Tuesday, December 27, 2005

today is the last official day for stoning.

stoning is good.. but not for too long. i think if my brain stones for more than half an hour it will start getting sad. and being sad is not a gd thing hahah. so i decided to go buy guitar strings today. when i left the house it wasnt raining but it was quite dark.. but i was like.. heck the umbrella. and guess wad when i reached the bus stop opposite king albert park it was raining. so i waited some time for it to become a drizzle... bought my strings and headed home. now it wasnt raining when i got to the bus stop opposite bukit timah plaza.. but guess what.. when i reached home it was pouring -.- so i waited and waited and just gave up.. hahah and got all wet. of all the days i dun bring an umbrella.

yeap anyways i cleaned out my guitar fretboard today.. it was disgusting.. i think there were dead skin cells that turned black that collected on the fretboard.. along with moss and dust and yucks. hahah it turned my cloth black. and i cant seem to restore my frets to their original shine, regardless of the amt of lemon oil i use.

tml i will be going to st anthony's cannosian sec to help my guitar teacher teach.. must wake up early. in a long time haha. then after that i plan to go home and dump my guitar then head to brendan's house for class party. and that is lame cos st anthony's is at bedok.

aft that is thursday to rest.. and then my church thxgiving party!! will try to stay up the whole of friday night to totally reset my biological clock mann.

and sorry guys, i cant stayover cos if not nxt yr i will have no books. my parents are working on thurs and theres onli me to go down and buy. yeaps. cya.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

hey everybody!! merry christmas!!

see you all at class party. hahah.

thanks brendan and yofattz.. ur the first and second person respectively from sch to give me a christmas card ever :)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

YES!!! WE PLAYED TENNIS!!! finally. it dint rain cos it wasnt at my hse ^^

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


today i went shoe shopping with my cousin.. he bought a nice pair of nikes. all who go to queensway beware!! nike has now controlled the amount of discount queensway can give on nike products to 15%.. so stuff is slightly more expensive now. saw quite a lot of nice shoes.. a bumble bee coloured nike shox, yellow asics speedster, the new updated gel landreth II (mine is gel landreth I hahah), new balance 900, and a new red coloured new balance 901. but i dont think i will buy the new balance models.. they have practically no arch. arches are impt. mhmm. but i dun think i will be buying a new pair of shoes for another year unless my asics happen to catch fire or something. lol.

after that went to ikea.. ikea is a nice place to get cheap but reasonable looking furniture. was looking for a nice chair for me to play guitar.. but i think my current one (also from ikea) is still ok. hahah nothing matches my vision of a bright red chair, slightly textured and inviting with no arm barriers, correct height, all inviting to play guitar!! hahah maybe i shud make my own. so i bought a set of cards instead. and its seriously not worth it to queue up just to pay for a set of cards. shud come mass shopping with my family sometime hahah.

yeap thats abt it. love is a mystery

Sunday, December 11, 2005

just came back from youth camp!! woohoo.

go hear and do a personality quiz.. www.personalitytype.com must think realli hard one.. dun just anyhow whack the 4 qns. its quite gd i think. i'm an ISTJ. brendan is ISFJ and i cant remmeber wad yofattz is. lolol.

kk.. tennis soon. cya

Monday, December 05, 2005

yoz. wow its been a long time since i last blogged.

in 2 days camp is my church's youth camp!! real excited. been planning a lot for these few weeks. brendans coming back tml? hahah i dunno.

i'm also seriously considering my future choice of career.. music is getting more and more less viable. hmm.