Friday, October 29, 2004

last day of school 2004

whee. finally. long entry today.

woke up this morning still stuck wif my running nose. got a headache right after the longest flag raising ceremony of the year. so. we noe our new CT is mr Postman Pat. receive school mag for this year. haha i think my pic in the school mag gets bigger every year :P

10:00 - shift our desks down to new classroom 101 on the GREY level. its like.. the basement floor of the school. mean like.. -.-' big time. we neva got further than the red level. well, at least we're right next to the canteen.. haha. but our toilet is like.. the worst in the whole school lah. and how do we get up to the science labs which are on the GREEN level?!? we're nt teachers. we cant use the lift.

so we stick in class for a while, argue over the arrangement of desks, play a few games of cards, zap iso survey forms, yeah.

12:25 - enter the Postman. blah blah blah. still going on abt his physics stuff.

12:28 - enter our 1st PCT. Mdm Low something. lol. teach amaths one. haix. no shaun choo nxt yr, so sad.

12:30 - enter...

Thirunalan Mirunalini!!!!

2nd PCT for yr 2005. HAHAHAHA. one of our class most fave teachers. even so, nxt yrs class is going to be super strict. the days of chirnside and carol are over. Postman: nxt yr must make sure ur socks, pants, shirt, hair, blah blah blah things are in order. right. Thiru (on last day of school): chen yi why is your hair so long? nxt yr cannot liddat ar.. mE: ?!? :P

hmm.. how bout a little tribute to the teachers of this yr.. 3.15 Nahum. i think i'll be a bit formal here for other readers of this blog other than my sch frens onli.

Langarts A: Ms Dharma
nahaha... could she be the reason our class is quite bonded now?
famous quote: "Your class strongly lacks SYNERGY"
oh yeah and theres a slow lorris in macritchie now named after her.. lol
Langarts B: Ms Thiru
fave teacher.
famous quote: "Hurry up!! Quickly!! Faster!!"
Higher Chinese: Mr Chong Koi Choy
hmm.. hes one of the best chinese teachers we ever had.. but he can be a bit nasty at times.
Physics: Mr Patrick Soo (if until now u dunno.. hes postman)
hmm.. his is the last i'm filling in.. and i cant remember a thing abt him.. maybe cos hes a bit the boring.. lol.
famous quote: "BP."
Chemistry: faint memories of Mr Liang Chew Man, followed by the reign of Mdm Carol Low
Liang Chew Man: fun lah.. but also veri strict.
famous quote: "Shall we pray.. Marcus Lim.."
Carol Low: i think all chem teachers up there got something wrong, but tt makes them veri fun haha.
Core Maths: Ms Bok Hai Choo
take away her textbook and she will never be able to teach.
famous quotes: b4 test: "This test is very easy one.. jus study can make it" after test: "This test was a veri hard one..."
Advanced Maths: Mr Shaun Choo
Mr Lame no. 2 (no. 1 - Alistair Chew)
his name revolves around maths.. sin, cos,
famous quote: "You see those 2 drinks by Horlicks, one of them is called Smooth Choco and Cool Malt. Shaun Choo and Core Maths."
IHS: Mr Brian Chirnside, Mrs Elaine Lee
Chirnside: fave teacher too.
this yrs CT, hes definitely been a gd teacher. wif all his funny jokes and insults, we'll nvr forget him. maybe if we're lucky he might teach us IHS nxt yr. or POD.
Elaine Lee: one word: gullible.

MEP: Mrs Li Yen See
it's been 3 yrs. a lot of fear and respect is now gone. mugging her notes alone has nt benefitted me greatly.. and her sightreading totally rox. lol. one more year. or maybe 3.

phew. took half an hour for this entry. looking forward to nxt yr.. it sounds quite fun haha. but not b4 this long "restful and invigorating holiday".


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