Friday, August 26, 2005

woah i tell u todays performance was by far the WEIRDEST performance ever.

ok heres the deal. we report at 2:30, leave late at 3:45, and arrive at plmgps right on time for our sound check at 4:20. we receive a preview of ms ng's funny conducting skills (she never conducted us playing such a funky piece before). we were playing for some methodist teachers dinner. if u think abt it.. its quite WASTE TIME when u go there and play a four minute song.. but u are there for 6h. and i tell u the weather was so hot.. first time i was playing and sweating.

okay the performance in my opinion was realli screwed up.. cos we cudnt hear each other that well (the dinner was held in a converted carpark), we did not have our real conductor, and there was no mike for my solo. lol. but the funny thing was that the teachers were super high.. we walked on stage and our two deputy principals starting waving to us, and the ac teachers were cheering like mad.. like lol. then halfway thru performance my solo starting that time the ac teachers started cheering again.. and i sorta slipped hahah. if they dint cheer at least the table in front of me would have heard me play. then when we went 'hur!' they cheered again. like.. LOL.

yeap anyway today also announced the next year committee and have a briefing. the whole thing was supposed to end at wad.. 9+ but i left sch at 11. nvr trust the stated ending times.

ok enuf from me. goodbye.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

this is wad i think of a maths.



Thursday, August 18, 2005

ac won C div rugby 16-12. yay.

hahah and i did a super RETARDED thing after the match.. i was planning to go to my guit teacher's hse from yio chu kang stadium cos ang moh kio is one station on the right of yio chu kang. i went up the escalator leading to the mrt platform.. then i heard one train jus stopping, so i got on. and guess wad.. wei han and timmy hu were going towards jurong east got on.. and i was like.. wait.... where are u all going?

and then i realised. i was going in the wrong direction. supposed to go towards marina bay. -.-

today i learned quite a number of valuable lessons. 1) CHECK wad direction u r going.. dun anyhow jus jump on a train 2) yio chu kang and khatib stations are like.. 10 mins apart 3) theres some interesting train that goes towards marina bay but terminates at ang moh kio mrt.. i got on one when i alighted at khatib (feeling like a loser).

yeap.. guitar lesson lasted for 50 mins onli.. hahha my teacher had quite a packed schedule. and i think my learning curve is finally starting to INCREASE!! hahah.. crash coursing that concerto aranjuez i played for the concert realli helped me to wake up my ideas. yeap.. and i hope the reality sets in soon that im now a grade 7/8 guitarist.. no more that (slack) grade 6 guitarist... altho i still like to play my pop songs.

okay i gtg now.. cya.

Monday, August 15, 2005

okay okay i shall break the silence of this blog.

yup anyways i have not been blogging lately cos.. there is nothing to blog abt, unless u want to hear abt wad we do in sch everyday, which u shudnt cos ur wif me in sch everyday anyway, and all the assignments done and undone.. cos it causes demoralisation both ways.

a series of events has happened in my life lately that has completely turned it around. i cannot disclose it cause 1) its too complicated 2) so u wun understand 3) i need to protect myself, if u noe wad i mean.

i have been asking myself a lot of qns lately. and not all the qns i have answers to. sometimes 'What Would Jesus Do?' doesnt apply.. simply cos Jesus cant be in our shoes? i dunno. during this period, i wished i dint noe so much, and also wished that i lived the life of a 'normal' 16 year old.. like ming xuan or zi qiang.. so focused on studies and cca.. and com games. life is so simple eh? but im not that type of person.

being in an all boys school is so simple.. jus everyday go to sch, complain abt everything under the sun, come to exams mug, come to recess slack, and sometimes slack the rest of the day away. hahah i think im going to miss these days.. onli got a few more months left b4 girls come in nxt yr.. and then everything will turn veri complicated.

anyway, thank God for all of u, my classmates from acs.. i admittedly talk the most cock wif u all. doesnt matter if u dun understand wad im saying now.. thx for reading this dying blog anyways.

muhahah.. i finished ihs on saturday.. way ahead of u all last minute rushing pple. ^^

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

and this short flick of national day holidays is ending once again..

well i think i did get a lot of the rest i needed.. evidence is that im feeling bored hahah.. or maybe its just the reluctance to do work. ive been alternating btwn the com and tv for the whole day today.. after i nearly killed both my fingers and my brain in the morning by trying to just read a diploma piece from beginning to the end. i learned nuts lol. ihs stands at 500+ words onli.. and it doesnt realli help when theres no solid info on ur topic. and that ur mentor doesnt realli care.

i've been toying around with the harmonica i bought on saturday and now i sorta noe abt everything that is possible with it.. which isnt a lot. do u noe that a particular note on the harmonica can be bent an entire tone? the onli note i can bend is the E on the first hole.. and that one bends like.. by default. u cant produce an in-tune E. yeah so my theory is 1) the harmonica i bought sux becos it costs $10 2) the harmonica i bought sux cos its made in china 3) the harmonica i bought sux becos it cant bend notes 4) i jus suck.

hahah anyway there isnt much u can play on a harmonica that only has the scale of d major (with some notes missing).. i can play mary had lamb and twinkle star.. as well as a bit of four seasons by vivaldi. i almost killed myself trying to play kanon in D jus now lolol. maybe its time to get a chromatic harmonica.

but one things for sure now.. need to go add more words to that aessay.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

yay i bought my harmonica!! today was quite an interesting outing indeed.

left house at 11+ for ps first. went there to buy some stuff.. then i went to peace centre which is just after paradiz.. but i lazy to walk so i decided to take a bus.. ended up the 106 went the wrong way.. so i had to walk from bras basah road there -.- never trust ur street directory entirely mann. especially if its a 2003 edition. anyways, went to renner music at peace centre.. their internet website is realli outdated.. the most expensive guitar they had there was like 800+ onli. their website got some 5, 6k plus guitars. their whole shop quite run down. i wanted to buy a Marine Band harmonica.. supposed to be veri high quality but they were OUT OF STOCK (as u can see their website is reall outdated) so i reluctantly settled to buy a $10 china made victory harmonica. hmm maybe u want some info on harmonicas.

how u make sound on it is basically u blow through got one sound. u blow out got another. and i have yet to figure out the rest lol like how to play a scale properly. there are 2 types of harmonicas.. chromatic (all notes) and diatonic (notes of a major scale onli). i bought a diatonic harmonica in the key of D (they dint have the G i wanted........ cannot play qing tian -.-) yeah so now im fiddling arnd wif it. its quite remarkable.. the sound is quite nice.. especially to someone like me hu nvr seen or touched one b4.

aft tt went to guitar gallery and tried a 6.5k guitar.. some manuel rodriguez 100th anniversary thingy. most ex guitar i have touched in my life. i played an E major chord and the G# had a buzzing sound -.-'''' i think it costs that much onli cos its craftmanship is nice and has a nice long name. i still like my 1.7k guitar's tone better.

yeah quite a fun day. later im going for band nite. better be gd :)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

woohoo!! today was a fun day.

today started out kinda cold.. the rain and all. had that australian maths thingy then aft tt a 20min free period.. then a physics prac which i cudnt do cos i din come on monday. had chem test which i was quite confident abt. then we were supposed to go to macritchie reservior for cross country meet.

but then an announcement came over the PA system and said that it was postponed due to the rain!!!

so today was a short day ending at 12:00!!!

hahahah.. so i came home and slept from 1:30 - 3:15. lol i feel veri pig now. whole aftnoon dint do much either. but im quite happy wif slacking today.. still recovering from that bogus LA(B) project chionging FOR NOTHING on tuesday nite. thiru dint even ask us to present ytd lor.

yeap.. tts abt it for now. today is going to be another short day ^^ cos im not involved in ndp and theres no guitar. muha. slacking rox. most of the time.