Friday, May 27, 2005

wahh.. jus woke up from my 2h nap.. ergh. singapore climate too hot liao.

today was better.. got more stuff to do.. and im the record holder for tips so far.. $7!!!!! lol. k lah.. a bit of stuff abt wad i did today.. i delivered some newspapers and faxes in teh morning.. one of the faxes cudnt fit under the door.. so i whacked the bell.. the guy was in.. so i gave it to him. turns out he was checking out.. so he asked me to bring his bags down for him.. i answered wif much hesitation.. but he gave me $2. so i lugged one trolley bag and the other handcarry bag down. handcarry so i thot. tt bag had wheels.. i found out when he walked out.. i had carried it by hand all the way down -.0

i managed to get the $5 from this grp of pple.. i was told to get a trolley and follow this guest up to the ballroom to get 4 boxes and come down again. i tell u trolleys are nt made for escalators.. goign up bad enuf.. i dropped one of the boxes when i was coming down.. lolz. got 2 escalators somemore. k lah so u can imagine. made me follow them into the car park.. somehow i think the trolley nt supposed to go there too.. lol. but anyway got tip :P

besides tt today i was asked to follow a senior bellboy to make a room change. well altho its jus moving bag from one room to another its more interesting than standing at the door. i tell u we realli cherish the moments when we get to do anything but stand at the door.

yea.. tts abt it.. tml my off day.. got chinese tuition. i think im goign back to sleep now. cya

Thursday, May 26, 2005

it takes a while to realise tt we do not belong in this world.

the reality of work is setting in. u expect everybody to be like wad the ten 'touches of hyatt' are.. but in actual fact everybody is far from that. hyatt, like any sch, workplace, or any community consists of the usual variety of pple. im also suddenly hearing a lot more swear words. ytd and the day b4 we onli noticed the nicer side of the pple. today the nice pple are still nice, but there are some nt so nice pple, most of their characters ive encountered b4. sadly the nice pple hav defects (erm duh). the morning shift bell desk workers are realli nice.. will tell us if u need break then just ask.. and also quite frenly. too bad about everybody there smokes, and all of them are complaining to each other, sometimes to me abt stuff they dun like... like the boss, pple hu dun noe they need to queue for a taxi, the taxi drivers hu keep walking in and out, the pple hu cant find the ironing board in the room, and walk all the way down to complain when theres a fone..... sometimes its so difficult nt to be influenced by pple.. must u hate smth? i haven said 'i hate' for a veri long time. and i dun intend to use it on anybody except the devil.

towards the afternoon shift, there are new pple from there, and they are slightly more harsh.. quite expected for pple hu work tt late lol. and i also started developing a bit of problem undertanding malay accent.. i need to ask twice b4 i can comprehend wad they are saying (about all the bellboys are either malay or indian). anyway, toward the afternoon i felt like i was starting to screw up everything.. yeah.

anyway some interesting things tt happened today:
saw this old man running without his top, onli in shorts, he had white hair.. but his muscles were like.. more distinct than ziqiang's!! lol.
i finally managed to give somebody essential information he needed. he wanted to noe how to get to marks and spencer.. and i knew how!! cos i take bus home from behind wheelock place. :)))))
this senior bellboy hu was showing us around.. he entered a room and he started wif 'now i hav a chance to explain you.' and i was like.. oh tts so venu man! lolol. haha.. he was having trouble wif the wireless keyboard which is connected to the tv internet. hotels are getting too high tech.

ok tts abt all.. my legs are super tired from stnading now. and dun underestimate the amount of stuff pple put in their luggage bags.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

and you thot hyatt was some slack hotel.

k lah.. my brain is so dead tt i think i shall go thru the day in chronological sequence and see wad comes to my mind.

i was super anxious this morning and ytd nite. i ate breakfast at home and was wondering how on earth i'd stomach lunch wif all my anxiety. 9:15 arrive outside the hotel in my shirt and long black pants, wif those crazy shiny shoes i always wear. wait until 9:20 and the 10 of us go in. we get stuck at security for quite long cos we need to produce ics and stuff which some pple forgot to bring. aft tt we go to the human resource room, then to a function room for orientation, from 9:40 - 11:20. basically this lady, Gwen, lectures us abt the history of hyatt, the products and services of hyatt, owners, grooming, blah, blah blah and blah. i dunno.. but for me its a bit unbearable on the brain.

okay, nxt we go get our uniforms. u may think tt a renowned has a gd supply of uniforms but actually nt realli. the uniforms look like they've been used for more than 5 yrs and some of the pockets are sown up so u cant put stuff in them lolol. anyway, after 1/2h we get our uniforms (and a bit of disappointment tt we wear until so nice to the hotel for nth) we go back to the room to stone for 1h cos our bell manager mr jed jiang (as u can see hes chinese) was veri busy (or forgot abt us). at 1pm, the security guard asks us to go for lunch first. oh and lunch is served by scanning ur ic so tt u can get rice + 1 meat + 1 veg + 1 side. the food there is ahem oily.. its realli realli farnie how the guests are treated so well but inside its nt the same wif the employees.

ok. at 2pm++ mr jiang finally appears and takes us to his office, where he lets us read this brochure and says he will test us aft 30mins (mugging) cos he has smth to attend to. then at 2:40 some informal briefing for the day takes place where the staff is briefed on vips arriving in the next few days. haha.. the lady describes the customers quite funny.. 'this guy ar.. his patience level is like that' and makes a 2cm gap btwn a her fingers. and the employees are all super funny.. the office workers scold each other, and the senior bell boys (or rather bell-dudes).. haha in the middle of the meeting they start doing farnie stuff like koping my notepad paper. haha.. our teacher told us nt to kope anything.. but yuengi morris aaron and thang koped the pen.. and they were worried.. but end up mr jiang gave us pens and notepads instead.

aft tt he took us up to 16th floor.. some suite. we sit down at a table and he gives us F&B details (moremugging) explain for quite long, ask any qns, and we ask him wad exactly wad we're supposed to do.. cos the whole day they nvr tell us. lolz. aft tt he shows us arnd a bit and lets us go. at 6. we rush off to ib talk and arrive 45mins late. compared to all tt hyatt propaganda, ib talk sounds like music to my ears.

other stuff. the pple hu work there are realli serious, but can be quit efun. the laundry pple there are realli friendly. haha. dun u jus like nice pple. ok. but the staff area tt is hidden away from the outside is realli... confusing. wherever theres space they jus build a corridor for easier accessibility. we almost got lost while trying to find out way out!! lolol. we labeled it 'the dungeons'.

yea.. tts abt it.. im super tired now. and we're supposed to memorise the opening and closing ours of outlets and BLAH. i think i jus copy it onto my notepad and when someone asks i jus refer. lolz. anyway, my hp will be off during work.. nt allowed to turn on. jus FYI.

Monday, May 23, 2005


the weekend was okay.. had chinese tuition and slacking on saturday.. then ytd had church and tried to teach my fren how to play guitar.. nt bad la.. he learnt Em, C, G and D, as well as c major scale, all in one night. hahah.

today was guitar lesson in the morning.. quite okay.. cos i crashed coursed my 3 grade 7 pieces.. learn all in 1 week. tt reminds me.. i need to print out the scales for grade 7. yup. and also got the koyunbaba 2nd mvt score. its quite short.. managed to read thru it within an hour jus now.

i feel super lethargic man. must be tt bogus long nap i took in the afternoon. and tml is going to be the first day of work!! ahhh!! anxiety lolz. i don hav any of the pple hu are working wif me phone numbers. and all they specified abt the work attire was 'black leather shoes'.

ahh well. tts all i guess. still got tt inertia to do smth...

short hair for the hols.

Friday, May 20, 2005

to God be the glory.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

common tests results are coming out tml!! ahhh.. this time i realli dun expect to do veri well.. but i think im nt ready for some major surprise failures. plsplspls.. nt my core maths..

anyway, i got posted to Grand Hyatt!! going to work as bellboy for 2 wks. hmm.. the thing is that when God gives u smth gd.. he tends to leave out smth to make it more challenging.. im the onli one from my class going there.. i was telling yall tt it wud be nicer to go to some crappy place wif a fren than go to some grand place all alone (accept heaven tt is). ahh well.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

ok all u despo blog readers hu dun even update ur own blogs. yes tts u. :P

chem was okay.. got 21/25 for my mcq!! yay. friday totally rocked.. jamming in class lolol. except for that small telling off by soo.

ytd went shopping wif fattz for brendans bday present. haha.. the way i shop is kinda bogus for a guy i think.. first i went to plaza sing by bus, (almost got recruited for modelling) then to peninsula plaza by train, then to bras basah complex by walking. i walked practically the entire plaza sing to buy some super plain thing u can find anywhere for brendan.. haha but hope u like it. fattz also chipped in so cud buy bigger ticket item. heheh.

nxt to breadtalk, then to peninsula (1 stop from dohby to cityhall) went to davis to buy my classical strings and a cloth, and got turned down by them wheni asked to try their 12 string o.O after tt went to this shop called Maestro nxt to davis. they specialise in acoustic and classical guitars. tried one of their 1.8k Alhambra guitars.. they such nice pple lah. added myself to their mailing list. i even got a card. the alhambra was ok i guess.. at least the 15 fret works.. nt like mine -.- the guitar sound nice and bright, but of cos im looking for something more powerful.. to buy in like 5 yrs time.

walked abt 10mins to brasbasah and went to sweelee to see yofattz fretless bass (of cos nt made by yofattz, nor is it an artist model). still has dotz to show positions haha. yea.. saturday was basically spent shopping.

today went church and here i am, fingers sorta exhausted after practising guit. and now im leaving, to sleep. cya.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


physics was pretty ok.. got that wholesome feeling after i finished the paper.. altho there was time constraint (i had 15mins to finish section C) i still managed to get thru it yay. but still.. the mcq is super tricksy.. u dun have time to stop and think for 5 mins over 1 qn.. i jus whack one answer and shade. ahh well.

im starting to think that all maths papers all want you to choose which questions u can do and do them onli.. and leave the rest of them blank. if onli hor. this was the 4th paper tt i was rushing to finish.. and 2nd paper tt i cudnt. all the qns i seen b4 somewhere.. but jus cud nt remember how to do it. so sad.

anyways, 1 more day, 1 more paper. chemie.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

hi again.

today. core maths. they gave us abt 4h of study time b4 tt and i spent abt 2h of it practicisng qns. then comes the paper.. i basically left half the paper blank.. came out from it shivering.. but i had some weird feeling tt i did my best.. but still screwed it.. so.. aiyah heck lah. there are seriously no guarantees.. i cant keep expecting some magical moderation to occur to pull my marks up to an A1..

anyway.. house upstairs was having some renovating works.. tried to sleep jus now but cudnt.. so now im cao ji groggy.. but still feel fine surprisingly. why cant they like.. make machinery that produces noise more musical.. dun u think tt will be cool.. instead of pissing pple off the day b4 the exams.. i mean God's temple was built without any noise.. ahh well. tts life i guess.

ad maths.physics.chem

2 days.

Monday, May 09, 2005

mugging mep almost killed me.. but it was worth it.

the ironic thing is that all the memorising of how many holes there are on non western flutes, how many frets and strings there are on non western string instruments.. was NOT NEEDED. man.

oh well.. other than that everything was pretty ok except for hearing metallaphones as gongs. nvm onli 1 mark. and i dont noe any of prokofiev's other compositions.. so i left tt section blank.. give ms ng an easier time.

like the sitar,
the geetar is made of hollow resonant wood.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

i dunno.. im starting to think that life is just a bundle of feelings.. and feelings are caused by some weird flow of tides in the brain.. u cannot feel happy for more than a certain period of time.. u will jus suffer from withdrawal symptoms eventually. i was feeling perfectly in control of my studies on friday nite.. with quite a bit of chem done. i woke up saturday morning and after chinese tuition at 1:00 it basically went downhill from there.

everytime i get that 'feeling' of withdrawal, i jus cant study, or nothing goes in. and now its pushed me to this point. i am sitting here at 9:30 the day b4 mep exam, given up on prokofiev's life and more or less given up on chinese and wondering why i slept so much ytd. issit all caused by tidal waves of sadness and depression in my brain? y cant we humans study like machines and ace all exams?

Thursday, May 05, 2005

wah i need to rest.

my mep duet practical was at 5:30.. was expecting mr choo to come at like.. 4:00 or 4:40. end up he came at 3:30. lolol. so we practiced for 1 1/2h.. was super tired. haha.. i anyhow playing throughout the whole time we practising.. then exam itself suddenly can play again.. lolz. the performance was 90% standard.. jus a few slight slip of notes.. and guess wad i was thinking when i made the mistake: 'if you keep fearing you will make a mistake u will'. immediately i hit a wrong note and i tell myself: 'see larh. told u so.' focus man.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

mep prac.

capricho: first 3 notes are 7th fret harmonics, followed by running descending notes.
2nd set of 3 notes are 7th fret harmonics, but out of my nervousness i played 6th fret harmonics, super clear, super high pitched. sorry lah my guitar has no dots... and at least i dint scrunch up my face.. maybe ms ng may not have noticed lol.

koyunbaba: ms ng was laffing at how long i took to tune. okay lah.. i used tuner for first 3 strings and hearing for the bass strings.. maybe its jus not a gd method lol. im supposed to tune all by hearing but heck. after i finished tuning ms ng toked to me abt the piece and transcription for abt 1 minute.. then i started playing. when i heard the first 5 notes i could seriously hear my guitar was out of tune.. cos of the air con. LOL.

anyway, i have yet to play a 100% exam piece. i can like.. dream on lol. maybe someday...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

sitting here at 11pm the day b4 mep prac.

this year mep is more of a 'aiyah wadeva' and 'fail already' subject.. modern music is realli too much. anyways, this year i oso dint have to like.. stress myself so much over mep practical.. cos i got pieces long enuf ready long b4 the exam. im jus listening to some recordings now to gain wadeva inspiration i can.

and btw, ALWAYS send in ur electronic products warranty card. ive had 2 bad experiences already. one wif a $99 item, and more recently a $830 item. haiz. i feel realli dumb.. haiz. pple jus tend to try to do things once once the thing is spoilt.. by then too late already.. warranty card must be submitted within 2 wks of purchase...

ok wadeva.. nows nt the time to think abt it. nows the time to sleep. cya.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

hmm.. the saga is nt over yet.. all is nt well.. lolol.

the guitarists seem like the bunch of most sore people among all the performing arts grps.. yeah lah band and cpac wun be sad.. i doubt choir wud be either.. maybe drama a bit disappointed... chamber definitely disappointed but fattz and cheong seem over it already.. but 2 whole days after 280405...

today i chatted wif my guitar teacher for the longest time on handphone.. lolol.. discussing syf. found out tt.. in jc category, there were 4 silvers, 1 gold and 1 gwh if im nt wrong.. if there realli are 6 jcs.. but the thing im sure of is the sole gwh recepient temasek junior college, and tampines jc got gold.. conducted by mr choo.... acjc got silver.. and yah. hmm.

i heard theres lots of controversies.. temasek jc is conducted by none other than our acsgo's old fren thomas liauw... our conductor in sec 1 hu pangsehed our performance. i heard wad.. they used a lot of percussion.. first part notes so soft tt u cant hear.. then at the end percussion drown out guitars. thomas liauw is also related to ntu in some way.. and there were also ntu judges on the panel.. *raises eyebrow*. mr choo says that yes they are of gold standard but gwh? hmm..

anyway, ive been looking back on our performance.. and u cant realli say its a clear gwh victory.. i think we need to sound like a recording or smth to get gwh.. our sevilla was a bit rushed.. and maybe we arent natural enuf.. maybe we were trying too hard (much like the other schools) too many retard things.. like putting leg on chair to play.. okay our swaying wasnt as exaggerated as other groups.. maybe our expression was a bit constipated.. I DUNNO.

well.. there isnt realli any established guitar ensemble standard.. i think its time we go see nus guitar ensemble concert again... we need a standard. maybe we wun follow the japs.. too exaggerated. but nxt syf goal: RECORDING.

mr president and ms ng, pls dun be sad.