's help. kk, gd nite everybody!!!

Friday, October 29, 2004

last day of school 2004

whee. finally. long entry today.

woke up this morning still stuck wif my running nose. got a headache right after the longest flag raising ceremony of the year. so. we noe our new CT is mr Postman Pat. receive school mag for this year. haha i think my pic in the school mag gets bigger every year :P

10:00 - shift our desks down to new classroom 101 on the GREY level. its like.. the basement floor of the school. mean like.. -.-' big time. we neva got further than the red level. well, at least we're right next to the canteen.. haha. but our toilet is like.. the worst in the whole school lah. and how do we get up to the science labs which are on the GREEN level?!? we're nt teachers. we cant use the lift.

so we stick in class for a while, argue over the arrangement of desks, play a few games of cards, zap iso survey forms, yeah.

12:25 - enter the Postman. blah blah blah. still going on abt his physics stuff.

12:28 - enter our 1st PCT. Mdm Low something. lol. teach amaths one. haix. no shaun choo nxt yr, so sad.

12:30 - enter...

Thirunalan Mirunalini!!!!

2nd PCT for yr 2005. HAHAHAHA. one of our class most fave teachers. even so, nxt yrs class is going to be super strict. the days of chirnside and carol are over. Postman: nxt yr must make sure ur socks, pants, shirt, hair, blah blah blah things are in order. right. Thiru (on last day of school): chen yi why is your hair so long? nxt yr cannot liddat ar.. mE: ?!? :P

hmm.. how bout a little tribute to the teachers of this yr.. 3.15 Nahum. i think i'll be a bit formal here for other readers of this blog other than my sch frens onli.

Langarts A: Ms Dharma
nahaha... could she be the reason our class is quite bonded now?
famous quote: "Your class strongly lacks SYNERGY"
oh yeah and theres a slow lorris in macritchie now named after her.. lol
Langarts B: Ms Thiru
fave teacher.
famous quote: "Hurry up!! Quickly!! Faster!!"
Higher Chinese: Mr Chong Koi Choy
hmm.. hes one of the best chinese teachers we ever had.. but he can be a bit nasty at times.
Physics: Mr Patrick Soo (if until now u dunno.. hes postman)
hmm.. his is the last i'm filling in.. and i cant remember a thing abt him.. maybe cos hes a bit the boring.. lol.
famous quote: "BP."
Chemistry: faint memories of Mr Liang Chew Man, followed by the reign of Mdm Carol Low
Liang Chew Man: fun lah.. but also veri strict.
famous quote: "Shall we pray.. Marcus Lim.."
Carol Low: i think all chem teachers up there got something wrong, but tt makes them veri fun haha.
Core Maths: Ms Bok Hai Choo
take away her textbook and she will never be able to teach.
famous quotes: b4 test: "This test is very easy one.. jus study can make it" after test: "This test was a veri hard one..."
Advanced Maths: Mr Shaun Choo
Mr Lame no. 2 (no. 1 - Alistair Chew)
his name revolves around maths.. sin, cos,
famous quote: "You see those 2 drinks by Horlicks, one of them is called Smooth Choco and Cool Malt. Shaun Choo and Core Maths."
IHS: Mr Brian Chirnside, Mrs Elaine Lee
Chirnside: fave teacher too.
this yrs CT, hes definitely been a gd teacher. wif all his funny jokes and insults, we'll nvr forget him. maybe if we're lucky he might teach us IHS nxt yr. or POD.
Elaine Lee: one word: gullible.

MEP: Mrs Li Yen See
it's been 3 yrs. a lot of fear and respect is now gone. mugging her notes alone has nt benefitted me greatly.. and her sightreading totally rox. lol. one more year. or maybe 3.

phew. took half an hour for this entry. looking forward to nxt yr.. it sounds quite fun haha. but not b4 this long "restful and invigorating holiday".

Thursday, October 28, 2004


this blog needs a makeover. its seriously dying. a blog is a reflection of a person's character. i'm nt dying. yet.

these few days i finally managed to get myself off a bout of depression. yay.

but tt doesnt stop my nose from running non stop and causing my body to feel weak. ugh. cant wait for these 4 days to be over. tml, last day of sch. sat, music exam. sunday i'll be mugging for chinese O lvls the nxt day and yes, the doomsday on monday. ergh. the cold weather isnt helping either. today i jus stayed at home and played electric guitar... cant wait for my left hand to mature so tt i can play bumble bee!!! hahahaha. but oso need to improve my classical style at the same time. yeah. so tt i might be able to go music uni. lol

yeah.. the hols are so near, yet seem so far away. jus need to hang on now. ok cya.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


i'm free yet still enslaved. this year i noticed that studying for exams realli takes a toll on me.. and guess wad.. its nt over yet.. still got tt chinese Os. oh and tt grade 6 theory exam on saturday. musnt forget. paid $100 for it. falling sick, suffering from depression... i dunno wad wud happen to me when i go to IB (equilavent of JC).

maybe i shud jus learn to take it easy lah.. today i did something different haha. i came back from sch and took a nap, then my cousin came over. thot i had no exams and could play haha. anyway so today i decided to slack. i jus took a peek into my chinese book and spent the rest of the night playing guitar. nahahaha. i managed to repair my veri-long-nvr-play grade 6 pieces. heh. and oso managed to almost complete another piece wif a standard close to diploma. yay. after 4 long months. well then.. altho today started off a bit bad, everything turned out ok i i'm jus going to continue to slack and maybe edit my project work survey a bit. yeah.

ok then tts all for today. gd nite and God Bless.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

haha.. poor ZQ.. nxt yr our turn..

in school the number of pple there are diminishing. chess games are turning into suicide chess and murderer games last for 1 minute. speed killing.

today was a cold day. achoo. freezing on the bus ride to mr choo's hse and back. brrr. after today, i realised how true wad moli said abt a career in music being difficult to pursue. i havent been practising well for the past week or so... all my grade 6 pieces all cannot play properly.. oh no.. and yofattz jus passed his grade 7 piano prac.. leaving me in the dust. furthermore, pple hu go to music colleges usually can play piano. i cant. wow. my mind is onli focused on the chinese Os now, a little difficult to concentrate on guit, and let alone tt grade 6 theory exam on sat. my teacher is like.. "u have 3 hours, must think of how to plan ur time" i'm like.. yeah wadeva.. i'll jus do it as quickly as possible so tt i can go home and study chinese.

cant wait for these 6 days to end (argh.. 6 days, 20 more chaps, must finish at least 5 chaps a day!!!) yeah.. hmm.. now a thot has slipped into my mind whether to pursue something other than music at a higher level. well.. see how. i'll jus do my best now and place everythign else into God's hands.

k then, cya

Monday, October 25, 2004

*cough cough*

how can i be sick? the stress of exams is over. well maybe nt. Olvl chinese!! argh. at least i've got 10 chaps done at this point. blah. staying home and sleeping is boring. well, at least nt as boring as strategic thinking courses :P

oh and btw, this website is a must go:

yeah.. short entry for today. cya.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

hmm.. this is my 102nd entry on this blog.

ever since i started faltering in the updating of this blog, some how i feel that all the blogs around me are sorta collapsing. (yes brendan?)

anyway, what a day.

i woke up today a little groggy from nt having a single day to sleep in late this week. went for 8am worship, and listened to the youth camp coordintor's youth camp talk. my brain was still asleep when he was talking to me abt devotions. still have no idea wad to do for devotions.. any suggestions pls tell me :P

today's timothy class went quite well too... taught them abt creativity, and see who can wrap up an egg such tt it doesnt break. yeah.

after church went to ginza for lunch, then i went home to get ready for tonite. the installations of elders and deacons on my church's 40th anniversary was truly a inspirational experience. some of the messages were so touching :') one of the significant things i remember is that each one of the elders and deacons were given a towel. this towel symbolises the towel used by Jesus to wash the feet of his disciples. servant leadership.

after the service there was a buffet dinner. whenever got opportunity to arrange a feast, singaporeans will haha. after that we went up to the auditorium to do a bit of singing. i must say, i havent heard such gd singing in a veri long time. so joyful :)

after tonite, i definitely must say the cracks in me caused by distance from church and God are slowly being repaired.

yeah... tts all for today. cya guys.

Friday, October 22, 2004

okay. how bout hearing bout my today.

IB colloqium 3 was roadkill. *SNORE. it's jus basically a scene where they stuff 6 pple on stage and ask them to speak on the topic of 'man and his world', wif 2 moderators wif the same name, 1 teacher, 1 student. more like, 'the moron and his world'. haha.

after today's chinese karaoke contest in sch, i think sg'reans are far better off singing chinese songs than trying to look cool on an idol show. but i think u wud agree tt 99% of s'poreans cant sing for nuts.

already exhausted from the morning at sch, guitar practice. playing on the 12 - 15 fret of a normal classical veri tiring... stretch here stretch there. yah. tts guitar for u.

haha.. then after guitar went for my church's 40 anniversary dinner. quite fun.. this was the first time i sat wif a grp of youth at a table. whole time cannot eat properly cos we were laffing so much. lolz. but it was quite fun. so happened tt it was ronald's and jon goh's bday tonite, or shud i say ronald's bday was celebrated in advance or smth, but jon goh's was realli today. (wif proof of I/C) hahaha.

the dinner actually ended quite early @ 9:30. budden we started taking retard photos outside the restaurant (which i have absolutely no skill in doing.. lolz) but it was fun anyway. these sorta stuff.. it can be studied, but it comes down to nothing when u put urself against a real photogenic person. yeah.

haha.. tts all for tonite.. i jus thot i blog smth if nt u all come and say i nvr update.. yeah.. so here it is(was).

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

why am i feeling stressed even after exams have finished?!?

hmm.. heres the stuff i need to get past in order to obtain maximum freedom:
1) Music Theory Exam Grade 6
2) Chinese O level Express
3) Guitar Grade 6 Practical
4) Chinese holiday homework
5) MEP holday homework
6) ISO 2.5k word report

of all the above, i'm mostly worried abt the chinese exam and ISO. other than tt it shud be quite managable (or iduncareable). i still feel a slave to chinese and exams. haix. oh, and today they jus had to tell us abt a leadership camp nxt yr from 16 - 19 Jan. leadership camps, are almost nvr fun. i'm nt worried abt the leadership role, but the accomodations and food.

well gd news for me, mdm carol low says i got second in class!! yay. how true i dunno but i'm was overjoyed. congrats to brendan wif 3rd place in class. if wad mdm low says is true lah. 1st in class.. i wonder hu. -.-

cant wait for tt chinese Os to be over. i jus started studying 1 chapter tonite... tuition teacher says onli study express sec 3, the rest dun care. so off i go. 12 days to study 30 or so chaps. tts abt 3 chaps a day.

oh and i jus saw shawn's 2nd blog.. so cool nvr knew blogspot could upload pics.. hahaha. try later.. now study first. cant wait for hols. havent heard tt phrase in a long time havent we. hols means: freedom, youth camp, guitar, long hair -.- , and more guitar. hahahaha. for all those taking O and As, jia you!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

final exam results

ok. here it is. open for all to see.

Language Arts: 64
Higher Chinese: 63
Introduction to Human Societies: 52
Core Maths: 89
Advanced Maths: 73
Physics: 78
Chemistry: 80
MEP: 76

POD: 68
ISO: 27/30

Total score (for IB): 33 + 3 pts.
L1R5: 10
all of the above are onli the final year paper marks.. nt counting rest of yr. still awaiting the overall tally.

ok heres the comments.

Language Arts: haix. so dissapointing.
Higher Chinese: wah.. nt bad.. zhuo wen got quite high.. my highest ever.
Introduction to Human Societies: kinda expected lah.
Core Maths: yay!!
Advanced Maths: i want my A1.
Physics: yay!!
Chemistry: yay!!
MEP: haix. i want my no. 1

POD: blah
ISO: lolz. ISO is full of crap.

yeah.. tts sorta it. congrats to the following pple:
Brendan Chia Minghui: top in level for Language Arts, wif a score of 88.
Lee Ming Xuan: for topping the class, as well as topping the level in A maths, wif a score of 104 (yes, over 100) but in the end rounded down to 100.

Well.. wad have i got to say.. this year has definitely been the most dynamic year of my life jus yet.. when u wanna improve some stuff, other stuff will jus slip down. this year i chose to work on my relationships and my character. quite successful, most of u wud agree, yeah? but wif this my results had to take a fall. even so, i managed to pass all the subjects, and still land up in the top 5 in class.

To God be the Glory.

Monday, October 18, 2004

today watched 2 movies in sch.

both watch b4 liao.

days in sch are jus basically filled wif leadership toks, guitar jamming sessions, unending UNO card games and a lot of other nonsense. snore. y do i bother to go to sch at all.

today's chinese tuition was farnie.. 1st time i ever got full marks (5/5) for xu chi. wow. come to think of it, my first full marks in the whole year. wow. then later we were arranging dates for tuition. then the teacher's diary somehow said tt o lvl chinese was on 8/11. we all noe its on 1/11. she was like... WAD?!? lol. tt means 2 wks. and i have yet to start. ho hum.

i've been thinking for veri long.. u realli cant write 100% of all ur feelings into ur blog.. itz jus nt possible. jus the range of pple hu are reading ur blog. i usually modify wad i write on my blog to hu i noe is reading it. which is usually sch frens lah. i'm thinking abt havign a blog for church frens onli. but during hols lah.. everybody's blogs all quite dead. then can have more church pple tagging my blog, and nt under a nickname.. haha.

see how lah... see if the fad of the blog reemerges in church.

It's exactly 12h and 50min to release of results.. i thot i'd nvr said this.. but i'm jus aiming to pass all my subjects.. tts all (cos i dun wanna go con camp!!) haha kk gd nite.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

i like to start wif mood lah.. if nt my mind is a tabula rasa.. blank.

hmm... today in church.. uncle cher yam taught 9:30 Bible class. i could tell tt it was simplified down a lot for the youth.. but a bit difficult to grasp.. hmm. explained how the Bible is 100% true.

after church wanted to go out.. so went to watch white chicks.. but onli got 3 of us.. lolz. we were hoping for a larger grp.. but some pple still having exams.. and others watched too many movies liao. white chicks is.. aiyah nt the best show i watched lah in my opinion. some of the humour is veri predictable.. and the real jokes are all sick jokes. well.. i guess theres a limit to how lame u can get wif the engrish language. anyway its realli a stupid show.

hmm.. i wonder if i shud start a blog for church pple to read onli.. cos theres stuff i can say wif church frens which i cant realli say to the max here. feed back pls.. and my blog is sorta dying lah.. haha. got too few pple to read my blog liao.. but i shall go on writing for those faithful ones hu read. cya.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

i have changed a lot over the past few yrs.

but some things abt me havent changed one bit.

my sight reading of rhythms 3 yrs ago was terrible.
things havent changed. i'm still coming in on the wrong beat during ensemble (or shud i say orchestra) practice.

today was the first practice for guitar ensemble syf 2005. so. i'm stuck wif ang dun hao in alto section 1 again. for the 3rd yr. haix. lol. our first piece doesnt seem tt hard (to me), can play almost until end of page 1 out of 2. the onli prob is we have to play 7 semitones (frets) higher.. cos there arent enuf alto guitars so we have to play on the normal guitar. tt makes the higher notes sorta crazy. (alto guitars sound a perfect 5th higher than the normal guitar, or 7 semitones).

on the other hand.. i think this grp of 35 pple are more coordinated than this yrs 44. prob becos there was an audition so the better players were chosen. nt so much fooling arnd as last time. heheh. got some sec 1s in the main orchestra now, veri funny haha. give them alto guitars also dun wan to use... ms ng was like.. "WE ALOTT U GUITARS SO U CAN USE THEM" when she found out. lol.

yeah.. tts all my guitar crapping for today.. cya and it's time to pa-rty for the rest of us hu have finished exams.

Friday, October 15, 2004

today's mood: i think i'll jus cut this section out.. cos u can assume tt i'm HAPPY!!!!

yah.. hi. erm... yah. hi.

argh sudden mental blockage.. lol. ok sch is soooooooooooooooooo boring lorh. i mean... leadership talks? arts enrichments? wah i took so long to recall tt.. must be because i expelled it from my mind veri quickly. yah.. then guitar syf team auditions... then went to shawn's hse for youth meeting. i dunno y... but i feel like i cant talk too much abt my church stuffs on my blog... maybe its because of my audience... hmm. anyway jus to let u noe i felt quite gd.. said quite a bit of useful stuff.

hmm.. tts all for today.. oh btw the answer to ytd's question,

quote brendan: 'when u take away the guitar, you see someone hu wants to make an impact'

Thursday, October 14, 2004

today's mood: happy

lala.. sorry chris cheong.. sorry i got the name of the president of chamber orchestra wrong.. haha.

errmmm.. sch is sooo boring lol. nvm tml can go sch and play guitar. oh yeah... today had a leadership tok by tan see keng. tt thing is fun for a while larh.. but i think it's also self fulfilling prophecy... y wud u let somebody tell u how ur character is like.. u jus be urself lah!!!

today's topic of discussion is pple.

was toking to brendan last nite. we know each other so well tt all u see us do in sch is whack each other and suan each other.. lol. when ur observing pples character.. there is always something dominant abt a person. for some pple its smth tt they do. (like pple hu play guitar). quite a lot of pple are liddat. but other pple are known for their character. the reason u see 'everytime i try to fly' nxt to brendan's link instead of 'bagpipe sgt' or '2.6 chairman 2003' is cos brendan's character is wad we all remember. yeah? haha. jus brendan.

blogs are oso a reflection of pples character. brendan says he jus wants to be normal. tts y his blog is crying out for neglect. (and of cos guitarists write nonsense in their blog abt guitar such tt other pple cant understand a thing).

but wad happens when u take my guitar away?

wad character do u see?

i ans tml.. now leave u hanging hehe.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

today's mood: happy

'It is easy to score an A, but it is even more difficult to maintain it' - J. Dharma

yeah.. today jus got bak mep results... heres wad my real real feelings are.

yah i went in 2dae into music rm 1 hoping to top again lah, considering tt i got top for the past 2 yrs. (this may sound howe lian but, yes, tts my true feeling). mep is usually my best subject too. k lah to cut a long story short, almost missed my A1... was praying so hard tt i would score at least 23/30 for guitar duet so i could hit at least 75. i did get 25 (nt bad for first time huh.. haha). total = 76/100.

Pipetius Quah: 81/100
Christopher Cheong: 82/100

yeah... congrats to these 2 pple. i've looked thru this paper, and i've realli gotten every single mark i could get, little or no careless mistakes at all.. so congrats to these pple, cos u realli are better than me, and u dint beat me by some fluke or smth (i hope). (ok.. but i'm still holding on to the hope tt my rest of yr marks could pull me past chris cheong.. but tts a bit farfetched.. like 1% chance onli.)

quote ming xuan: as u go higher up in sec 3, u need more general knowledge to do well.
quote yingda: final year marks are usually controversial.

hmm maybe yd.. cos i'm the onli guitar guy.. so they cant give me too high, or too low... later pple say biased. (or i myself cry foul) at this stage, the pracs carry a higher percentage and so its the real grade 8 and dip pple hu can score.

yah... but in all still happy lah. over the years my character has realli changed. last time when i was younger if i did well i pretend to look sad in order to appear modest.. but now if i were to score well, i wud be smiling, so pip and chris chua, PLS SMILE. nt in tt arrogant way lah, jus to show tt ur happy tt u did well, cos u shudnt look sad. in the end those pple smiling when they came out were pple like yd, mx, even bryan chua.. lolz. well done everybody. nxt yr ultimate test: O level mep. cya there. once again, well done to chris chua and pipetius.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

today's mood: happy

boohoo.. dun wanna go back to sch tml!! lol

wahh my 5 day temp hol is coming to an end.. sad. ok heres wad i did today.. wake up at 7:45 to go for guitar lesson, then at guitar lesson did a lot of stuff.. quite fruitful.. jus tt i need to practice my scales, like.. big time. onli got abt 3 - 4 wks to prac.. yeah. cos got tt 2 wks of (waste time in my opinion) job attachment.

hmm.. yah.. and ur fingers can take onli so much guitar... 3 - 4h a day is quite mad already. wads more ytd play tennis.. whole day feel nth.. then today wake up whole body aching. in the afternoon even my finger muscles aching liao. haha. must rest. but, wads there to do? com, tv, guitar, sleep.. tts abt all. haha. cos i dun wanna work.

hmm now tt i have time.. heres how ur piano can buy my room. or sorta.

antonio sanchez 1030 - $1660
hardcase - $150
Ibanez GA-7 - $240
2 soft cases - $50
brandless electric guitar - $280 (includes amp and case)
2 guitar stands - $35
Music stand - $15
yeah tts my complete guitar collection.. total = $2430

lets say ur piano costs $5k.

Nokia 3100 - $200
my desk - abt $200
my bed - abt $300?
2 tennis rackets - $200
2 Bibles - abt $60
2 cupboards - $500?
all the books in my room - abt $1k?

total = abt $2.5k.

yah lah tts nt all lah.. but u all get the idea =P (those pple hu own grandpianos, u realli realli can buy my room, down to the toilet bowl and toilet paper.. haha) yah but anyway, we are taking none of this to heaven after this life, except the words of the Bible and our spirit, so dun take all the stuff u have for granted. instead, wad i think is gd to work on is relationships and friendships, cos these matter in the long run, instead of spending the whole day playing com. yah lah tts for me, but i nt stopping those pple out there hu like to play halo.. haha

kk tts all cya. :P

Monday, October 11, 2004

today's mood: my happiness is on a roll!!

today the com taught me a very very valuable lesson.

when you want to transfer files from one file to another, either open 2 windows and drag across, or cut and paste.

do not:
1. copy
2. delete
3. paste is wad i tried to do.

u see, computers are prob like humans, when they copying stuff, can forget stuff, and need to refer to the original file. well, nt if ur file is already in the recycled bin. the next thing you open your recycle bin, and u find its EMPTY.

somehow, i managed to salvage one file.

but, each of the 3 files i deleted contains an average of 1.5 GIGABYTES of music per file.

in other words, i lost a heck lot of music lah.

life is so fragile. dun worri i'm nt ultra depressed, jus.. aiyah wad to do.. delete = gone. coms are liddat.

on a lighter note, today morning me, yingda, josh, jerel and bren played tennis in the morn, then issac yang came to join us too. i realli forgot how to play already. cant beat nobody hahaz. aft tt we go out for lunch at holland village, BK as usual. haha.. aft tt i walk the grp to buona mrt station, then missed one 92. so i jus sat and waited. 4 95s passed, and, get this, 2 200s. 200 usually comes at an interval at 1/2h - 1h. lol. but hu cares.. we're free.. we have so much time. today was a fun day. why shud i let the loss of abt 200 music files affect me. haha.. anyway gd luck for ur exams all ya pple out there.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

today's mood: happy

today i shall keep my blog entry as short and to the point as possible.

get rid of bitterness in your heart. if your heart is right with everybody, it will be right with God.

i bought an electric guitar.

i bought a classical hardcase.

my exams ended on thurs.

i wish everybody gd luck for exams. if u are dying for something to read, scroll down.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

today's mood: happy in a way i havent felt in a long time.

after thinking abt this for a veri long time, i feel i'm not in the position to write a blog entry like this.

on the other hand, i'm probably one of the few hu can.

today started off normally, wif a 1h20min music class and book tennis (btw, tennis on mon 10 - 12!!). then afternoon it went sorta topsy turvy.

my hard case cant lock.

what is my problem.

take mrt wif my guitar all the way to payar lebar mrt, go to the guitar shop.. and hey presto, they cant fix my case.. so decide to give me a $30 rebate and a soft case. so i go back on the mrt wif a 1.7 guitar in a soft case. wow how pro is that. i go home and find that all the hardcases in singapore cost abt 120++. so tt hard case i bought was like... the cheapest in the whole of singapore. veri sad liao.. ok this part wud sound weird, but got 2 malay boys at buona mrt station on the way back hu like to taunt pple.. ya noe those type of troublemakers hu jus hang around and taunt pple? yeah. so i realli pissed lah.. they call me in that 'boy, boy' mocking tone... so i give them back the big time dao. but inside i realli realli pissed.

go home my father say jus go and buy a case in singapore, later buy from internet then got a lot of extra costs, might as well buy in sg. so i go to the nearest place: bukit timah plaza. their website in my opinion is super joke and they dun even state their opening hours. so i call them up and they say they are closing liao, but willing to wait for me.

the guy there doesnt realli look like he plays guitar, but his shop is realli complete, with electric, acoustic, even 12 string. but what warms me the most is his character. nt everyday u meet someone with a character like his. he is the fun bubbly type, and i could almost compare him to a 'fun loving chinese uncle'.. lol. so he intros me to the case he wants to sell me, and he realises i have a gd guit. so he tried it, and hes realli ultra pro lah. i tell u.. these type of salesperson, i dint even touch the case to test it, but i can trust its gd quality, cos of that guy's character. it'd difficult to describe, he jus has a spark in his character.

with further conversation, he tells me that he knows mr alex abiskanathan (or how u spell it lah), hu is the conductor of genus, above my guitar teacher. nt onli that, he shows me a pic of himself behind the wall, which showed him performing on stage in front of the words 'guitar festival 2004'. he was the champion of the competition. wow. thats sorta like being the best guitarist in singapore. haha

he gave me a lot more tips, like 'i wouldnt compromise by using that type of case' (like duh), cos
Matthew 9:17
"Neither do men pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst, the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved."
...jus came into my mind, so i put it here :)
he oso introed me to silica gel, which absorbs humidity.

and heyhhey... he also said 'parents these days... buy piano for their children and dun recognise the classical guitar as a musical instrument'... LOL. but my father doesnt think that way (altho my mom does, haha). what a guy, such a warm character. i'm so lucky to have my father hu supports me liddat. thank God. and of course, how could i have forgotten God, hu has helped me throughout my learning process and helped me until this stage. haix, this exam period has realli taken a toll on my spiritual life.. mus revitalise, and it surely wont be an overnight thing.

and for those hu think i'm veri rich, ur PIANO can buy my ROOM, with everything in it.

Friday, October 08, 2004

today's mood: happy


i've done it again.

ok.. today i shall try to write an entry which guitar illiterate pple can understand (for once).

for the time being... i will have 5 guitars in my room. just now went to ginza plaza... luther musicworks shop which sells guitars. they dun have such a wide variety, but the last time i visited them i thought the staff were pretty nice... and i support friendly service. bought a cheap cheap $280 electric guitar pack (yes, in electric guitar terms thats realliii cheap.. ok?). the sound of the guitar nt bad.. but the amp lacks kick i feel.. but still.. nice to play. the guitar is oso a nice sunburst colour too.

ok i go back home... and yeah.. i thought of talking abt it on my blog. here comes the farnie part: i dun even noe wad model my guitar is.. the brand of my guitar is 'craftsman' (yes, obviously when u type it into the search engine it produces obsolete results) and a 'dean markly' amplifier. haha... nvr heard of such a joker brand of guitar and amps rite... lol. i dunno.. altho it doesnt seem impt to know wad model my guitar is.. i would LIKE TO. i mean.. it isnt printed anywhere on the guitar lorh!! haha. but sound nt bad. effects too.

today went to sch in the morning to test out the sch's new guitars. nxt yr we will be called 'ACS(I) Guitar Orchestra' instead of ensemble [GOACS!!]... cos we got new guitars.. different size one. 8 alto guitars with another 8 shipping later this year, and 2 basses. as in classical basses. quite cool. if u all want u can check it out at the 'niibori world' link under my other links.

yeah... thats all for today... no sch for the nxt 4 days... but i refuse to be bored, although theres a limit to the amt of guitar ur fingers can take.. haha. gd luck for the exams everyone else!!!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

the end of another era

today's mood: happy

it's finally over.

Exam thesis:
indeed this exam period has been one of the worst periods in my life... and the worst exam period ever. today i want to play oso cannot... no energy.. study too much liao.

MEP: 2 pracs were ok, perception too. harmony wasnt.
Chem: -.-
Chinese compo: heyhey.. is this like the onli paper i enjoyed?!?
Language Arts: ok lah but nt my best
IHS: never study thoroughly enuf so liddat lah.. -.-
core maths: heyhey quite ok too
POD: never study at all of course liddat lah!!
Physics: study so hard for wad.. they test u on which car lands further if u push 2 of them off a cliff and how pple keep warm in igloos -.- ... i mean... wad idiot would want to know whether a heavier car wud fly further off a cliff than a smaller car? so unpractical.
A maths: :'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''(
Chinese paper II: dunno y i feel so confident altho i calculated my total mark to be 48/110... haix nvr study 3A liddat lorh.

anywayz.. exams are SO YESTERDAY!!! for now.

Hilary duff: So Yesterday
You can change your life
(if you wanna)
You can change your clothes
(if you wanna)
You can change your mind
Well that’s the way it goes
But I’m gonna keep your jeans
And you’re old black hat
(cause I wanna)
they look good on me
You’re never gonna get them back

At least not today
Not today
Not today

If it’s over let it go and
Come tomorrow it will seem
So yesterday
So yesterday
I’m just a bird that’s already flown away
laugh it off
let it go and
when you wake
it will seem
so yesterday
so yesterday
Haven’t you heard that I’m gonna be ok?

You can say you’re bored
(if you wanna)
You can act real tough
(if you wanna)
You can say you’re torn
But I’ve heard enough
Thank you
You made my mind up for me
When you started to ignore me
You won’t see a single tear
It isn’t gonna happen here

At least not today
Not today
Not today

CauseIf it’s over let it go and
Come tomorrow it will seem
So yesterday
So yesterday
I’m just a bird that’s already flown away
laugh it off
let it go and
when you wake
it will seem
so yesterday
so yesterday
Haven’t you heard that I’m gonna be ok?

If you’re over me
I’m already over you
If it’s all been done
What is left to do?
How can you hang up
If the line is dead?
If you wanna walk
I’m a step ahead
If you’re moving on
I’m already gone
If the light is off
Then it isn’t on

At least not today
Not today
Not today

If it’s over let it go and
Come tomorrow it will seem
So yesterday
So yesterday
I’m just a bird that’s already flown away
laugh it off
let it go and
when you wake
it will seem
so yesterday
so yesterday
Haven’t you heard
(You’re so yesterday)
If you’re told let it go and
Come tomorrow it will seem
So yesterday
So yesterday
I’m just a bird that’s already flown away
laugh it off
let it go and
when you wake
it will seem
so yesterday
so yesterday
Haven’t you heard that I’m gonna be ok?

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

sitting at buona vista mrt station bus stop waiting for 92 on the way home. i see a japanese business woman coming down from mrt station and sitting at a seat. wearing business blouse (haha if such a word exists) and cleanly ironed pants, wif black high heels. looks like some high class person, i thot.

then she takes out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter and starts smoking.

today's mood: melancholic (for lit ignorant pple: veryyyy sad)

haix. a maths. words cant describe how sad i am. no time, and no formulas in my head. ZQ's worst nightmare actually came true... see the paper dunno anything.. estimate out of 80 minus like.. 30+++.

life is so... how to say... HAIX. unpredictable.. like the woman at the bus stop.

well.. my trump subjects are all over.. mep, langarts, c maths, chem, and physics. these are my hopeful A1 subjects. were my hopeful A1 subjects. but every single one of them came wif that hint of qns that i jus cant do... sighzzz

well this yr 1st position in class is going to moley... congrats... u earned it: u maintained ur consistent work until now, and ur 2 maths are exempelary. nt to mention the 2 sciences as well. well done ming xuan.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

day 22

today's mood: happy

today was a slack day. not veri gd considering that altho exams are ending, tmls a maths.. needa prac a lot... so... aiyah lazy find qns to do. aint got no tys and textbk is too thick =P.

btw, come to think of it, i jus delete tags which seem to insult my blog... but hus the person hu tagged as 'me'.. sorry i deleted ur tag... haha. and the person hu tagged as Qiang.. i'll find out soon enuf if ur faking or nt. veri simple.

2 more days. gd luck to all whose exams are coming up.

Monday, October 04, 2004

day 21

today's mood: happy

today was a happy day.

until POD

budden i came home to change guitar strings which i bought on sunday.. and heyhey, they are the original strings that came wif my guitar: its called LaBella 2001 classical guitar strings... nt bad that i found out wad were the original strings which came wif my guitar considering that i bought my guitar less than 2 months ago.. hahaz. hmm... but i have this funny feeling... that i would be searching for the original strings for veri long.. but now that i found out wad strigns they were so fast.. like no kick liddat lol. i was expecting some super expensive brand.. but $12 for strings that sound twice as loud as ur d'addario pro-artes.. nt bad liao.

ok sorry guitar ignorant pple for that load of crap... yeah.. coremaths was quite easy (to me lah). POD was utter nonsense.. 50 mcq.. haix die lah. i'd be lucky to pass. but now i feel on the verge of freedom... tmls physics, wed is a maths and thur is chinese.. quite slack... yay after thurs can play!!! haha. but must wait for the rest of yall to finish ur exams first to have max fun... yea o level pple? cya =P

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Do you:

Believe in God


Believe God?

the Bible

contains truth


IS truth?

Saturday, October 02, 2004

today's mood: achoo

exam stress has realli taken its toll on me... i think nxt friday i'll probably come down wif pneumonia or smth.

exam mode is on... but as usual the power only lasts thru about only 4 days and usually it can be sustained if ur first few papers are moralising. in this case...

friday 1/9
HMT 1: heyhey.. ya noe wad? i think i used my first chengyu in zuowen for the whole year.
Chemistry: time management. practise practise practise. so wad... the teachers somehow have this power to set stuff which we dint study.
MEP last paper: my harmony... my precious harmony marks... :'(

saturday 2/9
Langarts: 1h... chiong ar!!!
IHS: its bad that we have so much chem to study already... do u have to throw at us another set of notes of last year's geog textbook all crammed into a stack of 50 page notes?!?

hmm... looks like i enjoyed chinese compo best, yeah?!? thats sad. for someone like me. well, 4 down, 5 more to go. core maths, philosophy, phyisics, a maths and HMT II.

then i'll get the pneumonia attack.