Monday, August 02, 2004

Today's mood: above average

Today was a gloomy day at sch, prob under the influence of gloomy weather. came to sch wif neck cramp and there was that spastic uyo presentation award rehearsal. *snore* i got so disorientated this morning that i left dharma's bk at home, along wif my pile of foolscap paper and some other nonsense. during chem we had to do the test for calcium carbonate. i totally messed that up. even before i could channel the carbon dioxide to the limewater everything starts overflowing already. sighz. got back to class, and i find that i got 9/15 for 2 physics investigations. how si bai is that.

got back home after a 25 minute guitar practice. bathe, wash shoes and then went to sleep. i onli intended to sleep for 1/2 h as it was already 4:30. ended up sleeping until 5:45. feeling awake, decided to learn ting xie. mission accoplished. physics quiz oso. feelin quite satisfied now. oh wellz cya guyz~


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