Monday, August 30, 2004

today's mood: neutral

the optical mouse is being pissed at me again.. or maybe its just my sister destroying the mouse out of frustration of getting it to work. forever liddat one.. cannot work? oh.. maybe smashing it against the table a few times would help... -.-

i dunno but i have a bad feeling abt goint back to HPPS with mark tml.. jus some funny feeling.. haha. well we'll see how. today in school was absolutely terrible. all the teachers were all here and had something impt to teach. nt bad enuf?? air con spoil. the chapel lesson was also putting me to sleep.. a repeat of sec 2 life science lesson on genetics. *yawn*

in the meantime, theres tingxie to worry abt. 3 more chapters to study.. i'm almost certain that i wont make it to the end, but its always worth a try. i'll have to wait to tml to have fun.. oh yeah jus to remind myself, theres 'party in the park' at 9pm on star world.

have fun in school.. dun forget.. weds a hol.. wad i've always wanted.
if onli there wasnt so much homework.


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