Saturday, July 28, 2007

sleeping on a rainy saturday
afternoon for three hours really
wakes you
up :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

so its the love for music that really matters?..

come to think of it yes, if i were the best guitarist in the world and could play anything but hated what i was doing, that would suck.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

all the best to zeke who is leaving tml. cool to see someone who is finally living his dream, even though it may just be a small part of it. hope i'll get to live my dream in some way too.. let alone for a guitarist who has never participated in a real competition, never performed at the esplanade, and who spends his post-atcl days playing tommy emmanuel. lol.

after working for so long at my pokemon emerald, the rom i downloaded was fitted with a bug that made it crash right after the credits when my altaria trumped elite four champion wally. and it saved the crashed game how bout that. maybe its a sign i should be playing less pokemon.

and theres no econs tml -.- i spent like the whole weekend chionging those 2 outlines and DRQ WITHOUT my notes lah.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

masquerade -

Paper faces on parade

. . .Masquerade

Hide your face,

so the world will

never find you

Friday, July 06, 2007

the most insane exam ever finally over!! and with the most insane exam comes the most relieved feeling ever.

music was alright i guess but it seems nowadays nothing's alright until you actually get the papers back. the maths teachers also decided to be kind to us to give us an okay paper 2 today.

FINALLY watched transformers today with zeke, justin, fattz, weihan, oswald and timmy. the action sequences are really quite good i must say. really enjoyed the movie. and i like the heroic one-liners that optimus prime makes. haha.

but of course there are shortfalls.. one of them being the inadequate development of the transformers characters themselves. action sequences that keep switching to humans are quite distracting. those people who watched the original tv series probably find the movie deviating a bit from the original storyline. but overall, its one of the best movies i've watched ever.

yeap. now its slack time. for a while at least.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

i want to play in a steel band too!!

while researching a bit on caribbean music, i found this little animation thingy on how to play a steel pan. steel pan is the thing that characterizes caribbean music.. think little mermaid. you can watch it too.. here it is:

now now, that's no reason to go bashing up your mum's pots and pans to go make music.
physics was absolutely killer, and i do mean absolutely, even though the questions were all taken from past year papers. the hardest qns of the past year papers that is. ah well. its back to music 'revision' now. cya.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

physics HL has to be the bane of IB life, ceteris paribus.

our last youth day holiday ever will be spent studying. hooray.

well at least most of us get compensated next monday. haha.

this upcoming music exam will say a lot. thats cos i'll only start 'studying' for music the day before. because of the treachery of physics.

a bit of pokemon emerald to soothe the mind a while. teehee