Friday, August 06, 2004


Today's mood: neutral

Dunno why, but 2dae was a tiring day.
Blog is giving me probs. i have to try like... 5 times to log in and i cant load timmy's blog.
Lets see why today was so strenulous.
1. POD x2
2. 2km run
3. IHS x2
4. LA (B)
5. A Maths
i dint slack throughout all the periods. no wonder i'm tired. after sch there was the top scorers concert audition at taka. i think we realli pissed them off. we went there and we realised we dint bring our passport sized photographs in the lift. go to the music school, make so much noise. setting up oso. onli need 2 stands tell them 3 and make them move unecessary stands. how long were our pieces? total = 5 minutes. we played like crap too. manymany mistakes. sighz. i realli think we cant get into the concert.

tmls another nonsensical day. make us come back on a saturday for national day celebrations. wad is their prob? on my way to sch today, i see the rest of singapore in red and white. and we are undergoing another full academic day. luckily they gave us an extra day on wednesday [acsi hol :)] . come to think of it, wednesday is kinda obsolete cos we have like.... 8 pieces of homework. all the teachers think that they are the onli ones giving homework for our little extra day earned by rugby C div. ALL 8 teachers. no wonder i have 8 pieces of work.

haix my life is becoming stale. hope the weekend wud bring more interesting stuffs. gd nite all *yawn*


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