Tuesday, October 19, 2004

final exam results

ok. here it is. open for all to see.

Language Arts: 64
Higher Chinese: 63
Introduction to Human Societies: 52
Core Maths: 89
Advanced Maths: 73
Physics: 78
Chemistry: 80
MEP: 76

POD: 68
ISO: 27/30

Total score (for IB): 33 + 3 pts.
L1R5: 10
all of the above are onli the final year paper marks.. nt counting rest of yr. still awaiting the overall tally.

ok heres the comments.

Language Arts: haix. so dissapointing.
Higher Chinese: wah.. nt bad.. zhuo wen got quite high.. my highest ever.
Introduction to Human Societies: kinda expected lah.
Core Maths: yay!!
Advanced Maths: i want my A1.
Physics: yay!!
Chemistry: yay!!
MEP: haix. i want my no. 1

POD: blah
ISO: lolz. ISO is full of crap.

yeah.. tts sorta it. congrats to the following pple:
Brendan Chia Minghui: top in level for Language Arts, wif a score of 88.
Lee Ming Xuan: for topping the class, as well as topping the level in A maths, wif a score of 104 (yes, over 100) but in the end rounded down to 100.

Well.. wad have i got to say.. this year has definitely been the most dynamic year of my life jus yet.. when u wanna improve some stuff, other stuff will jus slip down. this year i chose to work on my relationships and my character. quite successful, most of u wud agree, yeah? but wif this my results had to take a fall. even so, i managed to pass all the subjects, and still land up in the top 5 in class.

To God be the Glory.


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