Tuesday, January 31, 2006

happy birthday to me!! woohoo!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

hey! i wud like to say thanks to tims, mingz, alz, zeke, fatz, carlito and brendan for the present!! this is the first time someone (or rather some people) have given me a present related to guitar. and i truly like it!! it was really a well planned surprise... assisted by tims and his shopping outing with me to peninsula plaza hahah. thx a million guys. also thx to ryan for the interesting card. haha.

heres a pic of the mini amp.. in case some of u guys who bought it for me dont noe what it looks like!! haha.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

5 random things abt me. from yofattz blog.

1. i'm a closet jay chou fan. bet u nvr knew that. ha.
2. i've been learning piano longer than guitar.
3. i used to wear high pants, high sox, have side parting, and wear thick specs. not that my specs now are very thin. :P
4. its been almost five years since i was baptised. was baptised on valentines day, 2001, when i was p6. yeapyeap.
5. oh and did i mention i play guitar?

yeap. this wk sch has been ok i guess. becoming more and more used to it everyday but i doubt i will be truly used to it. and i think i shudnt cos thats when i have completely 'conformed to the world'. 5.13 class' dynamics is quite ok.. but there is no one veri veri gd fren i have in my class. my two closest frens in my class are kenneth lui, who is an extravert, and jerel, who is an introvert like me.. but half of the time i am totally detached from him. i dunno.. but i guess its time to make frens again. and all the other guys in my class who are not scholars are extraverts. except kevin i think. and i think there is a lot of ostracising going on in class. haiz so sad. 4.15 '05 still rox.. best study environment ever.

yup so i think i am going to try to learn how to learn how to be an extravert (again^2)!! its like learning how to use ur left hand when ur right handed. just that i have learnt how to use it twice b4.. i still remember how to use extraversion in church, a more familiar environment, but not so much in sch. some thoughts. everyday i have to become a new person over and over again.

today had guit prac. first time i conducted sectionals. and seriously.. they have become SLACKtionals. probably the fault of my batch of pple. was too slack last yr already. if onli i cud lead a GOACS revolution.. but its realli difficult. the guit orch's dynamics is also veri upset.. with all the last yr sec 1s coming in.. just that our orchestra pieces are of much much much higher standard than during my time. yups. and i shall clock my 3h of CAS for today. :P

ok tts abt it. long post haha. cya.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

day out with timmy

today i went out with timmy!! to peninsula plaza!!

we basically walked around the whole shopping centre.. i bought 2 sets of strings, one pack savarez and one pack d'addario exp. strings at davis are how cheap lah. savarez cost 14 and exp cost 12. prices at bukit timah plaza were 17 and 27. like... im never going back to bukit timah plaza unless absolutely necessary. haha.

aft tt timmy went on a quest to find a mini amp!! and we did find one.. that runs on a 9V batt. hahah super cute lah. no need to lug giant amps arnd wherever u go.. just that it can go only slightly louder than my 1.7k classical onli. but it costs $50. haha. too bad it cant be used for bass guitar.

and we went to look for shoes too. timms wanted to buy mizuno.. we dint find any until we entered the last shop on the top floor of the shopping centre. haha.. but i think tims shoes are quite nice.. just that they need a bit of cheating thru the sch rules, but the teachers dun realli conduct uniform checks anyway.

and i went to cut my hair. going to QB is so FUN man. everytime u go there u come out with different hairstyle. so exciting hor. got free comb some more. lol.

yeap tts abt all. if i feel good i might do some homework tonite. haha

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

hello. mid wk update.

today was the first official day of studying. most of the teachers have been revealed, but have not met up with all yet. awww i have no teachers who taught me last year :( hahah but new teachers not that bad. edwin wong is a nice teacher for physics. hahah yeap thought for the day. he says we can eat sweets during his period to keep awake!! lolol.

other that i cant realli recall wad went on today. was sleepy and lethargic as usual. tml is going to be the first music lesson!! hahah.

gah nothing to blog abt. and i sure dont want to post stuff that might offend somebody on my blog, so i shall keep everything nice and short =)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Looking to thee from day to day,
trusting thy grace along the way...

Friday, January 13, 2006

hey all!! im back for another weekend!!

well not that sch is bad. just not used to the schedules thats all. this wk has been quite slack cos its still bridging. my latest updates on my class is that it onli contains 4 pre-ib pple!! lolol. but i think its a nice quiet class. i prefer it much to a class where there are loudmouths hehe. oh and this will be the 5th year i will be studying in the same class as kenneth lui lol. nxt yr will make 6.

its well into the first 2 wks of sch and im proud to say that i have not held a conversation lasting more than 5 mins with a girl. hahahahah. i dunno.. was having a conversation with brendan that day abt this. i tell u we sounded so comical talking on this issue.. we're both just as clueless. but we will find out more sooner or later heheh. yeap but for now im sticking close to 4.15 '05 pple!!

ok tts abt all.. tml got piano class. cya.

Monday, January 09, 2006

my class has changed!! hahah im in 5.13 ecclesiastes now.

hahah so my wishes have sorta been granted.. a completely new environment with some familiar people, like jerel, ricky willianto, aizat.. onli kevin from 4.15 '05. and my class has no strong characters and i'm glad about that hahah.

for the rest of u who think ur class is siao or wad.. remember Romans 8:28 - And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. this verse has guided me throughout the orientation, as well as 1 Sam 16:7. God has a purpose in putting you where you are.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


i just came back from my 4th piano class. hahah and my teacher who speaks chinese isn't so bad after all.. just that she cannot teach the more in depth stuff that my guitar teacher can.. like musicality and phrasing. but she can spot where i dun observe rests >.< hahah and today i had a masterclass with the head teacher of the school, sylvia ng (its part of the music school education u see). and she is HOW PRO. hahah i only saw her for.. 20 minutes? but the explosion of energy she gives.. just makes you want to play piano more!! i played for her my 2 trump pieces that i cudnt even play till the end.. sonatina in C by mozart and chopin's nocturne in Eb. and she thinks i shud go learn fantasie impromptu -.-

but she is holding the musical side of me that i am missing so badly.. phrasing, tone.. things that my guitar teacher has been trying so hard to teach me but he cudnt do it to the max, probably cos of his personality. too bad i cant change my personality so quickly to have an explosion of energy that wud have the most naughty of children captivated. but thats what sylvia ng has!! hahah i loveeeeeee meeting pro pro musicians. yeah but i only get to masterclass with her once a month.

feeling better. i shall go sleep.

me and jin.
small group pic. oh man im smiling really badly in this one.

check out the 2nd line from the bottom.. it has a country that looks like my name, it has al, and it has 415. lololol.

well. orientation week is up. cudnt be more glad its over. so tiring. and the type of politics that i witnessed during this orientation.. school will never be the same again. 4.15 '05 still rocks the most!! all the best to jin hus going to australia to study.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

here goes nothing!!

today is new years day!! happy new year!! i think i will start this new year by revealing to you my blog that i have kept in secret for more than a year, created for my church frens.. hahah i created that blog so i cud blog more personally.. and also to avoid tagboard spam lol. but i think its time that u all can see wad goes on in my spiritual life, some of which i have been hiding. but anyways i post the same post on both blogs 80% of the time.. hahah so it doesnt really matter, accept for some of the more sensitive issues. but its now open for all to see. but if u cant understand it (which u most likely wont) just keep reading this spot.

the past year has definitely been an exciting one.. with the once quiet but now siao class of 4.15.. u all rock haha. from being called no synergy to organising 3 successful class gatherings in the past holiday (sorry i pangsehed one lol), thx to pple like ryan, brendan, yeap.

as always, i am SO reluctant and sad sch is starting again. hahah i dont really like change u see. but its inevitable. but slacking and daydreaming still rocks lol. anyways, heres a faint outline of my goals for nxt year:
1. continue with at least my spiritual goal of memorising 3 verses a week.. hahah as the verses accumulate it gets more and more difficult.
2. find more time to talk to God.. i thought i cud use long bus rides or travelling time.. but its not condusive.
3. help out in every way needed for the youth group
4. take the guitar ATCL recital exam.
5. survive my first year of IBDP.. hahah its been a longggggg time since i last talked to girls who are the same age as me.

yeap tts abt it.. i thank God for the past year and all its challenges!! and i trust in Him to guide me in the year ahead.