Wednesday, October 13, 2004

today's mood: happy

'It is easy to score an A, but it is even more difficult to maintain it' - J. Dharma

yeah.. today jus got bak mep results... heres wad my real real feelings are.

yah i went in 2dae into music rm 1 hoping to top again lah, considering tt i got top for the past 2 yrs. (this may sound howe lian but, yes, tts my true feeling). mep is usually my best subject too. k lah to cut a long story short, almost missed my A1... was praying so hard tt i would score at least 23/30 for guitar duet so i could hit at least 75. i did get 25 (nt bad for first time huh.. haha). total = 76/100.

Pipetius Quah: 81/100
Christopher Cheong: 82/100

yeah... congrats to these 2 pple. i've looked thru this paper, and i've realli gotten every single mark i could get, little or no careless mistakes at all.. so congrats to these pple, cos u realli are better than me, and u dint beat me by some fluke or smth (i hope). (ok.. but i'm still holding on to the hope tt my rest of yr marks could pull me past chris cheong.. but tts a bit farfetched.. like 1% chance onli.)

quote ming xuan: as u go higher up in sec 3, u need more general knowledge to do well.
quote yingda: final year marks are usually controversial.

hmm maybe yd.. cos i'm the onli guitar guy.. so they cant give me too high, or too low... later pple say biased. (or i myself cry foul) at this stage, the pracs carry a higher percentage and so its the real grade 8 and dip pple hu can score.

yah... but in all still happy lah. over the years my character has realli changed. last time when i was younger if i did well i pretend to look sad in order to appear modest.. but now if i were to score well, i wud be smiling, so pip and chris chua, PLS SMILE. nt in tt arrogant way lah, jus to show tt ur happy tt u did well, cos u shudnt look sad. in the end those pple smiling when they came out were pple like yd, mx, even bryan chua.. lolz. well done everybody. nxt yr ultimate test: O level mep. cya there. once again, well done to chris chua and pipetius.


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