Saturday, October 09, 2004

today's mood: happy in a way i havent felt in a long time.

after thinking abt this for a veri long time, i feel i'm not in the position to write a blog entry like this.

on the other hand, i'm probably one of the few hu can.

today started off normally, wif a 1h20min music class and book tennis (btw, tennis on mon 10 - 12!!). then afternoon it went sorta topsy turvy.

my hard case cant lock.

what is my problem.

take mrt wif my guitar all the way to payar lebar mrt, go to the guitar shop.. and hey presto, they cant fix my case.. so decide to give me a $30 rebate and a soft case. so i go back on the mrt wif a 1.7 guitar in a soft case. wow how pro is that. i go home and find that all the hardcases in singapore cost abt 120++. so tt hard case i bought was like... the cheapest in the whole of singapore. veri sad liao.. ok this part wud sound weird, but got 2 malay boys at buona mrt station on the way back hu like to taunt pple.. ya noe those type of troublemakers hu jus hang around and taunt pple? yeah. so i realli pissed lah.. they call me in that 'boy, boy' mocking tone... so i give them back the big time dao. but inside i realli realli pissed.

go home my father say jus go and buy a case in singapore, later buy from internet then got a lot of extra costs, might as well buy in sg. so i go to the nearest place: bukit timah plaza. their website in my opinion is super joke and they dun even state their opening hours. so i call them up and they say they are closing liao, but willing to wait for me.

the guy there doesnt realli look like he plays guitar, but his shop is realli complete, with electric, acoustic, even 12 string. but what warms me the most is his character. nt everyday u meet someone with a character like his. he is the fun bubbly type, and i could almost compare him to a 'fun loving chinese uncle'.. lol. so he intros me to the case he wants to sell me, and he realises i have a gd guit. so he tried it, and hes realli ultra pro lah. i tell u.. these type of salesperson, i dint even touch the case to test it, but i can trust its gd quality, cos of that guy's character. it'd difficult to describe, he jus has a spark in his character.

with further conversation, he tells me that he knows mr alex abiskanathan (or how u spell it lah), hu is the conductor of genus, above my guitar teacher. nt onli that, he shows me a pic of himself behind the wall, which showed him performing on stage in front of the words 'guitar festival 2004'. he was the champion of the competition. wow. thats sorta like being the best guitarist in singapore. haha

he gave me a lot more tips, like 'i wouldnt compromise by using that type of case' (like duh), cos
Matthew 9:17
"Neither do men pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst, the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved."
...jus came into my mind, so i put it here :)
he oso introed me to silica gel, which absorbs humidity.

and heyhhey... he also said 'parents these days... buy piano for their children and dun recognise the classical guitar as a musical instrument'... LOL. but my father doesnt think that way (altho my mom does, haha). what a guy, such a warm character. i'm so lucky to have my father hu supports me liddat. thank God. and of course, how could i have forgotten God, hu has helped me throughout my learning process and helped me until this stage. haix, this exam period has realli taken a toll on my spiritual life.. mus revitalise, and it surely wont be an overnight thing.

and for those hu think i'm veri rich, ur PIANO can buy my ROOM, with everything in it.


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