Friday, October 15, 2004

today's mood: i think i'll jus cut this section out.. cos u can assume tt i'm HAPPY!!!!

yah.. hi. erm... yah. hi.

argh sudden mental blockage.. lol. ok sch is soooooooooooooooooo boring lorh. i mean... leadership talks? arts enrichments? wah i took so long to recall tt.. must be because i expelled it from my mind veri quickly. yah.. then guitar syf team auditions... then went to shawn's hse for youth meeting. i dunno y... but i feel like i cant talk too much abt my church stuffs on my blog... maybe its because of my audience... hmm. anyway jus to let u noe i felt quite gd.. said quite a bit of useful stuff.

hmm.. tts all for today.. oh btw the answer to ytd's question,

quote brendan: 'when u take away the guitar, you see someone hu wants to make an impact'


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