Friday, December 31, 2004

well.. i guess i owe u all my end of year 1k word blog entry...

but my mind is absolutely blank lor..

i basically spent the 'last days' going out wif church frens, haloing, doing iso (still not done, bah) sitting at the com and stoning, stoning in front of teh tv.

yeah.. my mind still blank, so nvm, jus wish u all a HAPPY 2005!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

jus came back from watching Phantom of the Opera.

on the spot while watching the show i would give it 4 stars.

as time progresses, i start smashing up the stars.

if u dun want its melodies to constantly ring in your head for at least 3 days on end, dun watch it.

in sleep he sang to me...


Monday, December 27, 2004

hai. dint take a pic of my hair to archive on my blog. so sad. its going to become short again tml at approx 1pm.

it's been a week after teh toilet incident.. but i still have phobia of enclosed spaces.. the door wasnt lock.. the doorknob broke....

this wk is practically gone for me.. today was the last day of lazing arnd and guitar-com-halo-tv. at least i finished my mep homework (terribly) so taht i dun have to get scolding when i go back to sch. heheh. the nxt few days is filled wif guit prac. so sad. i shud bring my scores there to practice. go there nth to do one.. onli waste ur finger strength and time... (cannot let ms ng read this.. lol). i mean... hu wudnt be sad if they had to go back to sch during the LAST wk of hols.

iso is still pending. i hope lit reviews are included in the word count.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

the same mangled doorknob.. more sinister looking.. hahaha Posted by Hello

da mangled doorknob (wif flash) Posted by Hello

today 2 things happened which demonstrates that God has control over everything. God has control over your car, and your toilet door lock. lets tok abt the funnier one first.

in short, i got LOCKED in my TOILET. i mean like.. how retarded is that?!? hahaha.

let u finish laffing first.

okay heres how it goes. i take a bath 1/2h b4 going to music class. (i shud be there now). i come out, get dressed, unlock the door and... turn the knob but the catch doesnt move out of the slot. BLAH. after i make sure i'm completely dressed, i scream in max volume for my mom (thank God she's around). she then tries the key to the toilet but obviously it doesnt work. so call locksmith from yellow pages. so i grab my clothes basket, turn it upside down and sit on it.

after 20 mins he arrives, wif hammers, screwdrivers and all. hammers the old knob away and... FREEDOM!!! hmm.. but in that short 30 mins in the toilet, i realised that God was like.. calling me to wake up. calling to me to realise that he is in control of everything. we shud not always go to him in prayer only when we need him, as many of us including myself are guilty of. being locked in a toilet means NOTHING to do. i mean.. if i'm locked in my room at least i have my guitars and xmas cards to write. but in the toilet? i jus like.. brushed my teeth then sat there.

HAHAHA. still laffing.

but on a more sad note, i saw a car accident right outside my condo happening. i mean, in com games crashing arnd in a car seems funny, but when u see it happening in real life it is SO NOT. it was realli a horrible sight, as i looked up when i heard the first crash. the car had hit a lamp post and then it skidded onto the grass. then i heard the crash of metal. i mean.. its realli LOUD. nt farnie. the thoughts that run thru ur head is not 'haha'. its whether the guy is safe or not. luckily the car did not hit any pedestrians or pple at the bus stop, and there were security guards there to help the driver and call an ambulance. so, be it ur car controls or ur toilet doorknob, God is in control.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

well... by now if i say i havent started iso i wud be an idiot rite...

i started out last wk wif a 300 word intro, expanded from the 3 line 'aims and objectives'.

then i was stuck.

ytd i decided to copy all the lit reviews and paste them into the report. my word count boosted to 1500. i was so happy that i dint do anymore iso for the rest of the day.

so here i am, wed morning, stuck.

at this point in time, i still dunno how worried i shud be.. my survey forms are probably onli 20% done.. and the interview... wad interview?!? die lah.

ytd i saw on the scrolling channelnewsasia newsbar thingy that Thai Airways fined for advertising incorrect info or smth. this supports my study!!!! yay. the prob is that it was jus scrolling across the tv... i need a report in paper...

theres still otehr work to go.. chinese, and mep. maybe i'll do mep now. angry at iso.

Monday, December 20, 2004

the days are flying by...

ytd i changed my guit strings.. this brand of strings called D'Aquisto... cost me $7. it claims to have medium hard tension.. but it still feels like normal. the strings buzzes here and there, but its relatively loud for 7 bucks.

after playing on my antonio sanchez for a few months now.. i discovered one of its few defects. theres buzzing on the 15th - 16th fret, 1st string. *shakes head. this is going to be my guitar for nearly half my life. lol. but doesnt matter.. can be countered by playing the 1st string closer to the bridge.

i realli want to enjoy the remainder of whats left of the holidays.. i want to go out somemore.. or play tennis man. i worked hard for this holiday.. endured 10 months of studying (hard).

haha.. zq is currently telling me abt his adventure in japan.. hahaha. veri amusing.

kk cya guys!!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

lalala.. at my father's office now.. he checking smth so i using com.. but apparently i nothing to blog abt haha.

these 2 days jus stayed at home and alternated btwn the usual 3... guit, tv, com... jus slacking. school reopens nt too far down the road onli.. and i still barely touched any of my homework. well, at least variation 1 of my mep compo is done, left 1 more var in order nt to get scolded. chinese hw... bah... jus need somebody to lend me their hse com so that i can copy and paste some nonsense from the net into my project.

the last piece of homework i shall not mention for the mental health of pre ib pple like myself.

sian.. dunno hus com this realli is.. windows messenger crashed jus a while ago b4 i could sign in hahaha. the keyboard feels ok but the space bar a bit stiff. SIAN!! LOL.

kk shall nt bore u anymore.. cya

Thursday, December 16, 2004

phew.. these days went out so much that had no time to update haha.

monday went sentosa wif church frens, now i'm badly sunburnt on my face, kena scolding from my mom hahahaha. oh and my budget was like... $5 on monday cos i forgot to ask my mom for marney.. but exceeded it by $1... i mean.. take bus there already $3 hahaha.

tuesday... tuition, then guitar. i'm a dyslexic grade 6 guitarist man!! my sight reading sux big time.

wednesday.. hohoho.. we successfully pulled off a bowling outing. we played veri fast for 5 pple lor.. 1 game abt 35 mins.. so fast hahaha. got 2 lanes.. so confusing hus turn on hus lane lolol. but was veri fun. last time i bowled was like.. sec 1 at the end of the yr. its been 2 long yrs. enuf time for long nails to gro on my fingers. so that was a challenge not to break any. but heyhey!! i broke my hi score of 147.

1st game: 110, kena thrashed by brendan's 124.
2nd game: 118 (strange no. , wonder where i've seen it b4...) kena thrashed by bren again, wif his same score of 124.
3rd game: set a new record (in my brain) wif a score of 160!!! so happy =P even tho i missed my last ball altogether

aft that played pool. com pool and real pool are 2 diff things man. nothing beats the com one lol. com one easier to aim. the real one not onli mus u aim the white ball at coloured balls, u must also aim the stick at the white ball lolol. but the funny thing is that the com doesnt allow the balls to leave contact with the table (right jerel?!!?) lolol. fun.

aft that had youth meeting.

then today. woke up at 10:20. too tired already man. and i finally finished variation 1 of my mep composition. homework is inclusive of 1 theme and 2 vars. so now left 1 var. hurray. and my theme and var 1 actually sounds ok!! after 1.5 weeks of hard work. unlike some pple.. can sit on some snowy mountain for 1h can write 80 bars....

yea.. tts all for nowz. cya guys!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

phew!! tired after a long Sunday.

ytd i jus changed my electric guitar strings.. i'm such a noob man. the strings they give exceed the needed length by abt 10cm.. so mus cut off.. i think i damaged 2 nailclippers badly by doing that lol. then i so pro.. the 'B' string poked into my finger when i was not careful. ouch. and when u buy a cheap cheap electric guitar, the features also cheap cheap. the 'D' peg i turn until i almost kena blister cos the peg got jammed up bad. ouch again.

ytd evening oso watched sg idol encore. SLY shud have won i tell u... i thot he performed very very badly or smth.. how can onli get 38% of votes?!? ok maybe it's my life was a bit overscreamed.. but the other 2 songs owned taufik's man.

i jus finished 8 more bars of my mep compo jus now... took me 2h... a lot of hard work man. but fun for me too... first time i'm using the blues scale i jus learnt to compose smth.. :P

yea... tts abt all.. cya guys!!

Friday, December 10, 2004

retarded outing

man today i went on the most RETARDED (:p) outing wif bren and yingda. be patient and u'll find out how retarded it was.

2:30pm. meet at cineleisure. turns out bowling is CLOSED. nth to do.. so walk to plaza singapura. buy guitar strings, then i call my father to ask where the nearest bowling alley is. "Marina Square" my father says.

it's closed.

at least the taxi stand is nt closed.. so we take yingda's option: Great World City. (actually i had this feeling that there was no alley there but we took a taxi there anyway). hohoho. no alley. sigh. eat dinner at kfc then go shopping.

at 5:30 yingda wants to walk to funan IT mall. when we are outside we encounter this building that has "Starbowl" written across the top of it. we go in to investigate.

lo and behold.....
it's a bowlign alley.
but prices are rip off. $3.30 for a game. retarded. then i had to leave soon, so blah.

nvm.. theres a happy ending to this story. nxt wed we are trying again. 2:30 meet at jurong east mrt. yingdas taking us to chevrons (dunno where that is) huever wants to come pls call us.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

virtuoso.  Posted by Hello

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Yay!! i'm back home. youth camp was a blast.. but i'm so glad i'm home again.

after not having a bed and warm water for 4 days 3 nites, it feels gd when you come into contact wif those things.

i jus woke up after a 5h nap, and my head is still throbbing.. later i'll go to sleep again until the next morning.

this youth camp i feel might not have been the best ever, but somehow it has rebonded the youth again after 6 months. i think you might want to noe wad we did there lah... so heres it in a nutshell:

Day 1:
nothing much, jus icebreakers, and missed sg idol

Day 2:
Morning: prayer walk
Afternoon: 'not so' AMAZING RACE.. wah i tell you ar.. our first clue took us 1.5h out of the 3h alotted.. and there were 6 clues -.-

Day 3:
Afternoon: Water games. fine. i cant stick my head into a bucket and bite an apple floating in the water.. happy?
Evening: Skit.. even tho there was a lot of time constraint, everybody still managed to put up smth in the end. and i also learned that the older you get, the more retarded you become.. lolol.
Night (or shud i say morning of day 4): nite tour. went to pasir ris park to play another saddist game.. walk around the whole park looking for clues.. the size of a 5cm x 5cm paper. LOL. our i/c got so tired of walking arnd wif us that she jus told us where the clues were.
after that we went to East Coast Food Village to eat.
come back to church, start playing those retard games again... play until my reaction speed become like snail.. cannot respond fast enuf already. hahahaha.
6:30 go to sleep

Day 4:
8:45 wake up
camp wrap up and go home.

hurray.. this camp was a great success. now the rest of the hols is realli gonna be fun.. haha

but for now, its time to eat dinner and then crawl into my warm bed again. cya.