Tuesday, August 31, 2004

today's mood: neutral.

writing for second time... blogspot is unreliable.

jus woke up from 2h nap.. started at 5 cos i couldnt sleep earlier wif some plumber guy in my room fixing my toilet.

my bad feelings abt going back to HP came true... i dint go at all. i was too disappointed that mark pangseh me and had nobody else to go back wif me... so sad. i mean... at least u want to pangseh me can TELL ME FIRST wad... then i wont waste time look for u everywhere when u jus leave liddat... modern technology has given us the hand phone. pls use it. this incident jus goes to show how good frens are nowadays... this incident has happened once in a very long time.

forgot to get my pod essay 1st draft from dharma... so she'll return it to me on thurs my double tuition day so taht i can do it... right. for all those lucky sec 1s and 2s hu actually have a teachers day hol tml, enjoy it, cos i long to enjoy a hol free from any stress of homework. which wont come until 10 wks time. happy hol pple.

Monday, August 30, 2004

today's mood: neutral

the optical mouse is being pissed at me again.. or maybe its just my sister destroying the mouse out of frustration of getting it to work. forever liddat one.. cannot work? oh.. maybe smashing it against the table a few times would help... -.-

i dunno but i have a bad feeling abt goint back to HPPS with mark tml.. jus some funny feeling.. haha. well we'll see how. today in school was absolutely terrible. all the teachers were all here and had something impt to teach. nt bad enuf?? air con spoil. the chapel lesson was also putting me to sleep.. a repeat of sec 2 life science lesson on genetics. *yawn*

in the meantime, theres tingxie to worry abt. 3 more chapters to study.. i'm almost certain that i wont make it to the end, but its always worth a try. i'll have to wait to tml to have fun.. oh yeah jus to remind myself, theres 'party in the park' at 9pm on star world.

have fun in school.. dun forget.. weds a hol.. wad i've always wanted.
if onli there wasnt so much homework.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

today's mood: happy

blocked ear.. ARGH.. perfect pitch affected. school bell, all the songs i listen to, guitar all sounds out of tune.. lol. i've found the source of the prob: my left ear dunno wad lah.. i think got some ear hairs out of shape, i hear some higher pitched sounds abt 5 Hz off their actual pitch.

today in church.. irvin first time leading songs.. well done!! haha. sermon had onli 2 slides: 2 red dots. Psalm 23. nice and simple.

aft church today took 1.5h to buy lunch and come home.. slept aft that. learn 1 chap tingxie then watch tv. this week could be, and probably would be as stressful as last wk, but at least theres wednesday sch hol to study for chinese test.. haha

oh well.. got lotsa homework to do.. been slacking for the last 2 days.. God Bless ur week everybody!!

Saturday, August 28, 2004

frag day

today's mood: happy!

haha today's frag day was surprisingly fun but veri tiring. maybe cos i had no contact with samson tan. nobody in st johns seems to noe abt my ordeal over the past 2 days... they still think i'm a partially on guy. i got jon lai in my grp today.. got assigned to city hall mrt.. but practically deserted.. asked by the security guard to leave within 10 minutes of our entry.. haha. after that walked to esplanade.. which is also deserted in the morning. demoralised, we decided to take bus to holland v and intrude into other pples area :)

some funny and interesting stuffs:

1) buy immunity for as low as 5c

2) some guy gave me that 'since i'm carrying a $50 note i cant donate cos i dun have small change' look.. lol

3) ur nt alone.. there were also some poly volunteers who had to 'talk cock' to get pple to donate $10.. haha. so desperate even asked us, and kok our stickers too out of boredom.. haha

4) oh yeah.. i saw joseph too.. 'no money today'.. lol

5) some pple jus have so many coins in their handbags :)

6) u cant stand in front of a bank to sell flags. kena told off by police haha

fun day. jus so exhausted that i cant do hw.. haha.
Thank u for donating. have a nice day.

Friday, August 27, 2004

thats it.

end of period of mourning. while pples blogs are rambling on abt sch stuff and dharma's nonsense, mine for these 2 days are filled with nothing but sorrow. this will change right now.

so wad if i my name is on samson tan's blacklist... thats jus one of the small things in my life if i look at it carefully. yeah... the card was like.. a week overdue.. duh he wud be pissed cos they already counted the money and i hadnt handed in yet. but the main pt is.. did i get the demerit point? NO. did i lose my honours day award? haha ng shau ching doesnt give on non SYF years.. so dun have -.-

i woke up from a 2h nap feeling like i hadnt slept at all... left ear still blocked.. affecting my perfect pitch.. haha. no wonder the school bell sounded out of tune these few days. i was thinking.. i have all the gd stuff around me.. gd family, frens, guitar, etc.. i have so much that i wouldnt sacrifice my happiness for jus over one st johns discipline crap case. yeah.. i'm dreading tml's flag day cos i would burn off my entire sat estorting money from the public and littering singapore with round stickers with a spastic black and white star on it.

i believe that God had a purpose in sending me this signal. my heart is still a bit hard.. so i'm now realli willing to noe the purpose until the time is right.. :P

lastly, a big THANK YOU to all the regular readers of my blog and ur encouragement for me.. *so touched* :)

i can onli remember these few sentences of this song.. it has a nice climax and a nice bassline haha. but more importantly are the words, cos they remind me of the ultimate hope that no one can take away.

When we all get to heaven,
What a day of rejoicing that will be...
When we all get to heaven,
We'll sing and shout the victory.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

demerit point

today's mood: sad

i may be treating everybody on msn and everybody else very nice today.. but deep inside, i'm realli veri depressed.

i'm not writing this because i am proud of what happened today, but because i dun usually write about stuff i have done wrong and i noe i have done wrong. this entry is to show that my life is nt perfect, and to warn any people hu might follow in my footsteps.

heres wad happened today in a nutshell. the day was going quite happily until after phyisics test. then aft that samson tan, OC of SJAB, came in to see me, and asked for my long overdue walkathon card. (which has no money) so i faked and said i dint bring. i thot it wasnt realli impt cos nobody chased me for it. then suddenly he takes out this yellow form and makes me fill it in. acs pple would noe it as a demerit point form. "if i get ur walkathon card first thing in the morning, i will tear this form up. if nt, i will submit it."

In acs a demerit point is given "at the last straw". it will lower your honours day award by 1 level, so if u get distinction u onli get merit, and if u onli get merit u get nothing. And also leaves an ultra black mark on u.

MY/ a normal person's point of view:
a walkathon card is supposed to collect donations, which means this is sort of like a charity thing. so u are using my honours day award as a threat to get that $30 so that st johns will get a gold award.

Teacher's POV:
i dunno... i dun like ur face? that might be one of the possiblities -.-

Biblical POV:
in short, submit to authorities. so basically all that i have done is wrong, by being defiant.

i noe which of the point of views i shud take, but the conformation of my mindset to the world makes defiance seem "popular". u all may think its fun to 'pontang' trainings, and skip impt stuff, but i warn u, they will come with consequences. all those days where u skipped training will eventually catch up to u. the choice is urs.

about me as a part of st johns, my pride in this cca is completely ruined. i honestly see no point in continuing in membership, except to save my guitar ensemble honours day award. i havent made up my mind whether i will change or not.. although i noe the obvious answer. i need to do a lot of praying.

Everytime I try to fly,

I fall,

Without my wings,

I feel so small

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

my first day of mc since the start of this term

today's mood: neutral.

well.. jus wanna blog a bit now cos i suddenly feel a bit down. i dunno why.. jus now when jerel told me that he finished studying bio, and at the same time reading josh's blog it jus hit me. i think i'm jus tired.. losing my character? i dunno.

today has given me a taste of what the hols will feel like. *memories flash across*. it seemed like it was only ytd when it was the june hols. today i spent the whole morning sleeping, and in the afternoon happily jacked my POD essay word count to 1000 words. oh yar i oso sold my piano. called in the afternoon, pple come at night. so fast. yay i did it all by myself. so little was known to my parents that they got suspicious lol.. when my father asked me to do it somemore. 1.2k.. end of yr my father say can buy new guitar :) (so nonsense, jus bought new one then want to buy new one, says u :P )

as my 1 day created holiday comes to an end, i feel sad. haha.. much stress awaits me.. chinese stuff.. essays.. assignements.. dun worri i tell myself.. hols are onli less than 12 weeks away. haha i wanna recall what we do during december hols... make me (maybe u too) a bit more happy. youth camp first wk of december, but even b4 that we will be going out already!!! (after Os and As of course haha) then maybe theres a holiday trip or two, then Christmas holiday, then thanksgiving. each of these events bring back memories so valuable to me. (you all too huh)

feeling much better now.. cant wait for hols :) cya guys

stage 3

mood? dun ask.

ok. remember the days in primary school where u could simply pon a week and still catch up in 1 day? well say gdbye to those days. life in secondary school... especially this ib programme.. u miss 1 day and ur life for the whole term is disrupted. there is almost certainly something everyday... monday there was chem quiz and LA(B) test, tuesday (shud have ponned), today.. theres nothing on in sch but theres mep. nobody pons mep. this is like... the first time i'm gonna miss mep cos i'm sick in 2 yrs. tml theres physics test, and friday is the due date of like.. 4 assignements. OH NO. i forgot to bring my physics textbook home to study. haix.

can't wait for hols *sneeze*

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

the end is near...

today's mood: neutral

mood and physical condition are 2 different things.

ergh i'm sick again. actually i've had stage 1 cold for around a month now.. but now its progressing into stage 2. once in stage 3, i will have absolutely no energy, accept energy to watch tv and sleep. even play guit also cannot. music come out like crap.

health is one of those balls u have to juggle in the air and it doesnt seem like ur still juggling it until it starts to leave ur grasp. being sick is terrible. blah... nose is ultra blocked now. going to bed soon... earlier sleep tml got more energy :) gd nite guys. stay healthy

Monday, August 23, 2004

today's mood: basically but slightly cranky

wads ur impression of chordless optical mice? gd and functions well and has gd sensitivity right? wrong. They run on AA batteries. my family members fiddle with it so much that the connection made by the batteries inside the mouse is always screwed up. i jus wasted 10 minutes of my life jus now trying to make it work again. ergh.

lala today was a tiring day in school, probably because it started tired. woke up with a headache this morning, carried on from yesterday. couldnt catch a word the guy was saying during chapel haha. jus finished physics show and tell report. feeling like doing nothing now, even though today was also spent sleeping. haha i think i sleep too much.

well well.. today in school was a lethargic day... oh yeah... paul foo's lesson is SUPER FARNIE lol. the way he speaks... it doesnt even occur to him that theres some problem with his spoken language. he was taking us for relief A maths. absolute spoon feeding. nvr had such a lesson before. at the end of the lesson we were exploding into laughter. "1+1 / 1+1 = 1" LOL.

also had a carol low quiz and a thiru test today... thiru test wasnt so bad.. still can write stuff.. chem quiz? haix. last period we pretended to stone at pat soo.. brendan was whispering some nonsense to me then pat soo was like "dun tok bad abt me behind ur physics textbooks". HAHA. farnie day.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Today's mood: sad

aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... dint make it to a bronze medal. i thot she wud be thrashing the pants off the korean.. but when i turned on @ 6:40 i saw 3-1. lala maybe singapore was nvr destined to win olympics again... haha

bah i've got a headache now... shudnt have wad... slept until 6:30 (woke up to eat dinner in 10mins then watch lol) holding a handphone alarm in ur hand when u sleep doesnt help.. i woke up searching for my handphone and ended up realising that i slept on it -.- jus now brendan also reminded me that theres physics test tml.. forgot to bring home the textbook.. nvm tml go school study.

wah realli feeling tired now.. dunno y.. cant prac guit. anyways thats all cya guys!!

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Today's mood: HAPPY

jus finished care team meeting. quite interesting... we did the earlier bit of the gospel. tml i'm teaching on discretion for p4 - p6 class in church. i got some ideas on this. nt so difficult to teach as last time.

i feel happy today after a long day of doing a satisfied NOTHING. as in NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRTTTHHHHHHHING.
yeah. feels good. time to resume work tml after church haha. i thot this wk wud be one of the most busy weeks in the term cos there was quite a bit of stuff due such as EOS. however i managed to get it done and still have lots of time for guitar practice (and sleeping).

haha. hope ya guys wud have a gd week ahead of u all. for those whose prelims are drawint nearer, study hard and gd luck!! for the rest of us, be a happy person in the LORD. gd nite!!


Yesterday's mood: happy

lala internet broke down yesterday. my father jus got it fixed 2dae, so i write in the morn for ytd.

yesterday was a boring day. when it started!!! lolz. during chapel did boring reflections on pod. after that got back a maths.. i got 2nd in class!! haha... abt 7 points behind the top guy -.- next was cmaths with bok hai choo. ultimate lethargy lol. at least the nxt period was slightly more fun- lang arts (A). we were asked to find 1 word to describe ourselves and derive a character trait from wad we said. our next assignment: write an essay that brings out ur frens character. lol guess hu i got paired up wif... brendan!! haha. gd luck david, weihan and paul.

after recess got chem... super fun!! we polluted the earth with some more sulphur dioxide by doing oxidation and reduction tests. destroyed sugar into carbon structures with concentrated sulphuric acid (or smth) then aft that made explosion outside lab (yofattz u almost destroyed shersern's legs!!)

guess wad the last period was: bok hai choo again!!!! LOLZ this time we were hyperactive. she couldnt teach nuts cos we were laughing thruout the whole lesson. somebody somehow managed to make the magnetic duster cling on the the top of the OHP screen.. challenging some vertically challenged teachers... hahaz.

Ahh... life without CCA for a week feels gd.... came back and slept from 3:30 to 6:30 yesterday (atnite couldnt sleep at all haha) then today got the whole morning to watch cartoons cos theres no st johns. :) tonite theres care team meeting and tml theres church and i'm teaching... continue updating tonite.. bye guyz!!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

wads wrong with blogspot?

Today's mood: cranky

HAIX. thats the second thing that doesnt work on my com. first i find out the day b4 the due date of my chinese project that my internet explorer cant view chinese websites. now theres some prob wif blogspot. paper is still the most reliable i guess.

ARRRRRRRHGGGHHHH!! i'm realli realli pissed now. i had to ask mingxuan to do my chinese project for me... how disgraceful is that? hu was the idiot hu invented computed chinese characters? if he werent around, i woundt be doing this nonsense.

haix. i bet once i press publish post i bet the website will display me another one of those "Cannot find server" blank pages. well if urreading this now, i have succeeded somehow or another. gd luck to me.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

IVX (40)

Today's mood: happy

Today was a maths test. LOL quote sher sern: "AMATHS WAS A BREEZE.really" haha.. i dint even complete 1 qn. the paper was as if all the teachers were asked to set 1 question, and all of them were feeling mean. i would be elated if i could even make it to a 15. Out of 40.

reached home @ 5, had a sleepless rest for 1h, then watched tv. homework is still overpiling. @ least i finished eos. now its off to finish wad i can. haha.. another thing is that the week i hav to teach bible class is always the week where there seems to be the most deadlines and homework. but its ok... this time lesson is on discretion... easier topic than others.

cya guys!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


today's mood: below average

pressure cooker has been turned on again. ib... why?

starting to get depressed again. itz onli tues... wad wud happen on thurs nite?!? i wish i had more time. when i was p6, i had 5 times as much time as i did in sec 1. now in sec 3, i have 3 times less time than i did last yr. work shud nt be a hindrance to my mood. i have other stuff to get frustrated about... but work shud nt be one of them...

ok i'm talking nonsense liao... better go do work. maybe i might get some 'pleasure' from it.

Monday, August 16, 2004

mental fatigue

today's mood: slightly happier

My brain has reached a new point of stability, with me achieving the 1000 word mark in the EOS essay. however, i'm still veri mentally unstable, with other amounts of piling homework. i find myself spewing stuff from my mouth that i shudnt and having a veri short temper.

haha sometimes i wonder if my mood influences the whole class mood. this morning i went to school ultra cranky. today everybody was veri edgy and getting into arguements easily lol. on other days when i'm happy, the class seems to go along wif me... haha.

Today was an Xtra tiring day... wif cross country. so wad if i dint run? going there on a bus wif abt 60 acsi students is gruelling enuf. wads more i was stationed right in the middle of the route doing st johns duty. had to walk 2k there and 2k back. as gd as running the 4.8k. so boring... nobody got injured, although a few people tripped near us, but dint fall. *yawnx* tired. gd nite guyz

Sunday, August 15, 2004

today's mood: neutral

ugh. i've come to one of those points in my life where i am soul searching. ya noe the sort of feeling u get when u've got too much homework and cant do anything and start thinking of the meaning of life? yah that one. itz onli week 8, but for us ib pple we have about exhausted our 1 term (10 weeks) of energy. thats nt all... for ib the deadlines tend to pick up right down to the last day of the term. (last time we had a chinese test on the last day). ib doesnt spare u at all. i dun wanna recite the amt of hw i have this week. itz jus too traumatic.

Today's lesson in church was very interesting... uncle Lee Hock was teaching on idolatry. here are the 7 contemperary idols if i remember correctly:
1. Materialism
2. Activism
3. Individualism
4. Conformism
5. Relativism
7. Religionism

ok i cant remember all of them.. forgot one haha. but wad he said was quite true. dun u jus like the feeling when a speaker hits a 'jackpot' of weakness you have known of in ur life for quite long? haha. Some funny comments: 'spiritual stomachache', 'if Moses and Aaron had handphones, Moses would be reminding Aaron that he was still up on the mountain getting the 10 commandments', 'read within context: i'm going to geylang... to buy durians'.

haha in ppcoc we still crack these lame jokes and laugh at them. oh well i wish all those hu have exams coming up (sec 4s) gd luck and God Bless, and i oso wish my fellow ib mates (as well as myself) gd luck for completing all the piling assignments.. haha. cya guyz!!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Today's mood: ok i guess

Today. st johns, then sleep, then eat dinner, then do eos.

wow all done in one sentence. i wonder hu invented the com game called metal fatigue.. impeding my search for information when doing essay on science. hmm... my shortest blog entry in a long time... well then have fun and have joy guys. byez

Friday, August 13, 2004

1st care team meeting ^_^

Today's mood: HaPpY

Heyhey.. jus came back from the 1st care team meeting i attended in my life. 4 pple: irvin, joseph, gareth and me. hahaz. because of me we ended up discussing philosophy for half the time... lol. the other time was spent talking abt other religions and interpretations of the Bible and worship. haha after tonight i feel like changing my arguement abt studying philosophy to USELESS. lolz.

argh feeling sick... haha. been sick for the past month liao.. cant be bothered to see doc cos i can still survive. i dunno y i still go for st johns... i've basically kicked myself out of the committee so there is no point in going.. haha. but i will still go and see wad happens tml. *yawn* gd nite guys!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

on the verge of explosion

Mood now: going nuts

ARRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHGRGHRHGHRHHHH!!! i need to express myself. jus studied mep for 1h and i'm NOT DONE. studying mep is no longer jus a 'mug the day b4' test. AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. aND i'm still nt done. :'(

Well its off to do LA(A) now, and continue studying chinese music later. cya.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Today's mood: happy

Last nite when i said i needed answers, i found it in Romans 5 jus before i slept. The passage was on peace and joy, and reminded me of another 2 sources of happiness. YAY!! feeling happy again... going out soon. maybe i'll update this at nite.

2nd update

came back nt too long ago from orchard.. first time in my life i played LAN.. haha. now watching sg idol... nt bad for sg. now got the touching part... no more idiotic banana stuff. haha i cant concentrate on 2 things at the same time... nt a gd multi tasker... but at least i'm happy now :)

cya guyz!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

MY new hair

Today's mood: above average

Hahaa today i went to cut my hair. u need to see it to believe it, so i wun describe anymore.

Today was another boring day of the national day hols... at least i got some work done, but theres still the other 3/4 of the pile left. tml i going out wif my sch frens [becos of ACS (I) EXTRA holiday (take that RI, SJI, Chinese High, etc)] haha.

i dun believe it!! my precious national day hols that i was looking forward to is more boring than normal school days!!! how cud this be... why is everybody in studying mode?? exams are still miles away... jus found out that there will onli be 3 of us going out to watch movie... lol wad is 3 pple?!? my mood jus took a turn.

2nd update
its now 9:30. spent the last 1.5 hours doing maths article. i've been realli thinking abt life. (as usual) i find that i've been molding my mood to other pples moods. when they feel happy, i feel happy too. when they feel sad, so do i. maybe thats y i can sympathise better with others... haha. Lately i find that i have been in a gd mood... but is it my own gd mood? i feel that i want to become an independent happy person. a person wif his own independent mood, nt swayed by anybody. of course there are gd pts and bad pts abt this. the gd thing is that u wun be sad when everybody's sad. of course it could go the other way, being the onli grumpy person in a cheerful society. haha now i'm sounding a bit stupid.

wad is life realli abt? izzit about trying to find happiness? need answers.

Cant wait for the hols.

Monday, August 09, 2004


Today's mood: neutral

National day parade is showing on tv now... parade section is over now is the other performances. cant be bothered to watch singapore's history depicted wif pple in goofy costumes, doing goofy stuff.

lala... dint do much today... jus stayed at home. still got that pile of undone homework...will i finish it? in IB, it depends on ur luck too.. whether u can find a website that contains info on ur topic. haha. oh well theres nothing to write abt... i guess i have no choice but to go back and watch the parade *sigh*

Sunday, August 08, 2004

30 days

Today's mood: above average

heyhey... itz been 1 month liao. non stop blogging for 1 month!! haha. thats shows u how much i use the com nowadays.

My cousin ken wei [aka Brian in Take 1] has been baptised today!! a new addition to the Kingdom of Heaven!!! so happy. congrats ken. i think the last 'prophesy' of the open house script has finally 'come true'. Those hu acted in the play u noe wad i mean :P Whether ken will change some of his old ways? onli time will tell.

Wad else... today's Bible class was abt faith and works. Faith without works is dead fullstop. easy to understand. the sermon on marriage was a bit difficult to swallow though... nt that applicable to me yet. haha.

one thing i notice abt my family... the mood on sunday mornings sometimes seems worse than the mood in school on a monday morning i feel... lol. [maybe itz partially caused by me getting pissed at my terrible hairstyling skills... lolx] well if i die tml and my family opens my blog, heres the message: BE HAPPY ALL THE TIME. i mean like... ok on week days i dun mind a grumpy mood coming from my family in the morning. but on a sunday? even a fake gd mood would be nice. :D

eventful day? hmmmm... quite sad that the youth dun go out as much as b4 [actually now never] haha. everybody's all heading home to do work. thats so sad. the onli pple wif a mood to go out now are like... me, ken and ronald. but we dun have the 'organising ability' haha. oh wellz itz back to 'conforming to the world'... which during this season means go home and do homework -.-

well so much for a 30th blog entry. wish all of u a happy NaTiOnAL DaY (studying) holiday!!! cyaz.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Today's mood: above average

today was ndp celebrations. came back and slept until 3:40. sighz. made up my mind nt to go 2.6 gathering, but a lot of pple are trying to tamper wif my decision... lol. well at least theres church tml, wif that 3 day hol i mentioned below coming up.

boring day. maybe i'll come back and edit this post later. cya guyz

Friday, August 06, 2004


Today's mood: neutral

Dunno why, but 2dae was a tiring day.
Blog is giving me probs. i have to try like... 5 times to log in and i cant load timmy's blog.
Lets see why today was so strenulous.
1. POD x2
2. 2km run
3. IHS x2
4. LA (B)
5. A Maths
i dint slack throughout all the periods. no wonder i'm tired. after sch there was the top scorers concert audition at taka. i think we realli pissed them off. we went there and we realised we dint bring our passport sized photographs in the lift. go to the music school, make so much noise. setting up oso. onli need 2 stands tell them 3 and make them move unecessary stands. how long were our pieces? total = 5 minutes. we played like crap too. manymany mistakes. sighz. i realli think we cant get into the concert.

tmls another nonsensical day. make us come back on a saturday for national day celebrations. wad is their prob? on my way to sch today, i see the rest of singapore in red and white. and we are undergoing another full academic day. luckily they gave us an extra day on wednesday [acsi hol :)] . come to think of it, wednesday is kinda obsolete cos we have like.... 8 pieces of homework. all the teachers think that they are the onli ones giving homework for our little extra day earned by rugby C div. ALL 8 teachers. no wonder i have 8 pieces of work.

haix my life is becoming stale. hope the weekend wud bring more interesting stuffs. gd nite all *yawn*

Thursday, August 05, 2004


today's mood: happy again :)

today started off bumpy, wif a lot of unfinished homework... pple [including me] getting pissed at all the physics questions. people getting pissed off with eache other over small puny things. pple betting that other pple cannot abstain from arguing for jus a day (quite true actually).

today ZQ got super pissed with me for trying to move him away from my table cos he was struggling wif physics. then during chinese something super funny happened... brendan went into one of those uncontrollable laughing fits pple get once in a blue moon. whole chinese period was laughing at out of point stuff. got silence also laugh. as u all noe i too get affected by wad pple do around me. within 10 minutes i almost went into a laughing fit until i migrated to a table 3 tables away. after that marcus went to sit next to brendan. within 15 minutes he got super pissed wif brendan, cos he too was about to go crazy. LOL. finally towards the end of the period brendan finally got a hold of himself. i was still suspicious during physics. this type of stuff is FREAKY.

after physics, we had a chirnside talk. took a pledge: cant really remember... went somehting like... "i pledge to grow up" and " i pledge to be a happy person". thats y i'm in a gd mood now, despite all the nonsense homework and tuitions i have.

To end this, i'd like to quote a famous line of Mr Brian Chirnside:
"Have a nice life."

Wednesday, August 04, 2004


today's mood: landsliding

at times like this, i wish it was the hols. i want more time to practice guitar!!! school work is overloading now. so overloaded that u dun wanna do anything. this isnt the first time. a wink of an eye and itz nearing the end of wk 6 and national day liao. so fast. my mood is jus simply going down. ALL the subjects now have taken a disastrous turn for boredom. so glad theres national day hols next week. my brain has totally shut down.

oh yeah jus thot of something i wanted to write for a veri long time. i think a new level of maturity of a person is reached when he [or she] is able to accept that winning is not everything. the way u play games, and the attitude u have towards life would change greatly. friendly competitiveness is ok, but when u start arguing over the smallest things something is wrong. when u start to have an attitude that winning is nt everything, u will take life easier and have less stress. u will also have a LOT less disappointment when u lose. i myself have experienced this and i write this cos i see a lot of pple going thru this stage.

The onli thing that we shud have a 'winning is everything' attitude to is towards the final prize of eternal rest we will receive on judgement day. we must not let that be snatched from us, ever.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Today's mood: neutral

the ever boring tuesday. at least i'm making progress wif guitar now. oops i forgot to ask Mr Choo for a duet piece for second instrument exam. gonna play Recuerdos for final year solo but still need one more piece 'from a contrasting period'. nottin to write tonite. maybe if u have time after reading my blog u can go to moli's blog [and u were goin like... moli has a blog?!?] hehe i think i started a craze. first me followed by brendan, then lui, and now moli. hahaz gd nite all~

Monday, August 02, 2004

Today's mood: above average

Today was a gloomy day at sch, prob under the influence of gloomy weather. came to sch wif neck cramp and there was that spastic uyo presentation award rehearsal. *snore* i got so disorientated this morning that i left dharma's bk at home, along wif my pile of foolscap paper and some other nonsense. during chem we had to do the test for calcium carbonate. i totally messed that up. even before i could channel the carbon dioxide to the limewater everything starts overflowing already. sighz. got back to class, and i find that i got 9/15 for 2 physics investigations. how si bai is that.

got back home after a 25 minute guitar practice. bathe, wash shoes and then went to sleep. i onli intended to sleep for 1/2 h as it was already 4:30. ended up sleeping until 5:45. feeling awake, decided to learn ting xie. mission accoplished. physics quiz oso. feelin quite satisfied now. oh wellz cya guyz~

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Today's mood: happy

Yay itz been almost 1 wk wif my happy mood. Today was day 2 wif my new guitar. The sound is realli amazing. i played on it for a longer time and now it seems that this one is easier to press than that older Ibanez GA-7. Seldom do u hear a buzzing sound and when u play it in an enclosed area like ur room it resonates the whole room :)

Yesterday's band nite was super pro, [nt counting those high pitched, out of tune (and out of point) clarinet squeaks] their conductor is super cool too. haha during the final piece he even turned around and started conducting the audience. well done to the band pple like yingda, mingxuan, jerel, marcus low and frens.

Today in church. There was a lesson on the first part of James 2 by Charles. it wasnt an easy lesson as it talks abt God choosing the poor to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. i feel that isnt easy for us to take in that lesson as most of us in Singapore are very very well off. but i like the way he puts it: if all the rich pple take this too seriously, it wud be another situation where pple wud reject God. But if we are poor in spirit, and have a desire to learn abt God and feel the need for God, regardless if we are materially rich or poor, we can still go to heaven :)

Today was also the first time i served as Lord Supper i/c. it is nt an easy job!!! had to run around finding pple. that alone is a big challenge. hmmm... actually thats all cos nehe helped me arrange the attendance cards in front [thanx nehe] and a lot of the other stuff was already settled. but running around finding pple is nt easy :P

Some of u might wanna noe why i write abt stuff i do in church. i feel like this is an impt part of my life and itz some of the stuff i dun wanna forget. Happy reading!!! haha~