Friday, October 22, 2004

okay. how bout hearing bout my today.

IB colloqium 3 was roadkill. *SNORE. it's jus basically a scene where they stuff 6 pple on stage and ask them to speak on the topic of 'man and his world', wif 2 moderators wif the same name, 1 teacher, 1 student. more like, 'the moron and his world'. haha.

after today's chinese karaoke contest in sch, i think sg'reans are far better off singing chinese songs than trying to look cool on an idol show. but i think u wud agree tt 99% of s'poreans cant sing for nuts.

already exhausted from the morning at sch, guitar practice. playing on the 12 - 15 fret of a normal classical veri tiring... stretch here stretch there. yah. tts guitar for u.

haha.. then after guitar went for my church's 40 anniversary dinner. quite fun.. this was the first time i sat wif a grp of youth at a table. whole time cannot eat properly cos we were laffing so much. lolz. but it was quite fun. so happened tt it was ronald's and jon goh's bday tonite, or shud i say ronald's bday was celebrated in advance or smth, but jon goh's was realli today. (wif proof of I/C) hahaha.

the dinner actually ended quite early @ 9:30. budden we started taking retard photos outside the restaurant (which i have absolutely no skill in doing.. lolz) but it was fun anyway. these sorta stuff.. it can be studied, but it comes down to nothing when u put urself against a real photogenic person. yeah.

haha.. tts all for tonite.. i jus thot i blog smth if nt u all come and say i nvr update.. yeah.. so here it is(was).


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