Sunday, November 27, 2005

our number dunnowat attempt to play tennis has failed once again.


if not we will never get to play :(

boring days. hahah. basically just staying at home and stoning and playing guitar and piano and stoning. brendan going china to buy more pirated cds on tuesday.. so i wun have anyone to talk to on msn for a week hahah. also dun see a lot of pple online now.. so i shall go stone some more.

until more interesting days..

oh btw i will be uncontactable from 7 - 10 dec. cya.

Monday, November 21, 2005


i am bored.

i have waited quite long to say that hahah.

yup. if u want to noe just how bored i am come and join me and try to renew my handwriting. hopefully if i commit myself enough i will have a new handwriting by my church's youth camp in december, and also next year.

thats if i dun find something better to do soon. lolol.

then i shall be able to pwn brendan's handwriting. muhahahah.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

hahah this guy shares the EXACT same name as me.. right down to the chinese characters lol:

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

other quizzes u can try after u've done mine, in increasing order of difficulty (and logic):
zi qiang:
ming xuan:
weihan (seriously man i warn u all first... u need to THINK LIKE WEIHAN to at least pass this):

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

i have a quiz for you!!
my quiz:

yipeeeeee!!! ITS OVER!!!

muhahah. todays grade 7 exam was ok!! i hope. hahah the examiner is the most blur one i've had in a long time. shes from dunno where and is a pianist and choir teacher or smth (as u can see they seriously dun have enuf guitarists in the world, sending a vocalist to examine a guitarist). pieces generally okay apart from the occasional buzz or slip of string. scales ok too.. except A major 3 octaves which i screwed up (i hope she thinks becos of nervousness) and the spasticated dominant 7th arpeggio in the key of G played with imam fingering. like wadever man. as if u noe wad that means lol. they realli shud not give so many ways for guitarists to play scales.. its realli confusing hahah... change of tone, change of dynamics, change of fingering, change of rhythm... man. every scale u play must remember four things.

aural. haha i corrected the examiner.. cos grade 7 supposed to clap and sing the bottom line. budden she thot it was top line. maybe i shud have just let it be lol. so guai. basically i was wondering why the thing was so long (about 12 notes) but altho she made some mistakes in playing the thing for me, she kindly played the bottom line super loud ^^. but in the end, i gave her back some distorted rhythm and some melody which i made up myself. lol. i think i pwned the cadence and modulation, the piece description so-so. and i learnt something new today.. the dominant chord of a minor key is actually major in nature. yay. luckily she gave me 2nd chance hahah.

sight reading. b4 i made it to the end she ask me start liao. wahhh. hahah but luckily it was in A major, quite ok for guitarists, but in 9/8 time signature, which i had never done b4.. so i played the notes almost all correct, with absolutely no sense of rhythm or dynamics lol.

yeap tts abt it, not to mention the room was freeeezing. hahah thank God i made it out alive :P and whatever results that i get, it doesnt matter cos its in God's hands now.

kk, cya.

Monday, November 14, 2005


today was my annual visit to brendan's hse (in simei). hahah last year i dropped by around the same time becos i had to perform at tampines JC for my guit teacher.. so might as well say hi to brendan lolol. did the same this year too. brendan has a nice big house wif a nice big room all to himself. hahah i wish my room was as big as his.. a plastic bag filled with old books in his room is nothing. a plastic bag filled with old books in my room is a potential hazard cos i might trip over it :P

yeap so i checked out wad brendan does on average days during the holidays.. playing with his com, listening to his stash of (pirated) chinese cds, and basically staying home and feeling sian. hahah no wonder his LA is so good.. so much time to think (both at home, and on journeys to other parts of singapore (: )

kk tts abt it.. tml is guitar grade 7 but i dun feel like practising cos i feel like the right side of my brain is kinda jammed.. woke up at 6:50 this morning to go for the perf.. napping dint help hahah. so i shall hope for the best and let God guide my fingers, and all the sensory perception i need for the exam. cya.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

ok heres the website from oxford:

hahah i think the website makes the course sound realllll nice. but look at the number of pple they admit a year. 55. success rate 41.9% (actually quite high for courses at oxford liao hahah)

currently the situation is looking quite bleak for me after IB diploma. currently, the onli way to study music in uni for me is to 'zong' a scholarship that lets me study music, if not, its way too expensive. 2nd option (if option 1 fails): get a scholarship to study engineering and do a double degree. 3rd option(if option 2 fails): study engineering, become an engineer, and when i have enuf marney, go overseas and study music. option 4 (when all of the above fails): quit school and start teaching (joking.)

moe scholarships website:
most likely scholarship wud be teaching scholarship.

also, if i want to study music, i need to find a uni that has a guitar faculty and a guitar big shot there.. if not might as well not study music. hence higher music education in singapore actually has no future for classical guitarists, cos they would end up refering u to some yamaha tutor even tho ur in the university (according to my conductor).

found this too:
testimony that music education in singapore has (almost) no future for the classical guitarist.

so sad hor.

will be reading up a heck lot more on my future.

but for now.. i need my guitar grade 7 :)

anyone hu has advice pls tag :P

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

today was a sad day for sergei prokofieff.

his life and biography was massacared in a 12 mark essay by more than half of the mep students at acsi. (except for yingda lah.. hu actually studied something. and chris cheong, pipetius and oliver the natural pros) things that never occured in his life suddenly took place, and places he never ventured to he explored and met great people.

or in my essay at least.

sigh. oh and i realli do hope they accept my answers in pencil for the whole of the harmony paper. if not i cud well get a sub-distinction grade. boohoo.

many other tricksy qns were like the composers and periods for the first 2 extracts... the first abstract actually sounded classical to me.. but there was no classical composer hoho. so decided to tick scarlatti and put baroque period, cos first qn usually is from baroque period? hahah dunno. but something that contradicted my answer was that one of the sub-questions asked to mark down dynamic markings of a crescendo and decrescendo. now that wudnt happen in the baroque period.

2nd extract sounded romantic.. so lots of pple ticked romantic, and dvorak. but i decided to tick classical with the guy whose name started with M which i cant remember. muhahah cos the extract had WW and brasses in pairs. and melody line given predominantly to the violins. I DUNNO. I WILL NEVER NOE.

sigh. bye.

Monday, November 07, 2005



tml is d-day. hahah honestly i dint think i wud study until my current (tragic) state. too tired liao.

anyways, if u happen to be bored at home wif nothing to do, go watch this vids:

hahah even tho mep is so killer, why do i still want to do music? i still think that its more interesting studying music than some engineering thingy.. but my decision is still not made up yet. if i cannot make my music option clear by the end of this hols, there is a possiblity that i will change my subject comby to higher phys chem and maths. but found some info a few days ago.. managed to access the oxford uni website and looked thru the course on music.. hahah it looks incredibly attractive.. and i seem to be able to fulfill most of the requirements... onli thing is that they take in 55 pple from the whole world a year (!!!) yeapp so thats jus one of the options.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


u have to be either in a orchestra to learn prokofiev's classical symphony inside out.

or u have to be a retard proko-lover.

which is wad im going to turn into soon. wish me luck lol.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

i like the guitar one best :) now i finally have a pic of the guitar whose pic i cudnt find on the internet. the other pic is one of my bed.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

nice pics :)