Friday, October 08, 2004

today's mood: happy


i've done it again.

ok.. today i shall try to write an entry which guitar illiterate pple can understand (for once).

for the time being... i will have 5 guitars in my room. just now went to ginza plaza... luther musicworks shop which sells guitars. they dun have such a wide variety, but the last time i visited them i thought the staff were pretty nice... and i support friendly service. bought a cheap cheap $280 electric guitar pack (yes, in electric guitar terms thats realliii cheap.. ok?). the sound of the guitar nt bad.. but the amp lacks kick i feel.. but still.. nice to play. the guitar is oso a nice sunburst colour too.

ok i go back home... and yeah.. i thought of talking abt it on my blog. here comes the farnie part: i dun even noe wad model my guitar is.. the brand of my guitar is 'craftsman' (yes, obviously when u type it into the search engine it produces obsolete results) and a 'dean markly' amplifier. haha... nvr heard of such a joker brand of guitar and amps rite... lol. i dunno.. altho it doesnt seem impt to know wad model my guitar is.. i would LIKE TO. i mean.. it isnt printed anywhere on the guitar lorh!! haha. but sound nt bad. effects too.

today went to sch in the morning to test out the sch's new guitars. nxt yr we will be called 'ACS(I) Guitar Orchestra' instead of ensemble [GOACS!!]... cos we got new guitars.. different size one. 8 alto guitars with another 8 shipping later this year, and 2 basses. as in classical basses. quite cool. if u all want u can check it out at the 'niibori world' link under my other links.

yeah... thats all for today... no sch for the nxt 4 days... but i refuse to be bored, although theres a limit to the amt of guitar ur fingers can take.. haha. gd luck for the exams everyone else!!!


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