Monday, October 18, 2004

today watched 2 movies in sch.

both watch b4 liao.

days in sch are jus basically filled wif leadership toks, guitar jamming sessions, unending UNO card games and a lot of other nonsense. snore. y do i bother to go to sch at all.

today's chinese tuition was farnie.. 1st time i ever got full marks (5/5) for xu chi. wow. come to think of it, my first full marks in the whole year. wow. then later we were arranging dates for tuition. then the teacher's diary somehow said tt o lvl chinese was on 8/11. we all noe its on 1/11. she was like... WAD?!? lol. tt means 2 wks. and i have yet to start. ho hum.

i've been thinking for veri long.. u realli cant write 100% of all ur feelings into ur blog.. itz jus nt possible. jus the range of pple hu are reading ur blog. i usually modify wad i write on my blog to hu i noe is reading it. which is usually sch frens lah. i'm thinking abt havign a blog for church frens onli. but during hols lah.. everybody's blogs all quite dead. then can have more church pple tagging my blog, and nt under a nickname.. haha.

see how lah... see if the fad of the blog reemerges in church.

It's exactly 12h and 50min to release of results.. i thot i'd nvr said this.. but i'm jus aiming to pass all my subjects.. tts all (cos i dun wanna go con camp!!) haha kk gd nite.


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