Sunday, October 24, 2004

hmm.. this is my 102nd entry on this blog.

ever since i started faltering in the updating of this blog, some how i feel that all the blogs around me are sorta collapsing. (yes brendan?)

anyway, what a day.

i woke up today a little groggy from nt having a single day to sleep in late this week. went for 8am worship, and listened to the youth camp coordintor's youth camp talk. my brain was still asleep when he was talking to me abt devotions. still have no idea wad to do for devotions.. any suggestions pls tell me :P

today's timothy class went quite well too... taught them abt creativity, and see who can wrap up an egg such tt it doesnt break. yeah.

after church went to ginza for lunch, then i went home to get ready for tonite. the installations of elders and deacons on my church's 40th anniversary was truly a inspirational experience. some of the messages were so touching :') one of the significant things i remember is that each one of the elders and deacons were given a towel. this towel symbolises the towel used by Jesus to wash the feet of his disciples. servant leadership.

after the service there was a buffet dinner. whenever got opportunity to arrange a feast, singaporeans will haha. after that we went up to the auditorium to do a bit of singing. i must say, i havent heard such gd singing in a veri long time. so joyful :)

after tonite, i definitely must say the cracks in me caused by distance from church and God are slowly being repaired.

yeah... tts all for today. cya guys.


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