Sunday, October 17, 2004

i like to start wif mood lah.. if nt my mind is a tabula rasa.. blank.

hmm... today in church.. uncle cher yam taught 9:30 Bible class. i could tell tt it was simplified down a lot for the youth.. but a bit difficult to grasp.. hmm. explained how the Bible is 100% true.

after church wanted to go out.. so went to watch white chicks.. but onli got 3 of us.. lolz. we were hoping for a larger grp.. but some pple still having exams.. and others watched too many movies liao. white chicks is.. aiyah nt the best show i watched lah in my opinion. some of the humour is veri predictable.. and the real jokes are all sick jokes. well.. i guess theres a limit to how lame u can get wif the engrish language. anyway its realli a stupid show.

hmm.. i wonder if i shud start a blog for church pple to read onli.. cos theres stuff i can say wif church frens which i cant realli say to the max here. feed back pls.. and my blog is sorta dying lah.. haha. got too few pple to read my blog liao.. but i shall go on writing for those faithful ones hu read. cya.


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