Tuesday, October 26, 2004

haha.. poor ZQ.. nxt yr our turn..

in school the number of pple there are diminishing. chess games are turning into suicide chess and murderer games last for 1 minute. speed killing.

today was a cold day. achoo. freezing on the bus ride to mr choo's hse and back. brrr. after today, i realised how true wad moli said abt a career in music being difficult to pursue. i havent been practising well for the past week or so... all my grade 6 pieces all cannot play properly.. oh no.. and yofattz jus passed his grade 7 piano prac.. leaving me in the dust. furthermore, pple hu go to music colleges usually can play piano. i cant. wow. my mind is onli focused on the chinese Os now, a little difficult to concentrate on guit, and let alone tt grade 6 theory exam on sat. my teacher is like.. "u have 3 hours, must think of how to plan ur time" i'm like.. yeah wadeva.. i'll jus do it as quickly as possible so tt i can go home and study chinese.

cant wait for these 6 days to end (argh.. 6 days, 20 more chaps, must finish at least 5 chaps a day!!!) yeah.. hmm.. now a thot has slipped into my mind whether to pursue something other than music at a higher level. well.. see how. i'll jus do my best now and place everythign else into God's hands.

k then, cya


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