Friday, April 29, 2005

hmm.. i havent realli gotten over ytd yet.. today i shall write abt my feelings.

i think wad realli made me the most sad is seeing everybody else sad. i mean.. dun hao sad, jun jie sad, timmy sad, even ms ng sad.. ricky disappointed, chinleong pissed.. the core pple were so disappointed.. i mean.. i wanted to tell them tt gold is still gd and all.. but at tt moment.. haiz. i mean we seriously worked SO hard. even pple hu u expect to be slacking were giving their 100%.. like chin leong. so when the result came.. it was hard lah. we were seriously expecting gwh.

hmm.. this is the first time in my life im feeling so disappointed.. everything else was like.. dun care.. performance screw up dun care.. last syf dun realli care either.. got gold and we were overjoyed (cos tt was the highest possible award at tt time). but this time we were expecting so much more. this yr ACSGO is also at its peak of technical ability in the 4 yrs ive been in it.

hm.. now everybody is jus basically collapsing into exam mood... waiting for it to be over so tt pracs can resume..

so now.. i noe wad it feels like to be.. 'losers'.. or rather under achievers. important episode in life. shall now go turn on my electric piano for first time in 2 wks.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

im so glad its over.. arent u?

St Hilda's - Bronze
Anglo Chinese School (Independent) - Gold
Yu Ying Secondary - Silver
CHIJ Toa Payoh - Gold
Chung Cheng - Gold
St Anthony's Canossian - Silver
CHIJ St Theresa's Convent - Silver
RI - i wonder
RGS - Gold
Payar Lebar MGS - Silver
Anglican High - Gold
Woodlands Secondary - Silver
Dunman Secondary - Silver
Hougang Secondary - Silver
Junyuan Secondary - Silver
CHIJ St Joseph's convent - Bronze (jus a bit short of COP)

hmm.. its a pity we dint get to see tt many gd performances.. cos we came in during st anthony's or st theresa's.. dint get to see chungcheng. the onli performance i realli think was nt bad was rg. after anglican, listening to the performances was roadkill lah. cant remember which sch played a mutilated malaguena and the last sch.. OH MAN!!!! they werent playing guitar.. they were.. doing bass popping for every single note!!!!!! LOL. every single note involves pulling the string up and hitting against the fretboard making a 'tuck' sound. HAHA me and dunhao were laffing non stop.

well.. so tt makes 6 golds, 8 silvers and 2 bronzes (or rather 1 bronze 1 COPper). everyone was rather sore.. cos the judges dint give out gold with honours. and all along our conductor had been telling us tt 'we play this kind of pieces and dun get gold wif honours ar...' yea.. well wad to do.. hmm maybe we wud get a holiday.. 4 golds and 2 gwh.. haha. anyway, im like.. super tired now. syf is tiring. i think i'll go sleep now

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


congrats to chamber wif gold.. tt makes 3 golds, 2 gwh.


tml a bunch of retards armed with guitars will come together to become a professsional guitar orchestra.

tml an amateur grade 6 guitarist will (try to) become a professional jazz soloist O.o

i dunno but i had a weird feeling b4 today's chamber syf.. but i shall nt say until after tml.

for now.. its time to go polish stuff.. my shoes, my guitar.... while others slug away at iso.......

there are no guarantees, but we'll do our best. cya.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

5 days. syf is depriving me of solo guitar practice. mann. my sight reading is prob like sai now.

i dun realli noe abt pressure.. but syf still feels 2 weeks away... maybe cos i haven psyche myself yet, maybe becos theres so much hw, or maybe cos my uniform is still screwed up and will be screwed up when i go for syf. yup. speaking of work..... lol. dun wanna. i feel like ive been doing a lot of work.. 2h of maths jus now.. but dint even manage to get barely halfway.. then tried a bit of physics and decided my mind cant work no more.

haha.. i got a sudden spur to do work after a gd night's rest last nite (but still woke up feeling like crap) and a 2.5h nap from 11:30 - 2. hahah. weekends are fun for sleeping.

yeah.. i guess tts abt it lor.. syf means ponning chem on tuesday and ponning half of recess and chinese on wednesday.. and thursday jus come back for lab and tts abt it hahah. tts all.. cya.

Monday, April 18, 2005

ok larh.. so maybe my solo wasnt as gd as it was supposed to be.

anywayas, i think the performance was quite okay.. based on the fact that we dint even rehearse walking in and walking out (last time we practiced like.. siao.) the pieces were quite ok, altho a bit speedy cos of nervous wrecking. some wrong notes here some wrong notes there.. but generally ok. my solo was audible for once. or for the first part at least. my left hand sorta got tangled up with the 2nd part so u all cudnt hear anything lolz.

i dunno man.. kancheong so much last nite.. jus to wake up this morning too tired to be kancheong anymore. haha.. i dunno abt syf day lah.

anyways, tts abt it i guess. cya.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

for the courtesy of pple hu cant be bothered to turn up their brightness. ooh the explosion looks sick.  Posted by Hello

woohoo!! i fragged a plasma grenade and it exploded in midair!! and i caught a screen shot of it too. too bad its a bit black.  Posted by Hello

Choir: Gold.
Band: Gold with Honours, top 3 bands.
CPAC: GoLd WiTh HoNoUrS!??.. woot.

i dun want to mention the amt of work. okay im almost done wif OC even tho i cant remember nuts, bu ttheres still a maths and physics and blah. i want to fly away. whee. halo started so fun.. but my mom stopped me.

sometimes i jus wish the world wud slow down.. its so.. stressful. everybody is jus doing SOMETHING. i seem to be lagging behind the world.. caught up in my own world of thought. tts y i jus cant wait for the hols. sch isnt realli tt bad.. it jus.. takes everybody's time away.....

tml is guitar presentation for chapel.. even if we play like crap i guarantee u all a reasonable solo.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

choir gold. band gold WITH HONOURS. congrats to moley, yingda, jerel, and the band.

i realli realli realli hope the guitar orchestra is feeling the pressure. there is an obvious pattern here. last yr silver become gold. last yr gold become honours. hmm. i dunno.. but i feel like ACSGO is going to lose its happy-go-lucky-anyhow-whack-and-still-can-get-gold character. i realli dunno.. onli time will tell. 2 wks. i need to change strings.

rugby finals was a washout man. take 166 for 45 mins all the way there onli to rain. quite disappointing, but its postponed to supposedly tml so i dun need to go. heheh.

yeap tts abt it.. once again congrats to the band.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

hey again.

these 2 days of sch hav been quite ok.. managed to finish work and all yupz. haha.. lately oso found out that i get so easily statically charged!! LOL. its quite simple to get urself charged.. but shant tell u all the secret here haha.. wan mus come and ask me but i told quite a few pple liao. haha.. but i gotta stop this soon.. its getting realli retarded touching pple to make them feel like they've been poked by needles. cheap thrills. double edged sword too.. if u static somebody u urself oso kena.. and im getting a bit scared of the feeling already.

lol.. im seroiusly uttering nosnesen tonite. anyways, tml is band syf. gd luck to them. with some grace they will bring back the first honours.

yeapz.. cya

Saturday, April 09, 2005

bargh. i jus typed a 600 word entry and it got DELETED.

anyway in summary of wad i jus wrote.. these 2 days have been kinda messed up.. nvr sleep enuf.. then also kena demoralised by my guitar teacher saying the sec 2 guy can play better than me.. and all tt stuff yeah. nt the first time.. ive been told liek.. every other wk by him tt i need to work much harder if i wan to do guit in uni.

realli having 2nd thots abt guit now... realli dunno if guit is for me.. maybe i'd be better off as an engineer.. make cars, or smth.. or maybe an insurance agent like my father.....

anyway.. today during combined my section was being tested cos we cudnt play a bar of running notes.. so individual testing.. everybody play once. then the conductor called on the sec 2 guy to play and somehow he jus cudnt. nt uncommon lah. then jus now he messaged me abt how he cudnt play and tt everybody expect so much of him. of cos at first i gave him some sarcastic reply wif 'its official, you are a better player than me' and got a vulgarity reply. lol. but aft tt i did message him back to tell him tt these sorta htings happen and teh usual comforting stuff like.. ive screwed up too and yah.

been doing the purpose driven life lately.. and we shudnt be chasing after things such as money, status, and stuff like that.. we shud be working on relationships and things tt are eternal. so, how well i play the guitar doesnt realli matter.. its onli for this life. wads impt is tt i build up relationships, which are eternal.

ok. cya.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

aha. finally have something to blog abt today.

the sch days have been quite tiring.. due to the fact tt i've been having terrible sleep patterns over the past few days. still have yet to do lots of maths hw which im nt even certain of the due dates.

anyways, down to the main subject. i usually go to gramercy for my theory lessons, and a bit of piano. but today my teacher decided to introduce me to another teacher hu teaches guitar there.. he's an architect turned guitarist on the verge of retiring. anyways, all teachers hav their own character traits. this guy is.. like a coffeeshop uncle hu teaches guitar.. mix of chinese and english lolol. and the guitar he gave me to play was some bogus old guitar wif action like.. almost half a cm at the 12th fret la.. super hard to press. anyway, i played capricho.. the piece i played for masterclass for him. he say my left hand fingers too much movement (yeah lah.. every guitarist struggles wif tt rite?)

and right hand fingers too far apart. ok tts a new theory. he says liddat my tone on different fingers wud be different. has truth to some extent lah. but i look at his right hand fingers when he plays looks like a clenched up fist.. hmm. gonna report this to mr choo on thursday haha. quite cool when u see wad other teachers are offering their students. i've also learnt that u cant please everybody. so pls urself!! haha. when he was toking to me i look like im realli paying attention and like im so eager to try it at home.. but to me its just another opinion. anyway.. he doesnt realli have that captivating factor some guitar teachers have. mr liu. maybe its the guitar. heheh.

okok.. i guess tts abt it.. time to go do c maths or smth.

Monday, April 04, 2005

woah. choir got gold. some feat. nxt band.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

hey again.

its wk 3 of sch. basically ive been slacking thru the entire wkend. amaths the qns quite difficult.. so haven touch yet. basically havent realli done any hw accept studied a bit of chinese. i think my mind is just reluctant to start on work. been practising guitar quite a bit.. learnign a piece called koyunbaba.. guitar is tuned to C#G#C#G#C#E instead of EADGBE. funny thing is tt the tuning is nt indicated anywhere on the score (composer dowan pple to learn his piece.. lol) somehow everything abt the score is difficult to comprehend. it has no key signature, no time signature, and changed timesignature every bar. its a veri interesting piece must say.

yup.. tts all for now i guess. cya.