Saturday, July 31, 2004

my new guitar

Today's mood: HAPPY^10

YAY!!! today finally got a new guitar. Antonio Sanchez N 1030. Ebony fingerboard, gold plated machine heads. Solid cedar or spuce top, solid rosewood back and sides, glossy polyurethane finish. Price? so wad if itz 8 times of the price of the guitar i had before... itz tone and resonance is 10 times as good!! haha *smiles*

Of course, i wont be bringing it out of the house so soon... scared knock here knock there... i will still be keeping it at home except if i want to use it for exams. LOL u shud have heard my mom scream when she heard the price. anyways i cant thank my dad enuf. when i go shopping wif him, anything is possible. first 2 guitars i tried i nt realli satisfied. 3rd also nt realli. by then the price is like... 1300 already. then along came this one. it sort of combines the resonance of the 3rd one with the nice tone of the 2nd one. haha i thought my father for sure wouldnt buy it, but once he saw my face he knew i liked it. amazing. Thanx dad!!!

tonite i gonna watch da band concert featuring yingda, moli and jerel. hope its gd. dunno hu to go with... brendan dint wanna come. oh wellz that leaves yofattz. gd luck to me. gdbye for now. tml's church and i hope i finish some work by today, if nt tml will be a busy day... haha. cya guys!!!

Friday, July 30, 2004

Today's mood: HaPpY

yay my whole week has been quite gd... been slacking in terms of homework over the past 2 days.  realli need to catch up... got essay on science, pod essay, tingxie [again].  today got guitar, jus came bak.  feeling happy.  now looking for new pop guitar scores.  the accidentally in love score is nt bad... quite accurate.  i wanna learn. 

*sighz* tml.  when i thot i could wake up early, pat soo decides to conduct makeup lessons.  at 8am.  anyways i've become quite satisfied with my life now.  enjoying school and stuff.  i think itz time that i moved on to another level in terms of spiritual level, behaviour, relationships, and of course guitar playing.  most importantly spiritual level.  many of us are guilty of hearing thwe Word, discussing it, thinking abt it, but nt putting it into practice.  i realli need to do that now. 

Where i've typed up to now... i jus now pressed ctrl+z then half the paragraph disappeared instead of correcting a 1 word error.  [lol] theres no button for redo on this blog thing.  anyways, cya guys and God Bless all of u!!! have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Today's mood: happy

ergh jus got the com... 10 already!! dunno y but on thurs my schedule is totally pushed later becos of 2 tuitions until 8.  dunno y but my mom decides to play virtual cards until jus now.  ok down to my pod essay. 

Today was an average day.  thats if u add up all the +ve and -ve intense moments.  day started average until dharma totally turned my mood down with one of her 'synergy' talks.  i mean like... do u have to waste an entire period talking to us abt being supportive of ur class frens? i mean like... the debate pple told me they also nt realli lookin forward to the debate [right?]  i mean like.. i bet our class is nt so bad lah.  if all the teachers are saying that we are weird that makes us a cute class rite... anyway we are the mugging type.  look at our subjects: physics, chem, a maths, geog, mep... anyway, even after wad i discussed wif brendan abt wad we are doing now in sch is wad any of us wud have ever wanted, after that period i said: i hate school. 

After recess and double [snore] physics, ironically we had a mini debate in class.  cant remember the topic, but it was FuN.  hu says we have no class synergy.  everybody was contributing enthusiastically.  TAKE THAT DHARMA. 

Fine let dharma drag her feet into our class tml.  but dun let her destroy our 3.15's special class spirit.  ~

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Today's mood: actually i think i've been in quite a gd mood during the past few days, jus that i felt phyisically tired (today too)

YAY today no maths investigation to haunt me.  therefore, this habit of sleeping at 11:30 at night MUST go.  I think it wud be wrong to call any school day an 'average' day.  God made us to enjoy every day of our lives altho we dun realli feel that way. 

Today was an average day.  normal dreamy lessons.  Actually i look at my timetable, and anything that isnt a free period or ihs is a burden.  if onli i was a royal character of the medieval period... stay at home whole day jus to learn the art of playing guitar... dream on chen yi. 

today during mep was sitting next to yingda (finally).  for those of u hu dun noe him, he was my best fren last year.  he hasnt changed much, in a dreamy mood during the whole lesson.  i onli have some 'dreamy lapses', where i miss a few words when i am distracted.  yingda is basically semi-distracted during the whole lesson... LOL some small but impt details also cannot remember. 

actually, come to think of it, staying at home to play guitar the whole day is quite a sad job.  rather come to school where there are frens.  nt forgetting church.  but somehow, it seems slightly more difficult to talk to and communicate with church frens during school term.  maybe its the lack of stuff to talk abt.  i nt a soccer fan so that eliminates a big portion of stuff i can talk abt.  how's school gives u 1 word answers.  hope i find a way to change it... chao for now~

Brendan's advice of the day: sleeping early improves ur complexion.  sleep early. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Today's mood: sleepy and cranky

YES! i finished that core maths investigation!!! i am free!!!!!!!!

these few nights have been sleepless.  i better go to bed soon, before i get a nervous breakdown.  anyways, guitar practice pace is picking up and i dun wanna stop it, even at the expense of schoolwork :P  i think the period of time where i will have the most amount of time to practice will be during the exam period.  thats when i need stress relieve the most so i tend to practice more.  then also will have more time. 

*Yawn* cya guyz!!

Monday, July 26, 2004

Guitar politics

Today's mood: exhausted from studying chinese [taking a break now]

Well, the results are out.  Congratulations to our new President Lim Jun Jie, Vice president Timothy Chan and Concert Master Edwin Teo.  Good luck leading the ensemble to the SYF next year. 

bleah theres so much homework.  i jus wanna slo down and think abt stuff.  still got 1 more chapter of chinese to study and another whole pile of homework to complete.  but jus now i was playing guitar.  finally learned a bit of a new piece since ages.  the prob is that an object in motion stays in motion until another opposing force stops it.  in other words i'm mildly addicted.  jus wanna practice more.  i think itz time to change music.  time to edit blogskin!! bye for now~

Sunday, July 25, 2004

One Thing

Today's mood: mixed up

What a day.  lets start in chronological order.  POD essay time
I attended 8am worship today.  Sermon was nice and to the point.  our faith can be based on One Thing alone: Jesus Christ is the Son of God and he died on the cross for our sins so that we may have eternal life. 

11am.  teaching Timothy class consisting of P4 - 6 guys.  absolutely not an easy batch.  that is the age where ur neither in the teenage clothes section or the childrens clothes section.  but thats beside the point.  HAIX.  heres the story in a nutshell: i was supposed to teach resourcefulness from that character building series pt 2 but i think it isnt realli relevant to that age grp.  basically i thot of the activity where u are supposed to use straws to build as tall a tower as possible.  it works wif youth, but wif these pple, it becomes a massive cheating, tantrum throwing, ripping down other pples towers session.  In church.  haix...  they are so difficult to control.  anyways wad i did was, after calming everybody down, i taught them a lesson abt sportsmanship and fair play.  On several occasions, the teacher for MEP always awards me extra marks that i shouldnt get.  Every time i gave them back, cos i dun feel gd if i keep those marks as i am nt being fair to my frens, and u dun get a sense of satisfaction.  similarly wif the tower building.  cant remember wad else i said, but i think after they settled down they became a more mature grp of pple :) hope it lasts.  They still have much to learn like me back when i was in primary school. 

Another thing abt me is that i think my character has improves so well that i cant find a tone of voice to scold pple lol.  thats y i had probs controlling them haha. 

haix.  now i am in a mood where i dun have any specific purpose in my life.  itz that type of time where u cannot do work until ur brain reshuffles itself and puts itself back in order.  sometimes i use days of my life to benchmark my targets, like last 2 day's kaleidoscope concert.  i use that target to work myself and set my focus.  but now that that is over, i need to search for a new one.  maybe national day hols... haha.  i always look forward to hols.  thats when i have the most freedom, and also thats when my frens also have the most freedom and we can go bak to doing stuff together.  even now on msn got nth much to tok abt... jus hi here hi there... hows sch blahblah.  when we come to church, we jus wanna catch up wif our own clique of frens, and are nt adventurous enuf to sit and talk wif other pple we are nt familiar wif.  thats why i like hols :P

oh wellz... [haha i always go "oh wellz..."] i think i could be adding one more entry to my blog today cos the day is nt completely over.  anyways i hope everybody will have a great wk ahead!! gd luck to ACSi concert band for sat.  BYEZ!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Today's mood: neutral, then pissed, then excited

saturday morning.  woke up at 10 lol.  later must go UYO awards presentation rehearsal at 12.  brendan says it wud end at 4 and might drag.  sigh.  i need to report to guitar at 5.  perform again.  thats y i am going to be pissed, then excited. 

last nights performance... jus weird i guess.  after first song, conductor walk out... then light bulb explode.  haha.... dint fail to destroy my nervous mood tho.  messed  up the rhythm for my 10s solo... but everybody is telling me its ok cos theres no rhythm involved cos itz rubato [freedom of time] haha.  sorry musically ignorant pple -.-

oh wellz... dreading the uyo rehearsal... leaving soon.  cya guys!!!

Friday, July 23, 2004

Today's mood: excited

gonna leave for guitar soon... be back onli tonite.  i dunno why but i always have this excessively excited mood b4 concerts. 

Friday.  boring day? hmmm... short? yes. 
ok maybe POD and IHS were boring, and i seriously think thiru has an extreme lack of patience.  Well that's summing up 2dae's subjects in one sentence.. haha

2dae chia bee teck also came to tok to us.  dunno how to describe... this wasnt any ordinary scolding.  drained a lot of my energy to pay attention.  oh wellz... i think i better nt spread too much of wad happened, but she mentioned James 3 abt the tongue.  now itz mentioned in school liao.  we shud try to control our language. 

Oh wellz... my nail polish is still holding my nail together... lol jus that now the tone of my index finger is super funny.  too short liao.  wish me luck guyz!!! have a great wkend!!!~

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Today's mood: CRANKY

ARRRRRGH.  Super pissed now.  jus finished a language arts assignment.  analysing J. F. Kennedy's inaugural speech.  can i scream again? AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH

much better.  tml's kaleidoscope liao... dunno why but i still nt feeling any anxiety.  oh btw i chipped a nail 2dae... nt the first time it happened, my index nail is naturally weak.  BUT WHY B4 CONCERT?!?? haha.  anyway i jus filed it down a bit and 'glued' it up wif some nail polish.  hope it holds :P

Oh wellz... thats all for today i guess... hey yall like my new blogskin? i seriously want to change the light blue background, but i'm no com expert, jus took some com studies course in sec 1, nvr thot it wud be of use now haha.  wish me luck for tml!!! chao guys!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

today's mood: a bit cranky after a nap

mind suddenly blank.  maybe its the blank nature of this screen.  well... guitar concert is 2 days away... like i'm practising -.-  whole time go there onli sight read, give a few instructions and spend 1h on break.  i think ACSGE needs a challenge.  our pieces are either too spastically easy or too slow (or both).  nxt yrs SYF... must change variety of pieces. 

BLAH mind still blank~

Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Today's mood: down then happy then slightly pissed. 
Today in school was BORRRRRING.  Turns out i wasnt the onli one wif a brain on sight reading mode... nt many other pple bothered to learn tingxie properly.  right.  double LA(B), double chinese, recess, double a maths, double ihs.  then more trigo in c maths.  [snore]
guitar class in aft... 1 month and no new pieces learned.  terrible.  now Mr Choo tells me i have a competitor... a sec 1 guy hu learned 3 grade 4 pieces in 1 wk.  :'(  On the long bus ride home, i was thinking abt my life -.- anyways... i was wondering if i was juggling my life properly.  was this the life i always wanted to live? wad are the balls i'm realli juggling now? my sanity is still one of them phew... guitar? going down :(  studies? i think it is still in the air cos it's taking up so much time, but itz as gd as on the pavement.  spiritual life?
haix.  but then Irvin called to ask if i could make it for a care team meeting.  liddat i happy liao.  so glad this stuff is starting again.  hehe i so easy happy in these ways.  jus a 2 minute call. 
Pissed off? i wish i had 2 coms so that i dint have to battle my way into my blog account.  :P

Monday, July 19, 2004

Today's mood: ZzZzZ...
blah.... monday again....
jus slept from 6:45 to 8:20, feeling lethargic.  My brain is on sight reading mode, the perfect mode for playing guitar.  not exhasuting ur memory space all on 2 chapters of chinese words for tingxie.  i wish there was a way to expand my brain memory... like some instant delete button or smth... liddat easier to learn stuff haha. 
wah tonite got so many people from church online!!! altho i neva tok i still feel like gt pple around me :P [mood sudden change to HAPPY]~

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Yay end of week 3... 7 more weeks to hols and 10 more weeks to exams.  -.- 
Reality of school has finally set in to the max.  Nowadays i seldom see more than 6 people online from church, and we dun go out as much :(  This week is really gonna be the busiest week of the term so far.  Kaleidoscope concert is on Friday and Saturday... small group piece i nt done and i'm still messing up my pieces boohoo.  I'm also supposed to teach Bible class next week.  I hope i can still make it. 
Today's church lessons:  can't realli remember anything... i hope i am nt drawing away from God.  There were a lot of definitions in the lessons today.  Nicholas lesson as well as the sermon by Uncle Lee Hock (oh btw uncle is nt a biblical term... jus chinese way of respect... haha).  During BROTHER Lee Hock's sermon, me and Irvin were laming each other [hehe].  One of the emphasised points was
"Do not fret"...
as in do not worry or fear.  HAHA but i think u noe wad i was thinking.... so in guitar terms, that means Barring ur frets... LOLZ -.-  But even so, the rest of the lesson was abt worrying.  Heres wad i remember: onli 8% of wad we worry abt is stuff that is real.  the rest is spent on stuff that wouldnt happen, or already happened.  So we shud give that 8% of worrying into Jesus' hands for him to help us with it. 
Another thing i remember is the signs of weariness... As the first 3 points clicked out on the powerpoint slide, it started illustrating more and more the signs of SCHOOL... hahaz.  Finally, Matthew 11:28. 
blah.... now doing language arts reflections... realli dunno wad to write.  honestly i learned nth abt shakespeare but how to put it down?? oh wellz... waiting for brendan to come online, but he prob wont... 8:45 liao.  nvm if he come online maybe i might update again.  If not, i hope that God will bless everybody's week!

Saturday, July 17, 2004

7 days and 7 nights of thunder....

Today's mood: still HAPPY
Saturday.  had st johns and guitar 2dae.  st johns was boring wif dismal numbers.  Guitar.... interview at 11am for com post... woah.  ultimate intimidation.  if even jun jie came out of it super pissed i dunno wad ms ng was doing.  12:30 combined rehearsal with choir and chamber... super funny haha.   violinist kayu and we are seated rite in front of the blasting choir... going deaf haha.  Hope my current happy mood can bring cheer to pple in church tml!~

Friday, July 16, 2004

Today's mood: HAPPY (finally)
Yay! today school rocked... 4 free periods... woohoo!!! 2 ihs, 1 philosophy, and 1 language arts. that means i jus came to school for chinese, pe, and advanced maths. lol. During free periods we had jamming session... super fun haha. havent felt this way wif my sch frens b4. nice feeling.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

My eyes are dry...

Today's mood: i dun wanna be depressed anymore, so... HAPPY

Lolx i jus stole the com from my sis by standing intimidatingly behind her for 2 mins... HAHA

Was super depressed today... heres the story:
this morning was super depressed... carried on from last nite. i'm sure all of u have met somebody in ur life hu tries to cheer people up by poking fun... on the receiving end itz as gd as pissing u off. today was one of those days. On the bus, theres this bus driver hu has been around for quite long... he greets every single person hu comes on the bus. Everytime. Was thinking abt it... how can somebody be in such a positive mood... doesnt he get rejected? I have my shares of rejections... since i am seldom in a gd mood, there are pple out there jus waiting to destroy it. But it thot y dun give happiness another chance, so tonite i happy. [lol i got such exaggerated mood swings... like romantic style music... Extreme and change frequently... lol]

2nd thing... WAD exactly is the use of a blog?!!?? itz like a scary cross btwn a diary, a personal webpage and an advertisement of ur popularity, in my opinion. wad exactly is its use? it is nt a diary cos i find that i cannot tell 100% of my problems to Mr. Blog because Mr. Blog blabs out all ur secrets to the world through one of the easiest ways, the internet. Therefore even Brendan noes more than my blog. Doesnt that make blog jus a tool to gain popularity? smth to think abt :P

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

wednesday nite...

today's mood: depressed, dunno why

oral's done... no harm
PE was fun... played hockey scored a goal yay *fake idiotic smile*

Life has ups and downs... but suddenly got this bout of depression... this is the sort that when u talk to pple on msn wad they say doesnt seem funny, and the happy music by The Corrs seems to be funeral music. maybe i'm jus tired. hopes this wears off soon...

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Last yrs class

One thing abt my current life so far.. me and brendan have been discussing a lot of stuff over msn. Lets try to summarise wad we toked abt...
1. when ur closer to ur frens God seems to be further away... When ur frens dump u, i feel that God wants you to search for Him.
2. People hu are involved in sports are usually more respected as leaders... is that realli true??
3. ignorance of bus drivers and transportation irritation... how do u react

For all of u hu dun noe brendan... hes my realli gd fren from acs, same class 2 yrs, became especially close to me this yr. So close that we hold a philosophy debate on msn every nite!!! [haha]

X ray

Today's mood: above average

I think wad david said is true... my postings would get shorter and shorter due to lack of time (and interest). 2dae nth much happened... went to SGH to do Xray of my back cos i have Scholiosis [dunno how to spell](curvature of the spine)... if u wanna noe how they do it, they jus make u press against a board, hold ur breath and click its done. So much for $14. after i went back to show the Xray pic to the doctor doctor say situation veri mild dun need to worry -.-

Tml oral... dunno how to study. quite scared... dunno wad will come out. onli thing i confident to say is my name and index no. [lolx]

Monday, July 12, 2004

Day 2 lala~

Today's mood: Exhausted after learning ting xie [haix like i'll remember anything]
Today's problems:

Morning assembly at chapel. Speaker was good, but i feel that he didnt realli have the ability to relate to our age. Everybody i asked if they understood his lesson told me no. I think he used too many Biblical principles without explaining how to apply them to our daily life.
Sometimes i feel that teenagers in Singapore have different needs from teenagers overseas. Went to a Christian bkstore yesterday... couldnt find some realli realli relevant devotion books. Either they sound too ang moh slangish, or they contain jokes that insult ur intelligence. i probably can learn more from toking to friends.

AFtn guitar lesson. realised how difficult it is to juggle my life. 3rd week i told Mr Choo i had no time to practice liao. But its true!!! altho mondays i'm free, tuesday i have guitar class (my actual day this wk special), wed = mep, thurs = tuition x2, friday = guitar ensemble, sat = CCa until 3++. Sunday church. That leaves monday. currently my homework is in check, church is in check, ensemble pieces are in check. going down the drain is chinese [has always been this way :P], guitar practice :O, Grade 6 theory homework. Life in singapore realli nt easy.

lala mental bloc liao~~ tml continue writing... gd nite blog!!

Sunday, July 11, 2004

My first try at a blog

My purpose of creating this blog is so that people can understand my problems and see how i communicate and solve many of my life's difficulties. [wah i sound so mechanical]

Today's mood: neutral
Today's problem:
Over the june hols i realli got veri close to my church friends, so much that some of my frens even got angry with me when i couldnt show up for project work meetings. [hehe] I think wad Irvin mentioned abt spiritual highs during the hols and "lower levels" during the school terms is very true.

Sometimes i feel myself drifting away from my church friends. Even though most of the time there is somebody who i can tok to from church, i sometimes feel this lapse of time where nobody seems to talk to me. I am the sort of pple hu when got nobody to tok to will feel veri veri left out. Today's lesson by Uncle Cher Yam really spoke to me. God waits until the very end when you are in a state of panic before he steps in and 'saves you'. For example, Elijah waited until the river ran dry(as in absolutely dry) before God gave him the next instruction. God waited until the final moment when Job was stripped of everything he had before God stepped in again. When sometimes i feel that my church friends have absolutely given up on me, God 'gives them back' to me, and they never fail to comfort me [thanx guys!!!]

I experienced this sort of testing a number of times... the thursdays that homework seems so pressing and stressful to be handed up on fridays... i would jus break down and go to bed without touching it because it was so much. I felt like a very weak person for not being able to do the homework.
But heyhey the next day the teacher dint collect anything.

My point today is that God sometimes cuts off his connections with us for a period of time to test us and see if we give in. This teaches us patience and for us to trust in him no matter what happens :) [phew]