Monday, January 31, 2005

happy birthday to me!!!

thx to all hu remembered my birthday!! thx for all ur well wishes!!!

hahaha.. today in sch was real fun man!!! got some big bday bash. i think our class is starting to get more fun liao haha. all those hus bdays have yet to come.. beware!! hahaha. dun worri david... we'll give it to u on the last day of sch hopefully lolz.

wah my toilet forever got smth wrong one.. first flushing system.. then doorknob.. then now...... punctured shower hose. walao. i starting to bathe tt time then wondering y pressure so low.. then feel water spurting out from somewhere else... turns out the internal hose burst.. shower hoses got 2 layers. 1 internal 1 exterior. so i tried to tighten the exterior metal casing, but water still come out. lololol.

kay.. i sick now.. dunno whether shud ponn sch tml.. kk cya all!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

okayyy... the digital piano is on the way. 2nd hand $850 Casio privia smth-500X model. realli hope it doesnt come wif defects. the guy says it is a display mod.. seldom used. well.. i'll find out when it comes on monday or tues. :P

Thursday, January 27, 2005

well well well.. another stressful week has (almost) come to an end.

today was self declared no hw day (wif a bit of help from the teachers). had mass halo jus now... haha. my mood has drastically changed from the past 2 days... the past 2 days were stressful and pissing. but now seems okay liao.

4 days to my bday.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

hi.. its me again.

today was another rough day.. it all started at chinese period, followed by a mass number of boring periods. even doing theory hw during free geog was more fun. anyways, today came back and napped (again) and went for music class... got back theory grade 6 results.. got 82!! which is a 2 mark scrape into a merit. honestly was hoping for at least a near miss of a distinction but nvm i passed, can move on.

jus now was toking wif my mom.. i realli dunno if i shud pursue music as a career... its realli a veri veri tough decision. right now my guitar aint progressing much.. cos got so little time. wonder if i shud do it for leisure instead... and now i also want to go and relearn piano... throughout the 10 years the piano existed in my hse i dint realise its impt until the 5 months it dint exist. well my mom says tt getting the piano aint a prob.. its a matter if i will practice again. will i? i mean.. the piano was sitting there for so long waiting to be practised on... wad abt now..... need to think this over. Lord pls guide me.

Monday, January 24, 2005

ergh. today i jus dun feel right.. i think its prob cos i too tired. almost puked over brendan during chapel :P i jus feel.. so sian about sch.

sch finishes at 2:40. reach home 3:15. lunch till 3:30 and nap till 5:30. tuition from 7 - 8. then left wad.. 2h to do work and relax. well i guess tts life.

i decided my guitar life needed a bit of spice.. cos everything is getting too boring. its jus the same boring classical songs.. guitar playing needs one veri nice piece that motivates u to prac more.. so today i decided to start learning Asturias!! i think some of u all cud have heard it b4.. jus dunno wad its called. b4 asturias there was.. Sevilla.. really magical piece... but it was so difficult that the magic could not be brought out by me haha.. so those type of pieces i jus shove aside for now.

yeah.. i guess tts all.. another mass toking cock session from me.. iso and a maths awaits.. cant wait for wkend (or even 1 solid hour of rest). cyaz.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

well.. i guess i owe everybody an entry, yeah?

i currently in writing mood now.. jus wrote 500 words on competition in singapore schools... making me depressed... and at the same time listening to ryan cabrera.. enhances the melancholy haha.

i think i jus want to write out the camp programme wif my additional thots, jus like how i shared wif my church frens at chalet ytd (it rawked!!)

anyway here goes.

its pissing lah.. right from the first activity. pitch until nice nice.. then amir comes along and tells us tt 'ur tents are nt near enuf to each other' and indicates somewhere in his message tt he wants us to repitch them closer. forgot sunblock for first activity.. so by then my neck was chao tah. but wad can we learn.. 1 person definitely cannot pitch the tent rite... needs teamwork :P

'No talking, no torchlights'. at first a bit scary lah. then i thought of 1 of teh verses of psalm 23.. 'yea tho i walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, i fear no evil, for Thou art wif me..' aft tt nt so bad liaoz.. then i thought abt the song this is my Father's world.

This is my Father's world
and to my listening ears
all nature sings and round me rings
the music of the spheres.

and also the part in the rustling grass i hear Him pass.. this made me realised that God is everywhere in our lives... even right now when u sit in front of the com and read my blog.

Going up is easy man. coming down for tall pple is.. siao. i slipped abt 5 times (haha sorry qiang.. scared u so much) and twisted my arm twice to prevent myself falling. but fotunately we all escaped wif brown shorts and few scratches, as well as hamstring and thigh crams. poor david and lui. this activity is also abt teamwork... need to support each other as we go up mountain.

how fun is this man... i'm actually driving my own boat!!!! woohoo!!!! the wind is nice. and the water is... more or less cleaner than the sewage. apart from few minor scratches.. was so fun. i was leader for 2nd half.. was quite okay.. made up some crap story for our SOS preparations. then the anthony actually believed melolz. anyway, i think this activity is one of the few times i helped brendan more than he helped me... he couldnt turn the boat for nuts (actually at first was both of us cock lah..) so i helped him after i learned.. supposed to paddle on the opposite side and jam on the side u wan to turn. haha.. its okie brendan.

well well well. this has got to be one of the most joker activities ever lah. our grp wanted to try new stuff and make a funny shaped raft. i mean.. even i looked at our raft and thought that T shape was the perfect design according to physics. go in only muthu sit on top and it crumbles. HAHAHA. and we push it right across teh brown water wif sludgey muddy riverbed. after that splash arnd and kena lectured by see teck hock abt my puny cut on my toe.. then take the seriously needed bath. oh yeah.. and the pond water screwy one lor.. my upper body can be warm while my lower is cold... rumoured: warm areas got more bacterial activity.

everything went siao lor i think hahaha. but at least our class managed to put up an item even tho it was so diu lian. hope its the start of a synergised year.

1) toilets. no comment.
2) sleeping in tents. needs serious tolerance man. even i was getting pissed by the last nite.
3) food. okay lah. after 3 days of nasi briyani, zinger meal rox.
4) mosquito bites. the last of my concerns.
5) Zane. hes so nice guy. i think hes wad i will remember most abt the camp. hes some psychologist expert.. and consellor at his church. within 3 days, can learn enuf abt u to freak u out by telling u abt ur character (and even the reasons for ur frenships :P) and the thing i remember him telling us that u cant get a taste of heaven wifout going thru hell on earth first. so wadeva u do mus have fun.

wah write for veri long liao.. erm... anyways, i think this camp has changed me, for better or for worst. i can tell that i have definitely become lamer. other than tt.. leave ya all to find out for urselves. back to LA. cya pple.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

went for guit lesson today in the morn. haiz.. every lesson i get more and more demoralised.. i starting to feel that sight reading is a gift.. its either u have it or u dun (i most probably dun).

aft tt was more fun.. went to plaza sing to buy an inflatable pillow for malaysia trip nxt wk (btw, i will be gone on 17 - 20... some camp in the jungles of Kluang). first tried carrefour on advice of my fren.. turns out he was referring to the suntec one.. so i look arnd. luckily theres a sports connection there.. the guy there hu served me was veri funny.. at first he looked veri calm.. getting change and all.. then all of a sudden he starts to explain the inflatable pillow concept to me.. abt how u shud hold the nozzle while u blow, and how pple have burst pillows and gone back to him to fix (it costs $4). lolol. was laffing after tt.

i dint noe my moms trolley luggage bag was so small.. i mean.. i only want to pack in:
1 sleeping bag
6 t-shirts
5 pants
1 towel
all encased in plastic bags

and one bag wif 2 shirts and 2 pants tt i dun intend to wear unless the tent gets flooded so badly tt i have no dry clothes.

at this point, the bag is already full

i still intend to squeeze in toiletries and my shoes. how man. lol.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

today was self-declared rest day for me. this evening i have sucessfully accomplished 0% work.

i miss playing halo in the morning when the server is nt jammed. you cant get that.. 'oh, i killed him!!' feeling wif a lot of lag. jus now played one last game and managed to scrape in first in the last game cos i last minute decided to take shee and drive arnd a bit.

well..tml back to sch AGAIN. wad to do... at least i got today to rest.. poor geogers.

wellz.. i guess tts all... cya all. hope the bloggy spirit revives.. so sad to have no blogs to read ):

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

my life is too eventful man. dunno if tt is gd or bad.

everything is happening so fast... ytd i had private guit and chinese tuition aft sch, then in evening went to make my new specs and 'fix' my current one that is still veri screwed up.

in my opinion, the 5 day wk is realli making everybody cranky. even the bus drivers... today i experienced 2 terrible double-decker bus drivers... the 74 bus driver jammed the break 3m from the traffic light... i almost fell down lol. the 165 bus i took jus now back from holland v oso liddat... uneven acceleration.. pple walk can fall down one noe... shud write in to SBS. oh and the 165 i took.. i noticed it was a heart bus.. then i looked at the donors... henry park?!? my primary school?!? lololol.

even more out of point stuff happens man.. when i was at HV looking for mark's photo frame, i saw lydia yap. *whut?!? lolz. weird things.

tml is party for mark.. jus hope he does well in australia... haha. i think hes definitely learnt a lot from us acs pple. gd luck to mark, altho he'll probably nvr come to this blog.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

today was one weird day man. after u almost work until u die for 5 days, suddenly u have 1 whole day to feel bored.

woke up at 10:40. lol. vast difference from the usual 6am. today was quite fun lah.. jus stay home and did wad i usually did during hols. tv, guitar (altho my fingers were still crammed up from past 2 days 4h of practice) and com. jus now went clementi to eat dinner and get my watch fixed. haha i dint noe it wud take so long... was also hoping to check my eyesight, buy t-shirts... and take so much money too. battery $6 okay lah can last for 1 year. strap... city chain sells for $18. i thot too ex so went to one of those smaller ulu shops. the guy there tells me $8. so i say okay. when its done he collects the money, and says its $18 dollars. lol. i onli heard the ba of the shiba quai. so i change it to a cheaper (uglier) $12 one.. so paiseh rite. but still so ex. the $14 i spent can buy a pirated pasar malam watch.

also found out today that the song True by Ryan Cabrera cannot be played by 1 solo guitarist wif all those string mutes. i tried it on my guitar... it takes a lot of force to make the sound of the string slaps. tt means got 2 guitars playing. so disappointing. its a nice song. but unfortunately my voice is also not made for pop music.. register too low. hai.. wish i cud sing higher lol.

yea.. tts abt it.. jus finished a terrible attempt on myself in chinese. tts abt all the hw i have.. so tml is free. cya pple.

Friday, January 07, 2005

the weekend is HEREEE!!!!

we work so hard during the 5 day wk man. all for 1 more day to slack. we complain all the way from monday to friday that we shud might as well have sat as 1/2 day. but when sat comes we can realli enjoy it man.

this wk has been quite okay i guess... full blown sch hasnt realli hit tt hard yet.. but i feeling quite an impact already. monday: woohoo sch started -.- tuesday: argh tired wed: argh even more tired thurs: arGH.. tired. fri: i dun wanna wake up.

over these past few days, met all our new teachers. most amusing of all is obviously Venu Rao!!! lolol. hes a realli gd teacher, cos 'maths is not abt the accent', but we cant help noticing it dude. HAHAHA. a limit is the fArThEsT point... lolol. but hes a realli gd teacher.. when i'm copying the qn he wrote on the board, hes finished solving it already. a self proclaimed genius indeed. ('i have many years of experience...' LOL)

yea.. the rest of our new teachers nt veri amusing... guess we stuck wif them for 1 year lor... worst is chinese. cant wait for my suck results to come out in march... then i can drop. heh.

anyways, wish u all a nice wk end. hope i have a nice wkend too. kk cya!!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

everyday i notice i waking up in the morning more and more tired. and it also seems that the 1st few days of a new sch term i always veri hardworking one. see how long it lasts lol.

today i dunno wad happened man. it all started wif my file. it went missing and i thot i left it in the library or smth. turns out it was on kevin's desk. next i cant find my foolscap pad. it turns out i put it into my locker by accident. but if i put my foolscap pad into my locker, where did my A maths A4 exercise bk go? haiz. still looking.

it's the 3rd day and i starting to feel sad liao. it was all after 5:30 when moley (no offence) called me and told me tt i was supposed to show up at mep class today. b4 tt shau ching told me mep for us was going to be on friday for us, followed by guitar at 5 - 7 aft that. i was delighted lah cos mep clashes wif UYO, and all the stuff is all on 1 day. but now mep class is supposedly on weds, so.... friday mus go St john's!??! tts the last thing i want. its like some goof ball wif no post going for training to listen to ur own peers command u arnd.

trials dark on every hand
and we cannot understand
all the ways that God will lead us
to that blessed promised land.
But He'll guide us with his eye
and we follow till we die
we will understand it better by and by.

yeah...tts basically my inspiration, just try to live life day by day. tml. tml theres normal lessons, guitar prac 3 - 6, no serious hw due yet, and maybe even performance for sec 1 oreintation. its a gd day isnt it? so i shall enjoy it.

Monday, January 03, 2005

1st day at sch.

my long pants are way too tight lor. and zq's are too loose. we shud exchange. lol. anyway first day was quite fun.. got to slack arnd a real lot. but we had 1st amaths lesson today by venu rao.. hes some super pro teacher, hu speaks super quick wif this indian accent. his explanation quite clear.

also kena elected vice chair today.. dunno how tt happened. poor brendan also got elected as chair.. i noe how that happened. haha.. so poor thing.. been complaining to us so much.

hmm.. tonite i finished compiling my iso survey results then feel like slacking liao... i think tml then start to write nonsense on the survey.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

MEP: 95% done
ISO: 50% done
Chinese: 1% done (i found out wad there is to do kay)

hmm.. and another new yr starts. everybody grows a year older and sets off in different directions.

bring it on. hope my long pants fits.