Saturday, October 29, 2005


ytd was the last day of sch and finally got to know our class. so its goodbye 4.15 noah and hello 5.6 judges. i think nxt year my class is going to be sorta like a repeat of .15 cos everyone there is generally the quiet type i think. but i dunno.. cos ytd our class tentatively had 6 pple cos everybody was on IBA. but a good thing for me is.. i got RYAN HUANG in my class!! muhahah. got mousey too yay. dun noe hu the ct is, and the pcts are pat thong and yeap kar wai. hahah yeap kar wai told us that since our 3 class teachers are all female shes assuming our class will be full of girls -.- but i dunno how true that will be.

hahah i think the distribution of classes was quite funny.. i will onli be seeing ryan for one subject - english. and there are some classes wif funny combos of pple inside.. like davids class, got weihan, ivan cheng, admund, zheng hao.. its going to be havoc lol. and also paul and kenneth lui ended up in the same class. i think God has a purpose for them ;)

oh yeah.. yingda if ur reading this.. if u enter nxt year and take music, u will end up wif either yofattz, chung and cheong or me oliver and jeremy. all the best for ur o lvls.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


i realli cant wait for the holidays to begin and get away from school.. seriously school after exams is still taxing.. going to sch to do nothing for 6 hours is realli realli sian sometimes. hahah another reason why i cant wait for holidays is that i dun want to hear vulgarities anymore. honestly, the number of vulgarities i hear in one day of school is the number of vulgarities i hear in all the holidays in my LIFE (when calvin joined our class i think the number tripled). so u can get the idea. i jus realised its weird to have a word in your brain but not saying it. but i think with persistence and focus on God its possible to not stumble anyone by saying words that we shudnt.

yay the part of my brain that controls my left hand and note reading skills is finally working again!!!!!!! yay hahah so happy cos my mep prac is tml.. and i hope i reach my learning peak tml so i can score well hehe.

kk tts all for now. 2 mou days.

Monday, October 24, 2005

hihi. today was a boring day.. brendan was sick and timmy ponned sch (!!)

was super tired after sch today.. went home to sleep and woke up feeling cranky then went to my guitar teacher's hse for final practice b4 thursday's mep prac. this time lesson was right smack at 6pm (my dinnertime) so i ate dinner at 6:45 after lesson at mcdonalds, first time in a long time ^^ hahah now i feel fat.

but the highlight of my day has to be seeing a real live conman!! LOL.

if i were to write a letter to sunday times forum, heres how it wud be like.

Conmen, please make your motives less obvious
one weekday evening i got onto a crowded 165 bus at ang moh kio. behind me, a normal looking chinese man got on and started asking the bus driver to give him a free trip, as thieves had supposedly snatched away stuff like his watch, wallet and ez-link card. so he needed a free ride you see. hahah i dont noe wad the bus driver did, but he had seen his fair share of this sorta pple. but that time i still not sure lah.

later, i heard someone sitting behind me on the second deck of the bus asking the lady in front of him in chinese whether he could have 80 cents cos he dint have enuf to get home from clementi central or something like that. hahah that sorta confirmed it. of cos the lady dint agree, good for her. i think he also tried to ask me by calling 'hello, sir' to me but i daoed him cos can argue that i am not a sir yet. then to my surprise, an elderly man sitting further in front on the second deck came back to the conman and told him in chinese that he had already given him money and that he shudnt cheat anyone else (!!)

hahah so as u can see, conmen all over singapore need to develop new strategies and make their motives less obvious. when u try to con pple, at least try not to do it 4 times on the same bus. this guy seemed more of a joke to me than a nuisance, but for the sake of the general public, what are some of the measures we can take to guard against such pple? and are there any policies guarding against this sort of pple?

-Chen Yi, 16

hahah in my opinion, i think i wud have given him a long long lecture in my suck chinese about why he shudnt con pple. but honestly, i dunno how these pple can afford to lose so much face by trying to obtain small amounts of money from pple which are obviously not meant for bus rides home.

yeapyeap. hilarious. hahahah

Friday, October 21, 2005

wow. today was a day that i will not forget. and the rest of 4.15 either.

the day started with habitat talk or dunno wad.. then the boring (or rather amusing) colloquim. hahah my first time presenting something in front of the sch. but man the air con in the audi was siao.. i was shivering. but fortunately managed to get thru the presentation without much malu wif dawids help.

the highlight of today was the pizza to celebrate the birthdays of the pple wif birthdays in the holiday and li jin's farewell. the touching part was when everyone was required to say something. from bharats nonsense to loh we fong's and thiru's comments and speech, i cud see many who were veri touched and you may not have noticed it, but i think some were holding back tears. (hahah dun u think pat soo is cute wif no voice... but thats beside the point)

back in last year, our class was one of the most dysfunctional, simply cos we dint have any realli loud or noisy or crazy pple in our class (u noe the sort hu can stand on stage and malu for 20 minutes and not even realise they are so malu), so we were kinda sluggish in getting class projects done and there were too many different cliques in our class. hahah last year we dint even give our teachers a teachers day present lolol.

this year however, we somehow screwed up our seating right from the beginning of the year but that helped to forge a class spirit and also the teachers were realli great in remembering everyones birthday. hahah i think our class still hasnt changed from the way it was, brendan is still the quiet poor thing boi hu kena sabohed like siao.. its realli not easy being a chairman and taking everybodys responsibilities when there are class projects or when the class misbehaves. wei han is still the mad halo player he was, and ming xuan is still the maths hero but all the quiet ones have opened up this year to bond more wif the class and share views during LA lessons and i think that rox.

our class has realli come a long way to forge realli strong relationships and im glad about that.. pity we are all going to split up becos of our varying subject combies, and li jin going to australia to study. better own everybody there in physics, chem and maths ar hahah. i may have topped the class and i thank God for that, but at the end of my life on my death bed i dun think i wud want to see that piece of plastic or paper that says i topped the class of 4.15 in 2005, but i wud want to call up old frens and talk to them again, and relive the old memories of my youth.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

praise God.

but its not over yet.. not until friday.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

tml is the big day.

hahah im quite impressed with the school teachers.. they managed to get the scripts all marked and are going to give them ALL back to us tml, the 2nd day of going back to school after the marking days. hahah im not realli feeling scared yet.. cos i think i did quite okay, but theres realli no telling wad wud happen with the humans and lang arts. but its all in God's hands now and i cant do anything about it.

my guitar practising is more or less back on track ^^, except that i have sort of lost the barring (is that how u spell) strength that i used to have. it cant just be the tension of my strings hahah. so more practice!!

the thing thats at risk now is my theory grade 8.. i realli dunno if i can make it. jus now during piano lesson my teacher was trying to sight read a piece (probably by chopin) to let me hear the mood to guess which composer it was, cos i circled scarlatti by accident, hes a classical composer. chopin is a composer from the romantic period, so the extract had accidentals everywhere. hahah so by the time she reached the end i dint even realise it. like.. AIYO. so jus now i went to the piano sch downstairs to get a quotation, calling them back tml. i mean like.. let me pass theory grade 8 at least.. hahah.

ok. more reports tml. cya

Monday, October 17, 2005

the logic gates of chen yi's brain.

1) guitar performance
2) guitar sight reading
3) piano playing
4) ability to write an essay
5) ability to understand english
6) ability to wake up at 8am and feel energetic
7) ability to do maths and science
8) ability to think straight

if the output of 1 is very high 2 might be quite low
if the output of 3 is high the output of 1 and 2 would be low
if the output of 5 is high the output of 4 would be high
if the output of 6 is high the output of 7 would be high
the outputs of 1, 2 and 3 are rarely high at the same time
if the output of 6 is low, the output of 8 would be low, and hence the outputs of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 would also be low

ok i shall stop this nonsense. go back to ur playing. lol.

Friday, October 14, 2005

hey!! hahah i jus read my jan 3 post this year and i feel like blogging again!! lolol

the exams are over and i disagree that theres nothing to do. hahah. today was the diao mep lesson and everybody was super cranky. and everybodys memory was limited to 3 words. hahah.. seriously i forgot everything i learnt in mep liao.. all given back to li yen see.

hahah today i feel like blogging about an issue we will all face nxt yr: intake of female students. firstly, 80 onli. leaving us wif a guy:girl ratio of about 1:3. thats like worse than primary sch when rgs was nxt to henry park (parents wud send their girls to rgs and boys to hpps) so u can sorta imagine. last time in primary sch there was like.. severe segregation i think. no contact allowed. lol. so all the more dreaming of coming to an all guys or going to an all girls sch.

for 4 years we acs pple go retarded releasing fire extinguishers and wrestling and destroying stuff and then we leave this place where changing in class is normal and go to a totally different environment. i think everything is realli going to change politically and some pple wud start acting different, and i think i wud too. of cos the new environment is going to be realli weird compared to other jcs becos of the weird guygirl ratio but i hope it wud still be ok wif the weird ties and all.

hahah one of the things i have been thinking about is how our class will socialise wif the girls. altho its funny i hope i do ok.. i dun think i will get like.. too nervous when interacting LOL. and i realli want to see how pple like marcus lim, moli, zq, brendan and all the others interact too hahah. will be real interesting.

but until then, theres other stuff to do first. like sleep.. hahah gdnite

Thursday, October 13, 2005

a maths 2 was jus diao.

but.. i hereby declare end of year exams


yay!! hahahah.

heres wad i plan to do now that exams are finished!!

1. stone
2. stone in front of the computer
3. recover from my gastric and recover my sense of smell
4. clean my room and maybe rearrange it
5. practice guitar and own
6. practice piano and try to own
7. sleep
8. draw closer to God
9. wash my shoes
10. go buy guitar strings from town
11. go out wif church frens

12. play tennis wif .15 pple
13. stone in front of the computer some more!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

hey again. super tired.

paper 7: MT 1:
muahaha chinese standard level is super easy. its like some extract from PSLE

paper 8: MT 2:
oh no the compo isnt as easy.. the questions are realli ambigious and theres no clear format given on how to write.. but heck la

paper 9: Core Maths 2:
quite ok.. except for a few careless answers and misreads (hollow cone. somehow i jus dun understand the meaning of that word)

paper 10: Ad maths 1
this paper was veri nonsensical in my opinion. some qns are realli mad like qn 6 and 7.. my qn 6 dy/dx didnt match the one they gave altho i clearly noe my dy/dx is correct. qn 7.. how do u e^e^3?!? hahah once i reached that point i gave up.

its one more paper tml then its all over!!! yay. but they are still drilling and renovating the unit upstairs so i wun have any peace and quiet :( but it doesnt matter. the first thing i want to do after tml is.. play neopets!! haha cos its bori day tml and i own a bori.

yeapyeap. jus a thought: why does alistair chew always tell us we have 2 minutes left?!? my critical thoughts always come in the last minute and i am somehow able to solve a qn i have been thinking thru for the whole paper in the last minute then suddenly he starts talking and i dun finish (eg. core maths 1). hahah it wud realli help if i had the last 2 minutes all to myself.

23 more hours. byebye

Saturday, October 08, 2005

hey!! the first tragic phase of exams are over!! heres a summary.

Day 1.
paper 1: LA 1.
or so i thought. i walked in bracing myself for a 1 and a half hour poem analysis and it turned out that IHS was actually the first paper!!!! wah freaked me out for a minute. but luckily i studied last nite.. so managed to get through it, altho i think i will onli score 12/20 for the hypothesis question cos we were supposed to write about conflict resolution in a homogeneous society with reference to Singapore and one other country. the problem is that i dint learn one other country lolol.

paper 2: the real LA 1. everyone was rearing and prepared to the the poem. who knew the poem which was set was onli 16 lines long. usually its abt 20+ lines so everybody ended up choosing the prose. hahah but i still did the poem anyway, and dissected every single word in it so that i had a 2 3/4 page essay. but some crazy pple i heard wrote wad.. 4 pages on the prose? lol. nvm i felt it was quite ok.

Day 2.
Paper 3: Physics.
yes i dint get the order of papers wrong this time. buargh this physics paper was an absolute killer!!! there wasnt one question that was taken from a tys. and all the questions were so long and so tricky!! i had to read the qns several times b4 i understood it.. and that lead me to not having enuf time to think about the answers.. i guessed my way thru half of the mcq qns.. and at the end i jus blotted in two boxes which i dint noe with option C when alistair said stop writing.. :( im hoping for moderation. this paper was just trying to induce nightmares in us.

Paper 4: Core Maths 1. ok at least this one was rather doable. quite simple after that killer physics, but the air con in the auditorium was killing me. there were onli a few qns i dint noe and i made 1 careless mistake of not reading qn properly and there was this 4 mark qn i realised how to do in the last minute.. the polygon one. i did part (a) and started on part (b) and the time ran out!! ahh my 2 marks. in this sorta exams 2 marks means a lot.

Day 3.
paper 5: LA 2
fortunately wad i studied came out.. and was the most basic question possible for tfa so yay. hahah but my mark will be nothing special.. cos i did the qn everybody did but nvm i will get a safe mark.

Day 4
paper 6: chem
was anticipating a killer paper like physics.. but forunately a reasonable paper was set so i cud do most of the qns (wif of cos a few careless mistakes that i feel like smashing the paper for). hahah then in the middle of the exam carol low started giving out certs for some austrialian chem quiz we took earlier this year.. and i got quite a shock when i saw 'high distinction' on my cert. hahah gave me a mental block in the middle of the exam for a minute. im going to shake hands wif the drong nxt wk!! hahah. pity im not taking chem nxt yr.

nxt wk is chinese on monday, then a maths paper a day until thursday and it will be over!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

i'm so brain dead after studying... today i managed to study like.. nothing. my jing shen lasted for 10 minutes at the most. hai.

on tuesday this wk i was so brain dead after studying that i just plomped on my bed and played poo rain on my handphone.. rule is simple.. avoid the poo wif left and right buttons.
if it lands on you too bad..

can go try downloading from dreamers. i was so brain dead on tuesday that i made an insane score of 431k. normally the max is arnd 224k if ur realli awake but if ur not an average game is abt 60k. then today i jus sat in my chair and played and i reached 531k. hahah by then ur brain starts to act dysfunctionally. lolol.