Saturday, October 02, 2004

today's mood: achoo

exam stress has realli taken its toll on me... i think nxt friday i'll probably come down wif pneumonia or smth.

exam mode is on... but as usual the power only lasts thru about only 4 days and usually it can be sustained if ur first few papers are moralising. in this case...

friday 1/9
HMT 1: heyhey.. ya noe wad? i think i used my first chengyu in zuowen for the whole year.
Chemistry: time management. practise practise practise. so wad... the teachers somehow have this power to set stuff which we dint study.
MEP last paper: my harmony... my precious harmony marks... :'(

saturday 2/9
Langarts: 1h... chiong ar!!!
IHS: its bad that we have so much chem to study already... do u have to throw at us another set of notes of last year's geog textbook all crammed into a stack of 50 page notes?!?

hmm... looks like i enjoyed chinese compo best, yeah?!? thats sad. for someone like me. well, 4 down, 5 more to go. core maths, philosophy, phyisics, a maths and HMT II.

then i'll get the pneumonia attack.


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