Wednesday, October 06, 2004

sitting at buona vista mrt station bus stop waiting for 92 on the way home. i see a japanese business woman coming down from mrt station and sitting at a seat. wearing business blouse (haha if such a word exists) and cleanly ironed pants, wif black high heels. looks like some high class person, i thot.

then she takes out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter and starts smoking.

today's mood: melancholic (for lit ignorant pple: veryyyy sad)

haix. a maths. words cant describe how sad i am. no time, and no formulas in my head. ZQ's worst nightmare actually came true... see the paper dunno anything.. estimate out of 80 minus like.. 30+++.

life is so... how to say... HAIX. unpredictable.. like the woman at the bus stop.

well.. my trump subjects are all over.. mep, langarts, c maths, chem, and physics. these are my hopeful A1 subjects. were my hopeful A1 subjects. but every single one of them came wif that hint of qns that i jus cant do... sighzzz

well this yr 1st position in class is going to moley... congrats... u earned it: u maintained ur consistent work until now, and ur 2 maths are exempelary. nt to mention the 2 sciences as well. well done ming xuan.


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