Tuesday, August 31, 2004

today's mood: neutral.

writing for second time... blogspot is unreliable.

jus woke up from 2h nap.. started at 5 cos i couldnt sleep earlier wif some plumber guy in my room fixing my toilet.

my bad feelings abt going back to HP came true... i dint go at all. i was too disappointed that mark pangseh me and had nobody else to go back wif me... so sad. i mean... at least u want to pangseh me can TELL ME FIRST wad... then i wont waste time look for u everywhere when u jus leave liddat... modern technology has given us the hand phone. pls use it. this incident jus goes to show how good frens are nowadays... this incident has happened once in a very long time.

forgot to get my pod essay 1st draft from dharma... so she'll return it to me on thurs my double tuition day so taht i can do it... right. for all those lucky sec 1s and 2s hu actually have a teachers day hol tml, enjoy it, cos i long to enjoy a hol free from any stress of homework. which wont come until 10 wks time. happy hol pple.


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