Saturday, August 28, 2004

frag day

today's mood: happy!

haha today's frag day was surprisingly fun but veri tiring. maybe cos i had no contact with samson tan. nobody in st johns seems to noe abt my ordeal over the past 2 days... they still think i'm a partially on guy. i got jon lai in my grp today.. got assigned to city hall mrt.. but practically deserted.. asked by the security guard to leave within 10 minutes of our entry.. haha. after that walked to esplanade.. which is also deserted in the morning. demoralised, we decided to take bus to holland v and intrude into other pples area :)

some funny and interesting stuffs:

1) buy immunity for as low as 5c

2) some guy gave me that 'since i'm carrying a $50 note i cant donate cos i dun have small change' look.. lol

3) ur nt alone.. there were also some poly volunteers who had to 'talk cock' to get pple to donate $10.. haha. so desperate even asked us, and kok our stickers too out of boredom.. haha

4) oh yeah.. i saw joseph too.. 'no money today'.. lol

5) some pple jus have so many coins in their handbags :)

6) u cant stand in front of a bank to sell flags. kena told off by police haha

fun day. jus so exhausted that i cant do hw.. haha.
Thank u for donating. have a nice day.


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