Sunday, October 31, 2004

3 women died and appeared in heaven. Peter was waiting for them there. "There are a lot of ducks there. Pls do nt step on any of them. sure enuf, when Peter opened the gates, the whole land was covered wif ducks. the first woman was nt careful and accidentally stepped on a duck. Peter brought the ugliest man she had ever seen and chained him to her. the remaining 2 women were extremely cautious now. however, the next day, the 2nd woman stepped on a duck and was chained to another ugly man. the 3rd woman got super cautious. she did nt step on any duck for abt a year. then one day, Peter came and chained the most good-looking man she had ever seen to him. and he left without saying a word. the woman was speechless. she said to the man, "this is the best thing that has ever happened to me."

man: "i dunno abt u, but i stepped on a duck."

yeah.. today in church was quite fun. learnt a lot of stuffs. chinese Os are less than 24 hours away. and my mind has sorta exploded cos now i cant remember anything. need God's help. kk, gd nite everybody!!!


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