Monday, October 11, 2004

today's mood: my happiness is on a roll!!

today the com taught me a very very valuable lesson.

when you want to transfer files from one file to another, either open 2 windows and drag across, or cut and paste.

do not:
1. copy
2. delete
3. paste is wad i tried to do.

u see, computers are prob like humans, when they copying stuff, can forget stuff, and need to refer to the original file. well, nt if ur file is already in the recycled bin. the next thing you open your recycle bin, and u find its EMPTY.

somehow, i managed to salvage one file.

but, each of the 3 files i deleted contains an average of 1.5 GIGABYTES of music per file.

in other words, i lost a heck lot of music lah.

life is so fragile. dun worri i'm nt ultra depressed, jus.. aiyah wad to do.. delete = gone. coms are liddat.

on a lighter note, today morning me, yingda, josh, jerel and bren played tennis in the morn, then issac yang came to join us too. i realli forgot how to play already. cant beat nobody hahaz. aft tt we go out for lunch at holland village, BK as usual. haha.. aft tt i walk the grp to buona mrt station, then missed one 92. so i jus sat and waited. 4 95s passed, and, get this, 2 200s. 200 usually comes at an interval at 1/2h - 1h. lol. but hu cares.. we're free.. we have so much time. today was a fun day. why shud i let the loss of abt 200 music files affect me. haha.. anyway gd luck for ur exams all ya pple out there.


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