Monday, October 04, 2004

day 21

today's mood: happy

today was a happy day.

until POD

budden i came home to change guitar strings which i bought on sunday.. and heyhey, they are the original strings that came wif my guitar: its called LaBella 2001 classical guitar strings... nt bad that i found out wad were the original strings which came wif my guitar considering that i bought my guitar less than 2 months ago.. hahaz. hmm... but i have this funny feeling... that i would be searching for the original strings for veri long.. but now that i found out wad strigns they were so fast.. like no kick liddat lol. i was expecting some super expensive brand.. but $12 for strings that sound twice as loud as ur d'addario pro-artes.. nt bad liao.

ok sorry guitar ignorant pple for that load of crap... yeah.. coremaths was quite easy (to me lah). POD was utter nonsense.. 50 mcq.. haix die lah. i'd be lucky to pass. but now i feel on the verge of freedom... tmls physics, wed is a maths and thur is chinese.. quite slack... yay after thurs can play!!! haha. but must wait for the rest of yall to finish ur exams first to have max fun... yea o level pple? cya =P


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