Wednesday, October 27, 2004


i'm free yet still enslaved. this year i noticed that studying for exams realli takes a toll on me.. and guess wad.. its nt over yet.. still got tt chinese Os. oh and tt grade 6 theory exam on saturday. musnt forget. paid $100 for it. falling sick, suffering from depression... i dunno wad wud happen to me when i go to IB (equilavent of JC).

maybe i shud jus learn to take it easy lah.. today i did something different haha. i came back from sch and took a nap, then my cousin came over. thot i had no exams and could play haha. anyway so today i decided to slack. i jus took a peek into my chinese book and spent the rest of the night playing guitar. nahahaha. i managed to repair my veri-long-nvr-play grade 6 pieces. heh. and oso managed to almost complete another piece wif a standard close to diploma. yay. after 4 long months. well then.. altho today started off a bit bad, everything turned out ok i i'm jus going to continue to slack and maybe edit my project work survey a bit. yeah.

ok then tts all for today. gd nite and God Bless.


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