Saturday, October 16, 2004

i have changed a lot over the past few yrs.

but some things abt me havent changed one bit.

my sight reading of rhythms 3 yrs ago was terrible.
things havent changed. i'm still coming in on the wrong beat during ensemble (or shud i say orchestra) practice.

today was the first practice for guitar ensemble syf 2005. so. i'm stuck wif ang dun hao in alto section 1 again. for the 3rd yr. haix. lol. our first piece doesnt seem tt hard (to me), can play almost until end of page 1 out of 2. the onli prob is we have to play 7 semitones (frets) higher.. cos there arent enuf alto guitars so we have to play on the normal guitar. tt makes the higher notes sorta crazy. (alto guitars sound a perfect 5th higher than the normal guitar, or 7 semitones).

on the other hand.. i think this grp of 35 pple are more coordinated than this yrs 44. prob becos there was an audition so the better players were chosen. nt so much fooling arnd as last time. heheh. got some sec 1s in the main orchestra now, veri funny haha. give them alto guitars also dun wan to use... ms ng was like.. "WE ALOTT U GUITARS SO U CAN USE THEM" when she found out. lol.

yeah.. tts all my guitar crapping for today.. cya and it's time to pa-rty for the rest of us hu have finished exams.


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