Tuesday, March 29, 2005

hello again. today i hav something interesting to blog abt. haha.

besides the usual fated cursed chem pracs (today i broke a test tube by stirring a mixture wif a glass rod.. stir stir stir and piang.. a hole appears in the bottom of the test tube and all the toxic organic solvent and halogens spills onto the table. yay.) and other normal lessons.. some other interseting thing happened.

today i was supposedly caught 'sleeping' during Introduction to Human Societies lecture.. okay lah.. maybe its because my specs are too thick.. maybe its because i was looking too stone.. k lah i admit.. i wasnt realli tt interested in urban planning.. maybe its becos i dint make eye contact the whole lesson.. maybe he doesnt like my face.. =P

heres wad happened.. described graphically in slow motion.. the teacher suddenly pauses, walks up to my table, i see his eyes staring at mine (as u can see im nt sleeping) then i think he cud be wanting to tap my table to ask me a question or smth. instead he whacks my table wif such force tt it collapses and everything falls to the floor. (LT tables quite easy to fall.. nt surprised it did) then theres silence from everybody while i slowly pick up my stuff.

my feelings? i din feel anything.. lol. normally pple wud get pissed lah. not sleeping oso still wake pple up. lololol. well.. when these type of stuff comes my way in life.. i jus take it as a joke lah. stuff tt u read off blogs. stuff tt u tell ur friends jokingly.. tts wad this type of incidents are.

yeah.. hope i showed Christian qualities today. cya. :P

always stay awake during lectures. O.O

Sunday, March 27, 2005

kay lah kay lah.. sorrie for keeping u all waiting for so long lolz. dun u all miss the days where i used to blog everyday...... haha. i think tts nt as fun as if i blog once a while in a long while. distance makes the heart grow fonder. lol.

yeah.. basically after ponning monday and tuesday, nth much has happened.. many free periods due to ib interviews and stuffs.. other than that.. no mep.. so basically this wk was quite slack larh. but somehow i dun feel tt way.. still cant realli sleep well except for thursday nite.. mhmm.

ytd i basically spent the saturday slacking off.. alternation btwn tv, com, guitar, sleep. noticed a lot of goofy stuff in the newspapers.. like how my $340 phone dropped to $98. and how some guy classified a mercedez benz ad under mazda. lolol. urh ok wadeva. haha.

yeah.. nth much u wud find abt my life tts of worth.. cya =P

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

today was the first day of sch. cos i ponned ytd. onned my handphone in the middle of the night even before i fell into a decent sleep. it was 3:50. woke up at 6:10. "i dun wan to go to sch". back to sleep. wake up at 11:45. urgh.

currently recovering from jetlag. i hope to sleep well tonite. first day of sch wasnt so bad.. was much more retarded and had many more free periods than i expected it to have. yeah.


Sunday, March 20, 2005

hello everybody!~!~

jus came back from masterclass wif Maestro Carlos Bonell. basically u pay him $50 to let him hear ur piece and comment on it, play stuff for u, and tell u how to improve. quite worth it lah.

on appearing at the studio, i find out tt im the first to play.. and it starts in 5 min. so.. my brain goes into nervous overdrive lah. usually i go into nervous overdrive then calm myself a bit then play.. but this time got no time to calm myself.. so i jus tune my guitar.. strum 1 D chord for tuning check.. and.... i'm off. its indescribable.. the nervous feeling. theres a nervous feeling for performance, for exam.. but for masterclass got different one. somehow my ring finger on left hand stopped working.. so i basically screwed up all my trills lol. and all my running notes. haha in all.. roadkill.

then the comments.. honestly hes a veri nice guy.. i play until like dunno wad but still say gd stuff abt me.. he has a lot of interesting stuff to say.. all pieces have 'hooks' like in a story.. tt leads u to the nxt page. yeah. and also taught me a lot abt phrasing.. and also the super cool ritardando in time.

the masterclass is like some family gathering haha.. onli abt 15 pple showed up.. and i recognise or know half of them. its super cool man. and oso a lot of funny stuff happened.. my mind block until like a drain liddat.. he ask wad key the piece modulate to i oso dunno.. HAIYOH!! lol. i think my sec 2 fren probably played better than me lol.

yah in all veri fun... enjoyed it thoroughly altho i think i was like a joke haha.. hope to do more stuff like this nxt time =P

Saturday, March 19, 2005

guess hus back.

guitar camp was realli realli siao man. jus siao. my mind is still at a loss wad to blog abt it.

okay the first day went quite okay-ly.. onli thing i remember tt happened in the morning was dun hao flipping his slipper off his foot... onto the roof tiling outside the classroom corridor.. it sorta slipped down and stopped right at the edge.. so tt a broom cudnt reach it lol. we tried spraying water at it (dint work) then aft tt some guy tied a piece of plastic to a broom and woohoo.

first and last nite as sec 4s doing nite games... amazing race style. i dunno man.. but i think each station was real slack.. jus tt u put the (8) stations far far apart from each other.. and make one of them chasing chin leong.. and somehow becomes a nitemare for the participants. lala. made them do lots of funny stuff, which we tried ourselves.

yeah.. the rest of day was practising.. then fell asleep at 2 tt nite.. wake up again at 5am in the morning wif stomachache... there were several causes lah.. dinner was mcspicy double, supper was kaya and coconut bun.. and aft tt i go drink green tea. cudnt sleep after tt... then had gastric the nxt day until evening. ugh. realli got all cranky during practices.. was anyhow playing everything.

after a nite where we finally managed to sleep (thx to me hu turned off the aircon at 4am), we sec 4s wake up saturday morning the latest at 7:45am.. when the actual time we shud be awake was 7:30. lol. we are one slack bunch.. the sec 2s and 3s were awake b4 us lor.

after breakfast had small grp presentation.. i went to choose 4 seasons by vivaldi arranged for guitar for us 5 pple to play, which was seriously wrong. tutti 5 of us playing. solo 4 of us playing. haha if u all noe wad im saying. anyway, we screwed up big time cos we were one of the few grps hu chose to learn a new piece.. i even cut out 2 pages for them nt to play lol. the score was 9 pages long.

yeah.. i think this camp was a success.. even how SLACK it was. even so.. i played guitar so much tt there is a dent in my middle finger nail now.. but i think can still make it for tml's masterclass. erm.. and i've had enuf of aircon for a long time.. i packed tshirts and shorts.. i think must advise the nxt grp to pack warm clothing.. lol.

yeah. and going to the toilet at 5am is no joke.


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

hey all.

these past few days at home have been quite sian.. feeling quite lethargic all day becos i sleep too much -.- lol. finished 80% of a maths.. and tts abt it. physics i do until brain all messed up.. until the point i anyhow do lor. i havent anyhow done hw for a veri long time.. its always dunno then go to sch check one.

yeah.. nxt few days goign to sch for guit camp. quite sian. u noe the case.. its like going to p-sch wif jc knowledge.

yeah... guess today's the end of my hols. cya.

Monday, March 14, 2005

yo. i finally found smth to blog abt.

tml is strong man qiang's bday!! happy bday qiang. must buy u present.. see if can get u gym glove or nt.. if nt buy u acid plaster... LOL.

yea.. today went for guit class then had tuition in the afternoon. wah.. play until my fingers break man.. holding down six strings wif an average tension of 70N wif one finger is no joke. (lol i make it sound so difficult)

wan to go catch spongebob.. but onli have tml and wed.. lala.. anybody wan to come wif me?


Thursday, March 10, 2005

hey everyboday!!

wah im super exhausted now.. jus came back from my guitar teacher's house in ANG MOH KIO.. 1h from sch there, and 45min from there home. ugh. felt like puking on the bus ride back.. lousy pok 165 bus.. lol. anyway, my guitar teacher told me i can play in a master class nxt sunday evening!! haha my first time. a master class is basically where u churn out a reasonable sum of marney in order to have some pro dude hear u play a piece and comment on it. in front of a live audience. so excited!! haha. the funny thing is tt for the first bit of this year, i have no pieces in my performing repertoire.. so im gonna play a piece tt i learned in less than a month.. grade 8 ABRSM piece called Arabe Capricho. ^^

yeah tts abt it.. i think tonite i wun do any work man.. supposed to study chinese but... my brain is jammed. badly.

hope tagboard repairs itself quickly!! ^^^

Monday, March 07, 2005

ok all u despo blog readers hu dun even update ur own blogs..

nth much happened over the 3-day weekend.. forgot to bring home my a maths tb and forgot that the fizzix assessment papers existed. so wad do i do? play abt 1 1/2h of guitar a day.. sleep 3h a day.. lalalALALALlalalala. lol.

anyway.. i jus got a new fone an hour ago!! nokia 6020. its farnie how my father always buys fones without consulting me first lol. and its ironic that my iso topic small print in advertising involves studying newspaper advertisements, especially handphone ads. i dunno.. but to me nokia fones all look the same lol. this one is ok lah.. not cheap too.. anyways, they've improved a bit lah. the camera has outgrown the 3200 age and the fone looks better than wad u see in the newspapers. realli... even better than on the box. at first i was a bit skeptical but now i realise its real cool. :)

also tried new guitar strings.. savarez high tension.. it takes time to get used to ur guitar. but i think its starting to sound okay.. veri nice control.

dunno man.. i realli dunno how i feel now. tml sch starting again. lala. okay then.. cya all.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

hey all. i take this quick time to blog for those pple hu thing something tragic happened to me.

nono, im nt dead, then y wud i still be blogging?!? -.- anyways, its jus the chinese C5. got a big scolding for it man. today, linghui has passed the verdict tt all those hu scored b4 and below MUST drop. her other side of teh verdict says tt 'if the rest of u wan oso can' and so now left jia qing and dunno hu else taking higher.

anyways, for all of u out there hu actually had the thought of taking higher, even if u got a b3, go ahead and take lah. dun be so easily influenced.. jus becos our class is so slack and everybody is dropping doesnt mean u must drop too.. dun always let wad others do affect wad u realli want. and dun be so easily influenced. took me a long long time for me to realise this again.

anyways, tt c5 pushed me on to actually finishing studying for teh 2 tests ahead of time, do r and j and a lot of other hw which pple wud simply overlook.. and it oso made me how much time sitting in front of the com wastes. as in.. im wasting time blogging lor =P

yeah.. anyways, i think i'll be back to my nerdy days of primary sch for a while.. under the scrutiny of my parents.. wont be playing halo for a while too.. lost my touch in 2 days. yeah. cya all.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

hey yall.

the reason y ive been missingin blogging action this few days is cos of depression. as in.. i nvr been this depressed since p. sch. should i disclose y? i dunno.. i feel my life has turned upside down. i've realised how much time sitting in front of the com wastes. i mean, i stay away from the com for one nite.. and i manage to finish mugging for 2 tests like it was nth. and my parents have found out abt lots of the crap tt i do. like im goign to take mc to ponn st johns camp (but ur parents dun noe rite? ;P)

i think my sadness has turned me into a veri blunt person. somehow now i cant stand pple hu tell me they cant do smth. i mean.. jus do it lah. no need to tell me u cant. wadeva.

everytime when there is release of exam results, like psle, o lvl, alvl, i find it veri ironic tt the media onli interview those pple hu score high high in the exams.. and say wad.. oh the no. of failures is xx%.. less than last yr. the media doesnt show wad happens to those pple hu dun make it. for wadeva purposes. imagine u are oneof those hu dint make it... and everytime u see the tv screen or npp front page u see rgs pple crying in tears of joy when urs are tears of sadness. the irony. man i dun even understand wad im writing.

anyways, todays founders day was great fun.. mass crap session man. lol. balloons flying, books flying, mass stampede... so tts wad acs pple do every 5 years.

my life is still in an utter mess.. trying to pick up the pieces. this is onli the beginning. ugh im uttering crap.