Thursday, October 28, 2004


this blog needs a makeover. its seriously dying. a blog is a reflection of a person's character. i'm nt dying. yet.

these few days i finally managed to get myself off a bout of depression. yay.

but tt doesnt stop my nose from running non stop and causing my body to feel weak. ugh. cant wait for these 4 days to be over. tml, last day of sch. sat, music exam. sunday i'll be mugging for chinese O lvls the nxt day and yes, the doomsday on monday. ergh. the cold weather isnt helping either. today i jus stayed at home and played electric guitar... cant wait for my left hand to mature so tt i can play bumble bee!!! hahahaha. but oso need to improve my classical style at the same time. yeah. so tt i might be able to go music uni. lol

yeah.. the hols are so near, yet seem so far away. jus need to hang on now. ok cya.


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