Monday, August 23, 2004

today's mood: basically but slightly cranky

wads ur impression of chordless optical mice? gd and functions well and has gd sensitivity right? wrong. They run on AA batteries. my family members fiddle with it so much that the connection made by the batteries inside the mouse is always screwed up. i jus wasted 10 minutes of my life jus now trying to make it work again. ergh.

lala today was a tiring day in school, probably because it started tired. woke up with a headache this morning, carried on from yesterday. couldnt catch a word the guy was saying during chapel haha. jus finished physics show and tell report. feeling like doing nothing now, even though today was also spent sleeping. haha i think i sleep too much.

well well.. today in school was a lethargic day... oh yeah... paul foo's lesson is SUPER FARNIE lol. the way he speaks... it doesnt even occur to him that theres some problem with his spoken language. he was taking us for relief A maths. absolute spoon feeding. nvr had such a lesson before. at the end of the lesson we were exploding into laughter. "1+1 / 1+1 = 1" LOL.

also had a carol low quiz and a thiru test today... thiru test wasnt so bad.. still can write stuff.. chem quiz? haix. last period we pretended to stone at pat soo.. brendan was whispering some nonsense to me then pat soo was like "dun tok bad abt me behind ur physics textbooks". HAHA. farnie day.


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