Tuesday, October 12, 2004

today's mood: happy

boohoo.. dun wanna go back to sch tml!! lol

wahh my 5 day temp hol is coming to an end.. sad. ok heres wad i did today.. wake up at 7:45 to go for guitar lesson, then at guitar lesson did a lot of stuff.. quite fruitful.. jus tt i need to practice my scales, like.. big time. onli got abt 3 - 4 wks to prac.. yeah. cos got tt 2 wks of (waste time in my opinion) job attachment.

hmm.. yah.. and ur fingers can take onli so much guitar... 3 - 4h a day is quite mad already. wads more ytd play tennis.. whole day feel nth.. then today wake up whole body aching. in the afternoon even my finger muscles aching liao. haha. must rest. but, wads there to do? com, tv, guitar, sleep.. tts abt all. haha. cos i dun wanna work.

hmm now tt i have time.. heres how ur piano can buy my room. or sorta.

antonio sanchez 1030 - $1660
hardcase - $150
Ibanez GA-7 - $240
2 soft cases - $50
brandless electric guitar - $280 (includes amp and case)
2 guitar stands - $35
Music stand - $15
yeah tts my complete guitar collection.. total = $2430

lets say ur piano costs $5k.

Nokia 3100 - $200
my desk - abt $200
my bed - abt $300?
2 tennis rackets - $200
2 Bibles - abt $60
2 cupboards - $500?
all the books in my room - abt $1k?

total = abt $2.5k.

yah lah tts nt all lah.. but u all get the idea =P (those pple hu own grandpianos, u realli realli can buy my room, down to the toilet bowl and toilet paper.. haha) yah but anyway, we are taking none of this to heaven after this life, except the words of the Bible and our spirit, so dun take all the stuff u have for granted. instead, wad i think is gd to work on is relationships and friendships, cos these matter in the long run, instead of spending the whole day playing com. yah lah tts for me, but i nt stopping those pple out there hu like to play halo.. haha

kk tts all cya. :P


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