Wednesday, July 27, 2005

dun ever do maths when ur pissed. cos it will make u more pissed.

the amount of work is realli getting unreasonable.. it seems i just finished an assignment or FOUR last week.. and somehow the maths homework has flowed back again. ad maths is due on friday and im halfway thru. not onli that.. there is chem and core maths waiting (dunno due date when.. but it will come at an unexpected time). chem quiz on friday, chem test and core maths test on next wednesday. wads more my grp has LA(B) presentation on nxt wednesday too. like gd luck to us lor. why do all teachers think the same way.. as in is wednesday realli the best day to hold EVERYTHING?!? i am so anti work now. even when i got no cca, there is still no time. doesnt help that mep ended at 6pm today.

sigh. realli cant wait for friday.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

this inactive blog.

well its been a week after the concert.. and im like free of everything now.. guitar has stopped and i have been evicted of st johns wifout a promotion.. well serves me right right? lolol. so im super free now.. but dun seem to be ahead of anybody in terms of work. hahahah i feel real slack.. altho im actually doing work at home.. b4 the concert i was putting work off manz.

yeah this week at sch was quite sian.. usuall stuff wif a slight number more of free periods. onli remember the incident on monday wif the thread, duster and venu.. lol was quite comical. i hav also been doing mep compo.. but will stop quite soon cos i already have 44 bars.. quite a lot liao.. can put off to a later date :P

so. there are lots of stuffs waiting. in order of priority: physics tys and test, the 2 maths ws, the la(b) seminar, the ihs assignment, and the meaning of life. im now trying to chiong chinua achebe.. onli at chap 11.. but thats already halfway thru ^^ but long way to go -.-

okays tts abt it. lol and i onli remembered there was chamber tonight this morning. almost forgot abt it.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

the day after.

so. its the day after the concert.

yay i made it thru my 3 solos!! hahah. thx to yo, timmy, david, marcus lim, and rayan hu came in the end.. and li jin for slipping in after his prefect duty hahah. thx for shouting and cheering!! haha.

phew i realli feel veri free now. guitar will now settle down.. and CHINESE FOR THIS YEAR IS (almost) OVER!!!! yeah. hahah listening compre was quite crappy.. was joking to sern b4 it started that if they closed the audi door and cut off reception to the 20 or so radios i would laff. and it happened!!!! lol. so while we were trying to concentrate on the man and lady hu were toking so quickly over the radio we were constantly being interrupted by farting noises of static produced by the radios. nansense.

kk.. hope u all enjoyed the concert as much as i enjoyed playing in it!! the darker secrets of ACSGO FOA 2005 shall be released at a later date.. anyone hu PANGSEHED my concert feel free to ask me for recordings :P

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

yay i think im finally recovering!! after 1 wk. but my throat still a bit pain.

hmm i think u all are quite interested to noe wad we are going to play for the concert so here is as much as i remember:

Brazillian Street Dance
Sunrise (somewhat african and comical piece)

-Duets and small groups-*

Desafinado (swing/jazz)
Tears In Heaven
Sevilla (classical spanish piece)

Sec 4 quartet: a super abridged version of 'Yesterday'
Koyunbaba (abstract solo piece by me ^^)

Adagio from Concerto Aranjuez by Rodrigo (supposedly the most famous guitar concerto)
Bass Dance (renaissance/baroquish piece)
Spain Chick Corea (our 2nd syf piece.. veri spanish.. veri nice)

*-the duets and small groups play a range of nonsense.. from cute music by jap composers to retarded sounding spanish stuff.

okay. today was quite slack in school. or rather i was quite slack. my brain is in quite a terrible state. im falling asleep during physics, chem, and maths. and they are supposed to be my niche subjects. lol.

anyways it was raining just now.. and i noticed how me and my father somehow become cranky everytime it rains on a tuesday. lol it is realli scary to be in the same car as my father when he is cranky. like.. he steps on the pedal totally randomly.. hahahah. and lots of other stuff. on getting out of the car, i walk to the music school and open the door.. and realised i pulled it too hard lol. luckily nothign broke. but on rainy days i somehow just walk arnd like i can walk into a wall and the wall would collapse.

kk tts all cya.

Monday, July 11, 2005

hahah i wonder if moe will find its way here mannz.

aft a morning of complete ponning of classes cos of charity bazaar, the bunch of us HCL dropouts proceeded to the auditorium for o lvl chinese oral. i thot i was the 9th person so wun be so bad rite?

ok for starters i was quite sick liao.. then like 5 pple cut our queue.. i dint get to see the passage until after 2 1/2h. and i din noe u cud visit the toilet lol so i was dying by then. hahah but tts jus the beginning of the story.

the passage was quite okay lah.. but a lot of medical terms. and i nvr see chinese words for a long time.. so quite kanfused.. but managed to get 95% of the words right.

'lao shi wu an' and i sit down.. started reading. not too long into the 2nd paragraph a handphone belonging to one of the examiners on the far right side of the auditorium began to ring. and it was some obiang ringtone lol. forcing myself to press on, i jus concentrate, altho stumbling over every other word. not too long into the third paragraph, the examiner sitting on my left started to blow her nose super hard. (imagine me blowing my nose.. and yah tts wad happened)

the conversations were okay.. I HOPE. the examiners realli acted quite impatient lah. there was one sentence where i jus cudnt put a word at the end of. then one of the examiners finished my sentence for me -.- i think i talked far less than all those hu went b4 me lor.. i think the teachers too kancheong to finish liao.

wah i tell u ar.. if i dun get my distinction (or at least a merit) and my minimum B3, im going to write a complain letter in perfect chinese and gong han style to moe to komplain man. when i reached home and told my mom and tuition teacher abt this, they asked if the examiner hu blew her nose apologised or not.. and of cos not (typical sgrean behaviour.. lol) and they were like.. 'so rude'. hahahah. nvm.. final leg.. listening compre on friday. and there better not be anymore nansense. lol.

Friday, July 08, 2005


haha u noe wad i jus realised?!? ytd was the 1ST ANNIVERSARY OF MY BLOG!!!!

happy birthday blog. one day late. lolol.

guitar ticks $6. our performance is getting there.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

okayy.. here are some pics which we took on today's expedition for IB symposium.. some of which we might never use cos they are so out of point. enjoy.  Posted by Picasa

looks like one building rite? Posted by Picasa

its actually this..  Posted by Picasa

and this.  Posted by Picasa

waiting at somerset for the train Posted by Picasa

alley in tanjong pagar station. lijin: "this is a BIG car" Posted by Picasa

okay im reall bored. Posted by Picasa

can u believe it this is actually lijin's face.. Posted by Picasa

some harbour.. Posted by Picasa

cute boat.. on the map at URA Posted by Picasa

kallang basin.  Posted by Picasa

zi qiang this is ur kallang river.. Posted by Picasa

gardenia bread.  Posted by Picasa

dustbinn Posted by Picasa

no ball games prease.. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 03, 2005

hey everybody.. i cudnt resist blogging now after seeing this funny catchphrase on my fren's msn nick: "Nietzche is dead" - God

anyways, the past 2 days have been spent non stop guitarring.. friday 4 - 7, saturday 8 - 1. and went to cut my hair after tt but now it looks quite obiang. was so tired i slept from 4 - 7 ytd and cudnt sleep last nite.. and woke up terribly tired today. today went to church and i remember the lesson was on lying. hahahah.. is lying realli becoming a norm today? or are the pple just lying to the survey. i dunno.

me and one of my close church frens are going to have chinese oral on the same day - 11/7. hahaha.. so he said we could 'die together' and we were joking abt it non stop after church.. trying to translate english stuff into chinese. mann our chinese standards are seriously terrible. i think i shall go revise the shou ches to revive my chinese vocab.

tml theres suddenly an outing wif mark @ heeren 12:30.. lolz i was planning to do hw!! nvm i shall chiong as much as possible tonite.

yawns. so much for a happy youth day. still got a bit of physics testpaper, physics quiz, c maths paper and half of a maths ws to go. lala.