Sunday, August 08, 2004

30 days

Today's mood: above average

heyhey... itz been 1 month liao. non stop blogging for 1 month!! haha. thats shows u how much i use the com nowadays.

My cousin ken wei [aka Brian in Take 1] has been baptised today!! a new addition to the Kingdom of Heaven!!! so happy. congrats ken. i think the last 'prophesy' of the open house script has finally 'come true'. Those hu acted in the play u noe wad i mean :P Whether ken will change some of his old ways? onli time will tell.

Wad else... today's Bible class was abt faith and works. Faith without works is dead fullstop. easy to understand. the sermon on marriage was a bit difficult to swallow though... nt that applicable to me yet. haha.

one thing i notice abt my family... the mood on sunday mornings sometimes seems worse than the mood in school on a monday morning i feel... lol. [maybe itz partially caused by me getting pissed at my terrible hairstyling skills... lolx] well if i die tml and my family opens my blog, heres the message: BE HAPPY ALL THE TIME. i mean like... ok on week days i dun mind a grumpy mood coming from my family in the morning. but on a sunday? even a fake gd mood would be nice. :D

eventful day? hmmmm... quite sad that the youth dun go out as much as b4 [actually now never] haha. everybody's all heading home to do work. thats so sad. the onli pple wif a mood to go out now are like... me, ken and ronald. but we dun have the 'organising ability' haha. oh wellz itz back to 'conforming to the world'... which during this season means go home and do homework -.-

well so much for a 30th blog entry. wish all of u a happy NaTiOnAL DaY (studying) holiday!!! cyaz.


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