Wednesday, October 20, 2004

why am i feeling stressed even after exams have finished?!?

hmm.. heres the stuff i need to get past in order to obtain maximum freedom:
1) Music Theory Exam Grade 6
2) Chinese O level Express
3) Guitar Grade 6 Practical
4) Chinese holiday homework
5) MEP holday homework
6) ISO 2.5k word report

of all the above, i'm mostly worried abt the chinese exam and ISO. other than tt it shud be quite managable (or iduncareable). i still feel a slave to chinese and exams. haix. oh, and today they jus had to tell us abt a leadership camp nxt yr from 16 - 19 Jan. leadership camps, are almost nvr fun. i'm nt worried abt the leadership role, but the accomodations and food.

well gd news for me, mdm carol low says i got second in class!! yay. how true i dunno but i'm was overjoyed. congrats to brendan wif 3rd place in class. if wad mdm low says is true lah. 1st in class.. i wonder hu. -.-

cant wait for tt chinese Os to be over. i jus started studying 1 chapter tonite... tuition teacher says onli study express sec 3, the rest dun care. so off i go. 12 days to study 30 or so chaps. tts abt 3 chaps a day.

oh and i jus saw shawn's 2nd blog.. so cool nvr knew blogspot could upload pics.. hahaha. try later.. now study first. cant wait for hols. havent heard tt phrase in a long time havent we. hols means: freedom, youth camp, guitar, long hair -.- , and more guitar. hahahaha. for all those taking O and As, jia you!!


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