Thursday, October 14, 2004

today's mood: happy

lala.. sorry chris cheong.. sorry i got the name of the president of chamber orchestra wrong.. haha.

errmmm.. sch is sooo boring lol. nvm tml can go sch and play guitar. oh yeah... today had a leadership tok by tan see keng. tt thing is fun for a while larh.. but i think it's also self fulfilling prophecy... y wud u let somebody tell u how ur character is like.. u jus be urself lah!!!

today's topic of discussion is pple.

was toking to brendan last nite. we know each other so well tt all u see us do in sch is whack each other and suan each other.. lol. when ur observing pples character.. there is always something dominant abt a person. for some pple its smth tt they do. (like pple hu play guitar). quite a lot of pple are liddat. but other pple are known for their character. the reason u see 'everytime i try to fly' nxt to brendan's link instead of 'bagpipe sgt' or '2.6 chairman 2003' is cos brendan's character is wad we all remember. yeah? haha. jus brendan.

blogs are oso a reflection of pples character. brendan says he jus wants to be normal. tts y his blog is crying out for neglect. (and of cos guitarists write nonsense in their blog abt guitar such tt other pple cant understand a thing).

but wad happens when u take my guitar away?

wad character do u see?

i ans tml.. now leave u hanging hehe.


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