Wednesday, June 29, 2005

okayy. im just taking a break from work. lala.

on monday thiru asks for ERP assignment due next wednesday.

Chen Yi chiongs ERP and feels happy after finishing. yippee.

on tuesday carol low asks for chem article due on thursday. also gives out worksheet to be due on thursday.
low we fong asks for holiday testpaper due on friday.
thiru reminds us abt chapter analysis presentation for me on friday.

Chen Yi chiongs chem article and feels happy after finishing. yippee^2

on wednesday low we fong gives extention to next tuesday. yippee.
pat soo asks for physics holiday testpaper to be due on friday.
Oh and class teacher also says subject option forms should be in on thursday, tts tml.

Chen Yi comes home to chiong physics testpaper and after doing half of paper 2 arrives in front of the com puking from the amount of homework that Chen Yi has to do. Chen Yi feels depressed.

in order of priority:
Subject option form!!!
chem ws (due tml but being disregarded)
physics testpaper!!!
Lang arts presentation
core maths testpaper.

now i noe why the express stream did so badly for mid years. veri soon venu will be demanding his testpaper too and Chen Yi will collapse from stress. hurray.

Monday, June 27, 2005

heyy. first day of sch wasnt so bad.

today was kinda slack.. cos got some super long principals message.. then got a bit of integration revision.. and then PE where we played tennis using table tennis bats.. then slacked thru 2 lang arts classes and free geog. then another slack PC talk. bargh but this week theres st johns day!! on friday.. and unfortunately i havent quit st johns yet. well this year no need to march for once.. but i dunno wad will be going on.. and i also dun even noe if i will get promoted or not.. most likely not in my opinion. if im not getting promoted then im just in st johns so that i can keep my sgt rank and try not to get demerit points so i can get my guitar honours day award :))

i dunno but im still feeling veri awake now at 10:20.. just finished ERP and gave up after doing 2 qns of a math. went to play guitar until my whole arm cramped after 3 rounds of aranjuez cadenza and here i am lolol. okay this is so boliao.

yay nxt monday is a holiday!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

ahh well.

i'll be waiting for a time when the fun never ends. that wun happen while im still on this world that is.

Life is a temporary assignment.

Monday, June 20, 2005

heyhey. i am finally back.

this was probably the longest 'blogging recession' that has occured ever. lol. basically last week was spent rehearsing for my church's acapella concert held last nite. thx to brendan, fattz, and li jin hu came altho u all took the bus in the wrong direction :P

yeap.. last year during the middle 2 weeks of june hols i grew very close to my church frens, this year was no exception. i have realli made many new frens and toked wif pple i nvr toked wif. also a warning when i go back to sch, i will be more siao then ever. pple sitting arnd me beware. muhahah.

anyways, im realli realli reluctant and quite sad to leave this sheltered 2 weeks wif my church frens, cos i noe once sch work kicks in a lot of stuff will crumble away, and pple will start drifting, and even for myself, i will have my own stuff to take care of.. especially guitar concert lor. why cant they get one more alto guitar for ME. its super obiang to play until the 19th fret on my standard guitar lor. lolol. and concerto aranjuez is still in pieces.. i seriously dunno man. nvm.. will see the orchestra score on wednesday (hopefully), and maybe ms ng will see the light. heheh. but there seems to be no way out realli. poor me. guitar prac is smth like 10 - 6 on wednesday!?! wadeva man. haiz.

my maths homework is still wif moli.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

hey everybody!!!

i hav just come back from port dickson, malaysia for church camp!! it was great fun. i realli learnt a lot and grown a lot spiritually from this camp :))) when it was all over.. i got that feeling that i wanted it to go on forever... just too fun. a taste of heaven on earth.

yeap.. nxt sunday 19th of june is my church open hse!! hope as many of u all can come as possible.

now its time to sleep. tired mannz.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

hey. its been some time. ok heres a short update of my life before i disappear to malaysia from tml to sat for church camp.

saturday was the last day of work.. we were overjoyed!! but we dint really say gdbye to anybody.. but we can always pay them a visit when we go to town. yeap.. then sunday was church, and ytd was guitar in the morning, and a mass shopping trip from bras basah to ps, then watch madagascar, and then walk the whole of ps again wif brendan. lolol. i dun hav the stamina i used to have... maybe its cos of the work experience.

today will prob be slacking at home.. my bag more or less pack finish.. later mus go sch to collect some st johns nonsense.. aiyo. then got piano class.. but i have no heart to do the hw lol. yeaps.. tts abt it, other than the phenominal feat i have to pull off of learning the 2nd mvt of the most famous guitar concerto ever in 1 month Oo mr choo told me its an FRSM piece. fellowship royal boards of musicke. and chris cheong and ms ng thot it sounded easy. heheh. u shud see how i practice. i finish practising the first 4 bars of chords and im like.. 'ouch' from barring too much.

k then, cya all when i come back!!

Friday, June 03, 2005

finally, today is my off day.

the past few days hav been quite hectic.. i was working on sunday 10 - 6, then monday had chinese os.. and then tues - ytd was working 2 - 10. it is realli realli realli tiring i tell u. u noe on the first day on the job i could hold the door open wifout stopping it wif my feet... now cannot liao lol. well at least ive stopped dreaming about the job.. jus that i dun dream at all.. lol.

the last 3 days hav been quite monotonous.. nth much la. dint get to deliver much stuff.

yeah.. tts the monotonous hyatt bellboy life. it pays $5 an hour btw.. so tt means we shud be getting at least $360 in pay.. but doubt we will get it. ah well cya.