Tuesday, June 27, 2006

2nd day of sch and im sick. how pro.

actually onli started off with slight irritation ytd during sch and i think i forgot to use the nasal steriods on my nose in the morning.. so last night when i was sleeping (or rather trying to sleep) the whole thing ballooned and now i have terrible terrible terrible sore throat. gah. today there was supposed to be 2h 40 worth of physics.. the thought of the amount they covered scares me. lolol.

just had guit class.. normal. i guess. lol played with my guitar teacher's 7k guitar just now.. super ownage lah. he says i can use it for my exam but see how. its like 2 times louder (which is a lot) and slightly more playable than my 1.7 (duh). i need good strings to bring out the max in my own guitar. his one the strings rust until need to change and its still so ownage. ahh well. it costs 4 times more.

my piano teacher suddenly message me that i got piano class later at 6:45.. i have a good mind to stop lessons already. buay tahan.

tonight will attempt to study no matter how groggy i may be. if tonight i dun sleep well again, im gonna use my 2nd day mc haha. in the middle of the night i was telling myself.. still can go to sch. at arnd 5:30am i told myself 'NO' already.. too sick. k then. still awaiting updates on homework and catchup. cya.

Friday, June 23, 2006

back from guit camp.

well the exchange with plmgs guitar was so-so i guess. it was kinda like mep camp when everyone is still soooo shy and dun want to talk. well it all boils down to one thing i guess: maturity. something i dint really have when i was younger.. and still slowly developing. hahah u shud have seen one of the scenes at lunch day 1.. ms ng said everyone was to sit in their groups during lunch.. then can see both the plmgs and acs side sighing together. lolz.

the combined orchestra was more interesting.. cos total we had 80 guitarists on stage.. its really cool just looking at the number of people playing together. the power of sound is also nothing i've experienced b4.. so kool.

in terms of technique.. urh.. yeah thats mr gaspar's job... haha.

well but i think and hope the acs pple learnt something from the exchange programme.. which is the attitude towards the performing arts group. even tho we can play better so what.. whenever we have practice they're like uncontrollable sometimes. during debrief i also got to say something about true musicianship too. i really hope the orchestra changes for the better.. like back to the old days.

so. theres 2 more days b4 sch reopens.. and i dun intend to do any work.. maybe a bit of maths or physics tml nite.. but im going ktv and then sunday theres church. yup so im gonna enjoy the remnant of my hols b4 sch reopens. yeap. cya.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

guit camp from tml to fri.

well so thats the end of my hols. decided not to do any work tonight (besides touching up that ee abstract to be submitted to mrs li one year early.. abstracts are supposed to be written at the end of the ee) guit camp will be interesting.. cos its an exchange with plmgs guitar. but they arent veri gd.. heard what.. their highest is someone with grade 4 piano. but the interesting part will be to see how the guys interact. perhaps we will see them actively practising for once.

ms ng dint allow us year 5s to skip staying over. cos she needed some 'older ones to be around'. so that means whatever last minute holiday studying will be during the camp. so im off.. 3 full days at sch.

i shall spend sat and sun not doing any work either.. i prob will need to rest after the camp.

oh yeah.. and my guit teacher said that my baroque guitar concerto sounded a bit spanish here and there.. maybe its inevitable hahahah.

Monday, June 19, 2006

just had a really long guitar lesson at my hse just now.. one of the rare occasions haha.

guitar lesson has kinda evolved over the years.. a traditional piano lesson used to be what.. warm up, scales, pieces, sight reading, aural, theory.. etc. but now lesson is almost like a discussion of ideas. only played 2 pieces tonight haha. cos i dint feel anything else was worthy or needed to be played.

talked about many things.. all the funny funny things that happen during his ensemble practices, all the funny things that happened in the mep concert hearing..

also discussed once again the future.. haha mr choo makes the LTCL seem really far away.. maybe it is. he says all the pieces all siao siao one.. and mr gaspar's Licentiate is in teaching.. not performing.. that means i noe of only one other person who COULD have the LTCL.

people quit jobs, take an entire week off, just to practice and get ready for the exam.

and me.. want to take it just 6 months after my ATCL.. and when all the internal assessments are due some more.. siao ah..

but it wudnt hurt to dream big right.. and do my best to have the practice to support my dream.. after all even if i dun make it in time.. i'll still be one crazy player.

thoughts and more thoughts. i shall do my best in these 2 years for exams and what.. then after IB is over i can let God lead me to the next phase of my life. but even thru all.. the passion will remain alive.

Friday, June 16, 2006

just came back from mep concert hearing.. was quite ok. me shane and joshua lim just got together to practice ytd then today b4 goign practice somemore.. so not bad.. can play through the piece in just 2 days. lol.

well our coordination as expected was kinda off.. but it looked like our mini audience (fellow performers) cudnt pick out the mistakes. in coordination that is. yah but besides the few guitar ignorant comments, they gave us good pointers.. like how to practice and how our parts link together. yup. also watched other 3 other groups of pple perform.. one crazy piano duet by 2 rgs girls, one duet from a musical, and one cant remember piano perf from someone from mg. yup was quite interesting.

and that leaves me with less than one wk of hols. woohoo.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

after more than 12 hours of work... Music HL Compo II is finally DONE!!!

i am so elated.. my first ever guitar concerto composed. woohoo!!! yingda go check ur mail.. got present for u.

going for band concert now. cya.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

wow its really remarkable what 2gb of space can hold. i probably put my whole com of music onto the player lol.

yup anyways there wasnt physics. sian lol.

maybe i shud go study.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

gah stress.

its the 3rd wk of holidays and theres stress.. whut?

i've got like something on for every day of the hols from now till the end of it.. all the guitar pracs, guitar camp, extra private lessons.. my most slack day wud prob be next monday and that wud be abt it. and my father is pressurising me to start studying already. well at least the number of 'studying subjects' has been reduced to 3, if u dun count music, english and chinese. but still.. physics and maths HL is one big bunch of crazy stuff.

going to sch tml for physics remedial. its so far in the middle of the hols that im kinda apprehensive that edwin wong will even remember that he arranged for this.. wud be quite disappointed if he dint show up.

many things clogging my mind now.. just wanna escape.

wanted to blog abt this ytd but i forgot abt it: saw this interesting scene when i was running along the park connector ytd.. an old man who looked about 60 was pushing his wheelchair bound wife while running along the park connector. wow. something to think about.

i have just inherited my sister's ipod nano cos my parents dun allow her to use it cos her ears get affected by earbud music or smth.. but thats not always a good thing cos the house is nvr quiet, with her blasting music on the com speakers the whole day. i feel so trapped at home. thats why i like to go to the park connector near my hse.. quieter.

Monday, June 12, 2006

ahhh!! withdrawallllll.

i so DONT feel like doing work. just finished a leftover swt from last term this morning.. and my MI which i write until vomit blood.. and i dunno where to start studying mannn. physics and maths is all over the place, econs is not over the place but dun feel like studying.. english and chinese not much to study :) and music.. still in the process of completing homework. at least its just compo II left. i want to get it done quickly, but yet i dont want to force it out.

gotta go to sch this wk on wed for physics rem.. i wonder if mr edwin wong even remembers. or whether all 6 pple from our physics class wud turn up or not. then theres dunno wad guitar stuff next wk thats gonna take up more time. well perhaps this holiday wud be the first one in history where i manage to clear all my homework.. unless of cos in the likely event that im not gonna do that chinese book review.

i really miss youth camp.. had lots and lots of fun with my church friends.. but i think its my relationship with God that will ultimately pull me through all of life's circumstances.

yeap ok im gonna play guit now.. cya!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

i'm back!!!

and i'm sleepy.. slept less than 14h in 3 days. yup anyways i had a great camp.. and i think i am quite a changed person now than b4 the start of the holidays. lets hope my strength can carry me thru studying and mid years and till the end of the year.

now.. i'm gonna zzzzzzzz

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

ok. last post b4 i go camp. random post.

EC and QB house should have the slogan: "is today your lucky day?" lol.

today i was partially lucky.. but i think my hair wun survive hair check when sch reopens.

the MI is 200 words to completion, but i'm vomiting blood already. this isnt an essay where u can just talk nonsense and expect to score like TOK.

leaving my guitar behind in singapore for the trip.. 3 days with no guitar. 4 if i'm too tired on sat. haha. but i think its better to focus on the camp at hand and not let distractions get in the way.

mx and yingda both got the posts of SC and SL. skilded. lol. congrats.

yeap thats all the random stuff for now.. gonna let Jupiter play so that the theme will ring in my dreams.. lolol.


Monday, June 05, 2006

so much to say, yet so little time.

i really really really wish we cud go back to the days in sec sch, where it was still all guys and so much simpler (both in terms of friendships and academic competition.. lol). anyways, great to hear from mx and yingda again.. and acjc is such a scandalous place. haiyoh. even the band conductor takes part. lol. makes me feel thankful im in acsi where its not so bad.. i guess haha. the days when we studied together in the same class.. or in the same mep class.. i'll miss those days haha. yup anyways we are still in the same acs body of schs so the culture wun be that different.. well, take care mx and yingda. enjoy ur band life!!

gonna start to prepare for church camp tonight and tml.. got lots and lots of stuff to do!! yeap. kk cya.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

here to blog again.. a few more posts b4 i leave for malaysia. leaving on 7th, coming back on 10th.

tml going out with yingda, mx, fattz. lol changed meeting time twice.. cos of chamber. haha. but nvm, we will met up anyway. just to talk.

but b4 that in the morning i hope to do a bit of MI media script for music. lol now for all of thaT segment.. compo, performance, MI, i feel rather rebellious. or defiant, in a strange way. maybe i shud just conform to something he gives us for once. then if we dun get 7 points.. lol. nah. i shall do the MI just the way he wants it.

made quite gd progress on 2nd compo.. the baroque style guitar concerto is coming on rather well.. albeit a bit short. its going to be around 5 minutes in total i think.. such a short concerto. maybe i shud lengthen the 1st mvt. but i'm totally broke on ideas for the last mvt.. my mind is a blank haha. shall continue that at a later date. stayed up on friday night (or rather sat morning) until 3, 4+ to do. phew.

slowly by slowly i'm being converted to classical music. its really changing me as a person..its different from pop music as there is a deeper meaning as the harmonic language without lyrics i feel is more ambigious and open to interpretation. the onli terrible thing i've heard so far was a lobos brasileria (how to spell?) which involved 8 cellos and a soprano. MAN. lol. other than that everything is really interesting. so far. haha.

well the only 4 real holidays are coming soon. then can really leave everything behind.. thoughts of sch, homework, not even going to bring my guitar. haha.

k then cya.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

well i have never blogged 3 times in a day b4..

so for the record, heres the third post. cos i got something i want to blog about haha.

began work on compo 2 after finishing compo 1!! haha. spent lots of time reading up b4 i started.. even took a jog to think about the opening motif.

came back happily and keyed in the motif i thought of. managed to expand it to 16 bars and i was so happy until the final cadence. that was when i discovered that my bar-long motif had broken one of the unspoken rules: that the first note of the bar must not be the last note of the bar.

frustrated, i deleted the whole thing.

tml gotta go to sch for mock iop. dun really noe how to do an iop. just whack lah. i hope the class doesnt last too long.

ahhhh yes.

i've finished one piece of holiday homework, after much agony. mann i think in the time i took to correct my first composition for music i think i cud have written half of my second one already. why do scores need to have dynamics, phrasing, and all that nonsense? why cant all scores be like guitar scores.. which onli have fingerings and 'barre' numbers (lol) and leave it up to u for ur own interpretation...

but then again its not what u want to write or say but what others want to see or hear. i hope my score is a lot prettier now.

nxt time when i go out into the world i will compose the way i want. hmph.

phew my fingers are pooped. even if u space practice out like 1h in the morning and 1h in the evening.. maybe it doesnt really work haha. ive been trying that for the past 3 days and mannn.. today i cant even type properly anymore. haha. its time to give my fingers a break and do some mock iop for tml or some music HL homework.

haha. cya.