Thursday, August 05, 2004


today's mood: happy again :)

today started off bumpy, wif a lot of unfinished homework... pple [including me] getting pissed at all the physics questions. people getting pissed off with eache other over small puny things. pple betting that other pple cannot abstain from arguing for jus a day (quite true actually).

today ZQ got super pissed with me for trying to move him away from my table cos he was struggling wif physics. then during chinese something super funny happened... brendan went into one of those uncontrollable laughing fits pple get once in a blue moon. whole chinese period was laughing at out of point stuff. got silence also laugh. as u all noe i too get affected by wad pple do around me. within 10 minutes i almost went into a laughing fit until i migrated to a table 3 tables away. after that marcus went to sit next to brendan. within 15 minutes he got super pissed wif brendan, cos he too was about to go crazy. LOL. finally towards the end of the period brendan finally got a hold of himself. i was still suspicious during physics. this type of stuff is FREAKY.

after physics, we had a chirnside talk. took a pledge: cant really remember... went somehting like... "i pledge to grow up" and " i pledge to be a happy person". thats y i'm in a gd mood now, despite all the nonsense homework and tuitions i have.

To end this, i'd like to quote a famous line of Mr Brian Chirnside:
"Have a nice life."


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