Wednesday, August 18, 2004

IVX (40)

Today's mood: happy

Today was a maths test. LOL quote sher sern: "AMATHS WAS A BREEZE.really" haha.. i dint even complete 1 qn. the paper was as if all the teachers were asked to set 1 question, and all of them were feeling mean. i would be elated if i could even make it to a 15. Out of 40.

reached home @ 5, had a sleepless rest for 1h, then watched tv. homework is still overpiling. @ least i finished eos. now its off to finish wad i can. haha.. another thing is that the week i hav to teach bible class is always the week where there seems to be the most deadlines and homework. but its ok... this time lesson is on discretion... easier topic than others.

cya guys!!


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