Saturday, February 26, 2005

hihi. its time for an update.

its been a long time since i spent a saturday realli doing wad pple shud do on saturdays. sleeping. now i finally, after one week, declare that i am officially sick. i realli dunno lah. maybe its the heat. maybe its the work. wadeva.

heres an amazing song by Brian Mcfadden and Delta Goodrem - Almost Here. after i saw the guitar tabs, i decided tt it jus cant be played on guitar. it takes 2 masters to sing it. honestly i cudnt hear a guitar in the song.

Brian:Did I hear you right?
Cause I thought you said
Let's think it over
You have been my life
And I never planned
Growing old without you

Shadows bleeding through the light
Where the love once shined so bright
Came without a reason
Don't let go on us tonight
Love's not always black and white
Haven't I always loved you?

But when I need youYou're almost here
And I know that's not enough
And when I'm with you
I'm close to tears
'cause your only almost here

I would change the world
If I had a chance
Oh won't you let me
Treat me like a child
Throw your arms around me
Oh please protect me

Brian & Delta:
Bruised and battered by your words
Days are shattered, how it hurts
Brian:Oh, haven't I always loved you?

But when I need you
You're almost here
And I know that's not enough
And when I'm with you
I'm close to tears
'cause your only almost here

Brian & Delta:
Bruised and battered by your words
dazed and shattered, now it hurts
Brian:Haven't I always loved you?
Delta:But when I need you
You're almost here
Brian:Well I never knew how far behind I'd left you
Delta:And when I hold youYou're almost here
Brian:Well I'm sorry that I took our love for granted
Brian & Delta:And now I'm with youI'm close to tears
Brian:Cause I know I'm almost here
Brian & Delta:Only almost here

and the amusing thing abt this song is the video.. usually on mtv u jus see 1 version.. its abt brian arriving at an airport and searching for delta, and the 2 dun meet... until the end where brian catches up to delta and they get into a car and drive away. when i searched for the vid on the internet, there was a 'happy version' and a 'sad version', the sadversion titled Almost There.. lol. the happy version is the same as the one i saw on mtv.. but the sad one ends wif brian nvr finding delta and delta driving off without brian in the car... it realli changes the vid altogether man!! hahahaha.

nansense. cya.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

wah currently theres a lot of internal conflict within me, altho i noe wad i shud do.

1) parents: jus continue wif music outside of sch. dun waste 1 subject option.
2) LYS: if u intend to take music in uni, u shud take music in ib, cos econs u nvr learn b4.. ru sure u willing to take the risk?
3) NSC: a lvl music is nt required for entry into music uni.. jus audition can liao.
4) yd: take music larH.

if my guitar teacher were to comment, he wud also say no need. anyways, i predicted tt the 2 mep teachers wud have conflicting views... and i onli trust one of them anyways hahaha.


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

yay.. an early midweek breath of air from schwork. haha.. somehow it feels like the weekend already.. but its nt.

theres (almost) no homeowrk today, so im quite happy. today in school i was super cranky, was doing lots of stupid stuff like drawing the wrong information on the wrong axis for graphs, and spraying water all over the table during chem lab. somehow i found out tt when im cranky i tend to talk lots and lots of nonsense.. and so happened today was oral.. i think my crankiness was wad helped me to get thru the CHINESE oral 4 minutes of non stop speech wif no prompt cards allowed. heheh. funny thing was that chinese teacher's radio cudnt record audio stuff at all lolz. so we bought cassette tape for nth.

anyways, jus now went for piano class.. had my first piano lessonin a looooong time. tried to play mozart's sonata.. sounded like an ultra joke lah lol.. cant even make it past first 2 bars without making a booboo. was laffing inside myself non stop lol. but i felt slightly better after i heard my teacher play.. she oso cant sight read it perfectly!! hahahahaz.

yea.. tts all for today... hope i get well from my cold soon.

Monday, February 21, 2005

well its decided.. i wun take music in ib in sch, but i will still pursue guitar, theory and piano outside.

reasons are as follows..
1) if u wan to go overseas to a music uni to study, u need a scholarship. nt impossible, but real difficult.
2) its like wasting the 6th option... cos wad can u do wif HL maths, HL science and SL econs? wad university wud accept u... might as well take chem or smth.
3) if u wan to enrol into a course in a sg uni, i doubt they will look at ur HL music. maybe say wah. and tts all.
4) wad gd does mep do to u... teach u prokofiev life... and wad.. jus compo and perf.. its all can do outside one.

yea.. maybe reason no. 5 cud be tt we all cant stand the mep teachers... so chris cheong, get ready to have maybe a 3-man class in year 5. naha.

anyways... this is nt the end of my music 'career'... will still pursue music. i sound sad but i realise tt this is the onli way lah... knew it all along in my heart.. jus needed someone to tell it to me.... thank God for smart parents.

oh wellz.. off to do chinese speech...

Saturday, February 19, 2005

saturday morning. honestly, i dun realli noe wad the 5 day wk thing is for when teachers give u enuf hw to last u the WHOLE saturday.

chem: done in sch
chinese: wad does the qn mean?
a maths: i cant do a single qn in the ws
physics: same wif a maths, but my mom can help.. but shes nt at home now.
chinese oral: later lah.

wif everything added up... leaves nth done, but everything has actually been attempted. sigh. i wan to keep my sunday free from hw. wad shud i do.

pissed on a saturday morning.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

wow. its been a long time since i last hit this spot.

this week has been a mass rollercoaster. monday was still okay.. until chinese period on tuesday. this is the first time i scored lowest in class for test.. 40/100... i mean.. 48 wud have looked a bit nicer on the paper but i got 40 yah. honestly ar.. felt like crying. before tt i kept on saying tt i wanted to drop higher chinese.. budden inactual fact, i actually believed tt i was capable of doing higher chinese. but now.. hmm.

anyways, been spending the rest of the previous days making sure tt i dun run into anymore slip ups wif the chinese teacher.. this test is already a bad mark... other than the fact tt she saw me copying answers from the back of a wb right in front of her.. =P okay dun do tt.. 'ur only cheating urself' lol.

yeah.. 'remission' sorta came ytd nite.. my first nite tt i cud sleep well. my sight reading is actually visibly improving now!! yay. haha.. but i 'still cant get the scholarship at the rate ur playing now' says my guit teacher. wah.. my writing is goign all POD-ish.. i'm quoting pple!! hahahaha. too siao liao.

okays cya.. shall go watch AI now.

Friday, February 11, 2005

helloz everybody!! here to update again. wellz. its been quite an eventful chinese new year hol. first on tuesday wif jamming session and tuan yuan, then day1 wif visiting grandma and tuan yuan again, then day2, church visitations.

the day before day 1
i wan to buy a bass man!!! lol. timmy has inspired me... heheheheh. its within budget range too.. $180 is preetty affordable. maybe end of the year. no need to buy amp, can use my electric one. anyways, i oso must go and improve my piano skills.

chu yi
in the morning went to visit my grandma, then at night had tuan yuan fan wif mum's side.. its a big family hahaha. needs 2 10 seater tables at the restaurant to fit us. its realli fun.. cos can tok to my 2 crazy cuzzins.

chu er
welll... it wasnt realli visitations until the afternoon cos my father is hosting 1 of the locations for church visitations.. so jus stay at home and teach kids the saddist game LF2. heheh. in the afternoon went to someone's elses hse to play guitar again hahahaha. jamming wif my church pple is real fun.. cos i cant sing for nuts.. but their singing is realli realli pro.. so we make a great band. and my improvising is getting better too.. i actually sound in tune when i play top line improvised lines. fun.

chu san
hmm... teachers always tend to spoil our hols.. cos they think they are the onli one giving homework.. so give a bit more nvm rite.. how will it affect their holiday. if onli 6 teachers dint think like that at the same time. oh and they also think 14/2 valentines day on monday is a great deadline for hw. so there are like wad.. 3 deadlines on that day. today i spent the whole morning doing maths, then afternoon play piano, then do chem article. still got lots to go.. but i dowan to do liao lolz. i think i jus finish the chem concept map i happy liaoz.

kk.. cya.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

i think i owe my blog an update.

CNY is here. but i still sick... dunno lah. today was veri hot lah.

anyways heres wad we did today. or at least i did..

wake up in the morning after less than 6h of sleep to come to sch. jam in sch, then aft tt came my hse to jam. timmy's bass is veri nice to play larh. veri light.. colour oso nice :P if i start saving now maybe end of yr can buy... lolol.

aft tt play ping pong. my face has a magnet for stuff nt metal right in btwn my eyes. shant say any more. lolz.

aft tt ar.. wah. at clementi was super hot and humid lah. macs was too crowded.. so me timmy brendan went coffeeshop. so happens chinese new yr eve all the stores closed.. so left all the (spicy) malay stalls.. so we were like.. tongues dying lolz.

aft tt come home i too exhausted.. take nap. then tuan yuan, aft tt mass halo for almost 2h. oh and i got a kiltecular... 4 kills in 1... cos red team pple walking in 1 big grp of pple larh.. so retard.. so i drive my blue team hog right thru... and then i see my screen.. triple kill, kiltecular. LOLOL. if onli my volume were a bit louder. then could have heard the narrator guy.

yeah... anyway tts all... wishing everybody happy CNY.

Friday, February 04, 2005

finally.. 有机会 update liao.

wahh.. this week was siaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

first i fall sick on the day where there is mass hw, then aft tt, i have to stay up beyond 10:30 twice, trying to finish hw tt was due the next day, but actually wasnt larh. cos i forgot to bring physics, and there was extention for chinese project. walao. almost died kay.

anyways, tml, i can finally wake up late. tml, i can play guitar. tml, i can play piano.

now? i too tired to do anything.. jus talk to mark and maybe aft tt play halo.