Tuesday, November 30, 2004

well, tml is it. i'm leaving for my youth camp. havent packed yet lol.

funny thing.. tml is also sg idol final day.. so we will jus catch the results together as a youth grp (sorry brendan, i cant tell you wad sly's performance will be like.. haha) but i did get you something from poo-kay.

yeah... so i'll be seeing ya'll.. and maybe i'll start doing hol hw on 6 dec, monday, haha.

kk... thats all!! cyaz.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

i like quoting pples blogs.

today my victim shall be: .....

teoh yd: "heyy. sorry for the deadness in here."

i agree.. hols are jus so sian.. but fun too!! lolol. self contradictory.

this is the time in the hols that everybody is jus going overseas and going for camps and leaving an incomplete grp behind... so difficult to organise outings. so jus stay home and prac guitar.

but somehow these few days i've been quite bz.. attending a 2 day course on fri, sat.. and then today got 1 guitar performance at Bishan. had to lug that thing around in the rain. the performance was pretty ok.. but i wasnt used to the 'stage' sorta performance. 1)its freezing 2)the lights on stage too dim -.- 3)nervous 4) my teacher reversed the order of my 2 pieces, so i ended up playing a drop D piece first. when i tuned back i noticed the E string was a bit flat... lolol.

lalala.. wad else is there to talk abt =x

Friday, November 26, 2004

cheaters always win. testing.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

hello... here to brog again.. i wonder hu will be reading.. bren is away in NZ, fattz is at youth camp, so that leaves ermm... ZQ, yd, and mr pres of chamber. its ok its still a worthy audience. sorry i a bit lazy to post, but heres the report of my hol in phuket.

Day 1
morning went church, but my father tore his cornea so had to go see doctor. The doctor told him to go to A & E @ SGH.

the trip was cancelled.

i went to sleep and i remember feeling quite worried for him.

"Wake up! Wake up!"

"you've gotta be kidding."
apparently sleep seemed more impt to me than going on the trip at that time. the flight was at 4:45 and the doctor said it was ok for my father to go. i called taxi and we went to changi, then flew to phuket, thailand. flight TG 406

we met tony our guide and he brought us to our hotel, Club Andaman Beach Resort in Patong, Phuket. first nite so we dint noe wad to expect, so we walked around on the streets and got harrassed by pple trying to make us eat at their stalls. nt veri helpful considering my father's injury.

Day 2
buffet breakfast. oh yeah. aft that slacked arnd in the hotel then eat lunch, then left for the tour. my father couldnt come along cos his eye was hurting quite badly. awww

stop 1: elephant riding
a bit uncomfortable at first (both for ur butt and ur nose) but aft a while it became quite ok. 1/2h.

stop 2: shopping centre 1
stop 3: some sorta Jewelry museum
this is some giant museum where they keep lots of jewels, and u can also buy them. but ex larh. this is a stop for pricey souvenirs. NEXT.

stop 4: shopping centre 2
bought a pair of converse shoes for S$32. nt bad. also got some small stuff.

at nite had buffet dinner. wah its so GOOD lorh. almost everything was perfect lah. difficult to describe lah. ate like siao. hahahaha.

aft dinner went to pasar malam to blow the last 600 baht. its a pasar malam, and i dunno why the stuff there is so ex. and my mom and sis dunno how to bargain one lorh... haiyoh. *"shakes head* but i think there definitely was inflation in prices of (pirated) stuff. my sis bought a 'handmade' pencil case for S$4, bought a 'thai silk' bag for my grandma for S$9 (china can buy for four bucks) and a pair of medicine balls for S$8 o.O in chiangmai i bought my pair for four bucks. in china can buy 1 ball for like 50c.

Day 3
buffet breakfast. oh yeah. aft that slacked arnd in the hotel then left at 10:30 for airport. slack arnd airport (wah their service is ultra lag larh) then did some last minute snack shopping 15 minutes b4 boarding the plane, then left for sg.

3:30 arrive in sg. flight TG 405

4:30 reach home.

as u can see, i far prefer shopping to outdoor activities haha. but we also couldnt do too strenulous activities cos of my father's injuries, and the short journey.

yeah... 2.5 days wif no com, guitar, and pop music. the tv there also got like.. nothing. cartoon network doesnt work. mtv is in bahasa indo.

but other than taht quite ok larh. yeah. okz cya

Friday, November 19, 2004

Trinity College Examination Grade 6 Guitar 2004.

shall i estimate how much i get?
1. pieces. ok larh.. a few slip ups here and there.. but still ok. 50/60
2. scales. ok larh. the killer one was 2 octave g minor arpeggio in triplets. 11/15
3. sight reading. 4 sharps O.o well at least made it to the end. 6/10
4. Performance from memory. they edited the syllabus slightly, so that now u can play all 3 pieces from memory and they will divide the total number of mistakes by the number of pieces :PP 4/5
5. ear tests. say no more. 3/10 at the most.

est. total = 74/100

erm...... that aint exactly veri gd i think.. thats like a pass. merit is 80 i heard.. izzit?!? bah cant remember. hmm lets say the examiner was a bit more kind.. aiyah can lah :)

the examiner was quite a nice guy, and plump as usual. hahahah.. last yr's examiner was a lady and she was plump too. yeah. he was like.. 'thank you', 'thank you', 'thank you' after each of my responses, even the veri screwed up rhythm and melody recollection part. heheh.

well, this frees me from my self imprisonment of not playing any pieces other than those 3. it was jus over in 20 mins... so short. falling sick and so much stress for this.. not worth it. nvm nxt yr grade 8 or PF cert try diff strategy.

anyway, i must thank God for helping me thru this, altho so many times i have often forgotten him in all the stuff i do. so, Thank You God!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

tml is D day. i shudnt do this sorta thing lorh. itz onli a grd 6 theory exam. overstressing myself the week b4 isnt gd. learnt from too many past experiences. achoo. well, heres the progress on guitar preps.

1. pieces shud be ok, but i peaked sometime like.. 4 months ago.
2. scales and arpeggios... erm... they onli have 12 boxes there to 'write ur prepared scales and arpeggios', but i'm not sure if they will test onli the simple stuff i wrote down there or if they will test the full range of all 19.
3. sight reading. i'll try to keep my mind as blank as possible, so that when input comes hopefully the output will sound okay.
4. aural. hohoho. i did my first practice today. shud be ok larh.. i mean.. i done smth like it in grd 4 or 5 piano when i was preparing for it back then. seems pretty ok, altho i'm basing all my confidence on 1 practice. O.o
5. performance from memory. i'm playing all my pieces from memory. always have.

yeah. hoping for merit.

today my tuition teacher came to 'check answer' for the O lvl chinese. 1st section, 2/10. 2nd section 3/5. 3rd section 9/15. 4th section 3/10. things are looking bleak. well, its a B3 i guess. lolol.

my first comment on sg idol.
i have not always been a consistent follower of sg idol and i do not show open support for anybody, but i want sylvester to win. over the years i have become a 'feeling' person, instead of a 'statistical' person. taufik being the best singer, but i... choose to differ. i agree that olinda is a gd singer too.

but i support sly. heheh. he jus.. represents singapore. his personality, mistakes, pronunciation errors, his smile, his hair, yeah. it's jus so sg and so cool. aft today's show.. erm.. ah beng and ah lian fan base puts him (and brendan's hope to hear abt his performance at finals) in quite a bleak position.

even so.. i nvr voted lol. shall i vote for the first time in my life? hahahaha.. see how. anywayz, i got a new board from a different brand other than tag, so feel free to use it. tml is last day of exam for O lvl pple, so once again, gd luck and God Bless!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

6:50 it was. yarwn.

how long more will tag board be spoilt? its lagging down all the blogs wif tag boards on them.

my guitar teacher needs a new van. gives me sea sickness when i ride in it lol. took abt 1/2h ride in the back of his van b4 we reached tampines jc. haha.. cars have to undergo 3 barricades b4 can get into the compound itself.. so mah fahn. go into the room and play for 1/2h, then leave. the recital was quite ok.. got the usual few slip ups budden managed to get thru.

took a bus to tampines mrt, then went to simei to meet mr simei. i'm like, the second person to visit his house, aft fattz. lolol. his house must say is veri nice, far nicer than mine. his room is 2 times the size of mine lolz. so nice. his mum oso veri nice. and it turns out he has 2 guitars in his room.. 1st one is some suzuki guitar, budden the second one is some high classish manuel rodriguez guitar. prob costs at least $300 and brendan doesnt noe it. it's missing a D string, so i transplant it from the suzuki to the rodriguez, and while tuning it snaps. yay. so both guitars got no D string. sorry brendan. go ur hse to break strings. hai.. well wad can i say.. its amazing ur strings still exist in their charcoaled state. hehe

wad is wrong wif me. can oso get stressed over guit exam. this time i'm NOT going to see doc. dun care liao.

anyway, have a safe trip mr simei, and wish me luck for my guitar exam on friday, if tag board ever gets repaired.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

slept at 12 last nite. rolled arnd until abt 1am.

woke up at 8:30 this morning. bargh. take the usual 1h bus ride to AMK for guit lesson. ok larh. come back keep on telling myself nt to sleep. and... blah. slept from 2 - 4. wad is my prob lorh.

tml mus wake up at 6:50 O.O jus to go to AMK again -.- to meet my guit teacher hu will kindly ferry me and the pro sec 1 guy to Tampines JC to do a recital (short performance). 6:50. hai.

i dun travel a lot so i have no idea what sg is like beyond town. i was like.. check the street directory. jus then i realised that the stop aft tampines is pasir ris 0.0 after mr sImEi. shall i go and visit u? lolol. well, at least i'll get to see the environment mr simei stays in. and get to experience wad he goes thru everytime he goes home from sch.

yeah.. tts abt all. i think sec 4s are resuming Os tml, so, gd luck and God Bless!!

Monday, November 15, 2004

jus finished learning and memorising all the grade 6 scales and arpeggios. ouch.

today was one of the more fun days of the hols. dis morning bren, yd, and david marc came over. play ping pong. nahahaha. so fun. aft that came up strum strum and then david mac had to leave. aft that slack arnd, then go clementi to eat macs. hahaha.. sorry yd. then i wanted to go to jurong east to collect my jeans i bought ytd. then they came along. walk up to the ice skating ring on 3rd floor (cos dint noe there was one) then slack slack around the winter wear shop, walked to the closed library, hear yd's sick joke, then poor brendan has to take the 1h trip home (haha SiMeI) whereas my stop is jus clementi and yd's is CCK, 4 stops.

hmm.. aft this quite difficult to organise stuff liao, cos everybody going overseas and stuffs. brendan is leaving on thursday and coming back on Dec 2. HAHAHA u going to miss sg idol finals brendan. lolol. nvm i'm supporting sly too. i'll tell u how his performance was like when u get back k? :p:p:p

my youth camp is 1 - 4 dec. cant wait for it!! hahaha.

Saturday, November 13, 2004


went out wif family as any saturday. haha.. but this is prob the first nite in the year that we had fast food tog as a family.. bk. hahahaha. aft that went shopping for my sister's clothes. but i oso wanted to buy. isetan is like... way too eX.. and the brands are O.o

aft that went far east plaza.
dunno y, but that place jus spooks me out. ok heres when u get to hear me talk abt something other than guitar for once. fashion. i'm still the guai boi type lah u see. i have like... 10 shirts in my cupboard and the most expensive t-shirt being $26. (ehh, better than last time, when i onli had 3) i'm also veri picky abt wad i want to wear, so that ends up limiting wad i wear. far east is like... some ah beng palace or smth, got tattoo parlour even. if u noe me i strive to be veri pure one, so i go looking at all the designs on the shirts one by one.

jus cant find anything. i mean, hu prints musical t-shirts?!? even so, the prices there are like 0.0 (to my parents and to me now)

hmm, well u have to understand wad makes up my character. my mom is a veri conservative person, and my father... erm... ... ... i'm also the oldest of the cousins on my mom's side, and i refuse to copy my cousin's style, altho hes quite fun haha.

even so, bought a new converse wallet for $18.90 (o.O)

materialism, materialism, materialism.

yeah... here's a small glimpse of my sad life. lol. cya!! oh, and A and O pple, study hard!!

Friday, November 12, 2004

hi all. wah these few days nt bad, been blogging quite consistantly. considering the monotonous nature of the hols.

it's exactly 1 more week to 19 nov, and exam preparations are well ununderway. especially when pple put 2 5h practices in 1 wk. ouch.

yeah. haiz. hols liddat one.. nothing to talk abt lol. until the real action starts. for now it's jus com, guitar, sleep, com, guitar......

been listening to MLTR lately. heres another song besides taKe Me tO ur hEaRt that sounds nice.

In my search for freedom
and peace of mind
I've left the memories behind
Wanna start a new life
but it seems to be rather absurd
when I know the truth
is that I always think of you
Someday someway
together we will be baby
I will take and you will take your time
We'll wait for our fate
cos' nobody owns us baby
We can shake we can shake the rock
Try to throw the picture out of my mind
try to leave the memories behind
Here by the ocean
wave's carry voices from you
Do you know the truth
I am thinking of you too


The love we had together
just fades away in time
And now you've got your own world
and I guess I've got mine
But the passion that you planted
in the middle of my heart
is a passion that will never stop

realli mental block liao lah... brain onli got around 3 things on my mind. so care free huh? jus wait till my nail gets repaired.. hahaha. ok that was OOP.

oh and btw, anybody up for table tennis on monday? haha. aft that we can do smth like play guit or watch muvee.

kk enuf crapping cya!!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

hi all!! here to blog again.

jus came back from a 'bbq' at a friend's hse. was quite fun. i brought my electric there to jam. haha. when everybody arrived there was 1 classical, 1 acoustic, 3 electrics, and 1 bass there. lol. noisy noisy. oh and we had no mike lol.

aft that we played some games that can cause permanant damage to ur throat and jaw. laff to much hahahaha.

tonite was a fun nite.. jus a small taste of wad wud take place during youth camp 2004 :P

now it's back to listening to that spanish song to burn in that syncopated rhythm, for tml's 5h practice :S


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

hi. its blogging time again.

the past few days have been quite uneventful... jus a lot of guitar, a lot of halo, a lot of com, and a lot of sleep. my nail's been cracked for more than 2 wks liao.. and its getting worse. fake nail broke off, so, yah. guitar exam on 19 nov somemore. ten more days. haiz.

today jus came back from 5h guitar practice 1 - 6pm. mad in my opinion. the first ensemble practice for my new guitar. it definitely looks far better than it sounds and feels. lol. buzzzzztt*

yeah. hols liddat one. cant wait for my nail to heal.

quote brendan's blog:

" welll..

wad else is there to talk about? =x "

Saturday, November 06, 2004

wad is my problem u ask.

i think i'm jus too free.

ok heres wad happened in point form.. easier to take in.

1) leave house wif the thai guitar and the piece of firewood at 5:15.
2) arrive @ Guitar Workshop, Bras Basah Complex #03- 09
3) sell them both to the guy for $150
4) walk to Davis Guitar at peninsula
5) buy a Samick Signature Series CT - 1CE/BK, designed by Greg Bennett, serial no. : S140713984 for $180

how bout that.

kk now the long long details. firstly, i feel a bit guilty for selling my both guits to him for $150. Guitar Workshop is actually quite a small shop at a corner of bras basah. saw their ad in the class ads this morning and called them up. the guy was like.. he took note of all the things i dint notice, and dint take notice abt all the things i was concerned abt. he was like.. "both guitars no scratches" me: ?!? "the yamaha one the action veri high (veri difficult to press)" me: ?!? haha. but hes a veri nice guy. thats y i feel guilty.. he works for his boss hu he says is "veri nice.. if it can be repaired he will buy it." so i contributed the first 2 classical guitars to his shop.

took a walk around swee lee.. and some other shop at bras basah.. but dint find a classical that cost btwn 150 - 200. so walked to davis @ peninsula. looked at their range of classical and asked to try a $180 one. turns out i liked it. haha. bought the first one i tried. i tell u.. at the shops when u are trying guitars they purposely make the lighting pathetic or smth... cos i dint realli feel any defects... until i came home. got a few damages to the fret board and the tuning machine. and there was a lot of buzzing. lol. i couldnt even spot a dent on the 3rd fret 5th string. blah. but the action is so low that the entire third fret buzzes.

after visiting guitar shops all over sg and even overseas, i find the smaller shops to have people of better character. maybe prob cos their business isnt as gd as other larger retailers and they need to grab at every opportunity. hmm. something to think abt.

anyway, the rest of this guitar is gd and gives quite a bright sound.. has an almost defect-less body surface... and its BLACK. hahahahaha.. i've always wanted a black coloured guitar. looks veri stylo, wif its white rosette and corners. oh, and it has an equaliser too. an equaliser allows it to be PLUGGED INTO AN AMP. that was the second thing i always wanted. actually in all, this guitar is all i ever wanted. lol. if onli its handiwork was a bit less shody. yeah.. but i'm happy. even so.. i cant find a pic of it.. but nvm nxt time when ya all come my hse u all can see. :P

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

hello again.. blogs are dying all around me.. sigh. this blog definitely needs a makeover.. but i jus cant seem to pull myself to do it. maybe its the halo. hmm... i wonder how many of my links actually work.. haha.

hmm.. ok.. today my cousin came over to play. me and him quite close.. so he came to play table tennis, play cards, talk, play some suicidal halo.. yeah. haha. choose legendary and jus chiong into battle. dead within a minute.

haiz.. the days now are jus filled wif halo and guitar, halo and guitar, and guitar, and guitar. tts y got nothing to talk abt.. unless u wanna hear abt my hair...

it seems that everytime i change my character i want to change my hair. heres the timeline.

Baby years: cute hair!!
Lower Primary: a mass.
Upper Primary: side parting appears. in my opinion, it grows nerdier year by year
Sec 2: side parting disappears
Sec 3 july: plucked up a big deal of courage and walk in and say: "jian 'spiky'"
Sec 3 november to present day: argh my hair is realli getting frizzy.. using up too much shampoo. better cut.

Today:plucked up another big deal of courage. have u ever heard somebody walk into a barber shop and say: "i want to keep my hair long" ? now u have. lol. so she cut for me the 'chang fa xing'. looks ok i guess. in my opinion, its the cutest hair i've had since babyhood. hehe.

yeah.. tts all.. when are u all free for tennis?

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

hello again all... long time no blog.

ytd. go to sch for O lvl chinese. the topics were definitely full of crap. can i get at least a A2? dunno. leave it up to God for now.. cant be worrying abt this when u've got a 2 month hol waiting for u.

today was a non stop guitaring. early in the morning mr choo came for private lesson. then after he left play some more, then afternoon go for orchestra practice, then come back repair my nail and more guitar, then evening more guitar. welcome to the guitarist's world. ouch my left hand pain liao. haha.

yeah.. tts all for today. a lot summed up in a few words. cya. oh and gd luck to all those having As and Os!! cya.